Reviews for The Ilvermorny Champion
SpaceRaven101 chapter 4 . 9/16
There's a 99.999999999% that its Cho xD
tammgrogan chapter 62 . 9/17
Hello, I have just finished rereading your Amazing story. It's a Great story that I hope you will continue to update. What do I want to see happen next? Tracey and Harry becomes closer, Luna to be one of Harry's wives. To be totally honest with you, I really just don't want it to end. I want a Happily ever after! With everyone still alive. Anyway that's what I want. Until then, Thank you for sharing, take care and PLEASE update soon. Tammgrogan
cj02 chapter 62 . 9/15
A great story and one I really hope you continue
martin.presston.9 chapter 62 . 9/5
great story just wondering if you are going to finish this one and a few others, did PM you but no answer so im left wondering
martin.presston.9 chapter 11 . 9/3
i just thought id point something out to you, you seem to be using (leered) in the wrong context a leer is usaly a sexual look i think the word you want to use is glared it meens to scowl angrily at someone or something, i just looked up leered in the dictionary it says it meens lascivious :) so i dont think harry should be leering at dumbledor in any fashion lol unles you meant to do that of course :)
Everybody chapter 62 . 8/17
Omg plz finish this story I was so looking forward to the next challange
Ravenclaw chapter 3 . 8/16
Amazing story-the only thing is can you mention where Ron is now that Harry isn't in the school
Nick chapter 62 . 8/15
I have read fanfiction for almost fifteen years now, thought I should provide my thoughts after reading your story for the past three days...

While the detail you go into is broad, and especially appreciated when leading up to adventures, plots, sub plots, and triwizard events, I find myself somewhat tired of the descriptive depth. I think there is so much talking, compared to book like descriptions of setting, and I think it hurts your story. This leads to the sixty plus chapters, when I really really wanted to get to the dueling task.

While I was turned off by the change from a Harry-daphne- Hermione story to a 'five or six partner' story, I still read through all the chapters. Narrative wise, though, I think you are caught in the weeds (Molly's teen law explanation taking up almost a chapter) that is difficult to see a resolution.

I do enjoy the humor in your story, your Tracey writing, and harry/lily/remus/Sirius. You have done a great job on their characters. I think it would still be interesting for a harry-daphne-hermione-rebecca story... however, the ships are moving so slowly it is weird you're so involved in trying to add more.

Good luck, and may we get to some triwizard stuff and Voldemort.
bowers.larry chapter 62 . 8/15
Very good story!
stacygrrl2002 chapter 49 . 8/13
tell more lies and half truths albus! convince the paranoid to help out. bah!
stacygrrl2002 chapter 40 . 8/12
why did no one else in the alliance step up to speak when lilly collapsed? there have to be many in that group that did not like the idea. The health and physicl well being of the mother? Being pregnant and having to traipse all over that castle from class to class? the ignorance of brewing potions underground with no ventilationm from possible harmfull chemicals and compounds. Mercy, they are still using pewter with its lead poisoning problems to brew their medicinal potions. who will raise the kids while their kid parents are attending classes, or even eating. Do they want squalling kids in the great hall at meal times? breast feeding the babies in public? interupting classes to go breast feed? one idiot gets pissed offf and hits a pregnant girl with a spell, now we have a miscarriage with possible health repercussions. what is wrong with these idiots?
Rebecca S. Thalacker chapter 62 . 8/6
I am really enjoying this story and I hope it continues!
Raymondjay41 chapter 62 . 8/1
Great story lines & very original! Please continue & finish it chapter 62 . 7/24
awesome story i really enjoyed reading it so far! please continue updating I really wanna know how it goes on
Karou WindStalker chapter 62 . 7/18
here's hoping your muse returns.
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