Reviews for Skittering Campione
Lizard gizzard chapter 16 . 12/12/2021
I've reread this like three times now, really enjoyable stuff. I've read worm, but I don't know much about the Campione canon, yet the story manages to be immensely amusing regardless. Definitely hoping to see this updated eventually, I want to see what missions agent skitter gets up to. Hope you are doing well, and good luck
edoabb chapter 5 . 12/2/2021
This seems really too story like, what are the chances of 2 gods appearing in a day span in the same country? If they actually appeared so frequently, campiones would be OP as fuck, what with the number of authorities they would have. Also the stark difference between the girl and the higher up is a bit of a turn off, in real life it's never that clear, here it seems like she has a fast track to getting support and power.
ThatGit chapter 16 . 11/26/2021
Any idea if this will be continued? I know that it says in the bio that its ongoing but its been a bit of a while. I really love this fic, definitely one of the more interesting takes/combinations ive seen to date.
Panjason chapter 16 . 11/18/2021
Ah… shucks… I wished this continued a bit more, but there really wouldn’t be any stakes as ludicrously high in Worm.
Panjason chapter 10 . 11/18/2021
You neeed to have John Pluto Smith fight Skitter. It’s like it’s meant to be!
Sito uzumaki namikaze chapter 16 . 11/12/2021
Any hope for a new chapter?
Grimm Magician chapter 16 . 10/23/2021
Oh Anansi... You have no idea what you're getting into...
I wonder what Authority Taylor will get from him
Grimm Magician chapter 14 . 10/22/2021
Um, excuse me? What about Rachel and Aisha, huh?
Breitve chapter 1 . 10/16/2021
it occurs to me, something often overlooked about lisa is that curtesy of jack slash, she has a glasgow smile. might cause a few amusing reactions from those trying to figure out taylor when a picture of her latest (original) loyal minion gets spread around.
perspicaciousSophic chapter 16 . 10/6/2021
Man, this is a seriously fun story. Shame that it's been almost a full year without an update.
LordMentat chapter 16 . 9/29/2021
Please come back :(
Hades chapter 15 . 9/11/2021
If the agent skitter stuff is still to desite i would say let it be omaks because you can have more fun with thoes
Sarlisark chapter 11 . 9/10/2021
Hi, very nice story uptill now( ch 11).
I find the whole concept of a so bullshit authority as her shard based one absolutely hilarious, especially because nobody would guess sth so weird.
But a point that confuses me is your limiting of her uber skills by having her practice them to keep them.
The why is obvious to limit her power somewhat but the how has a problem in my opinion.
For example if writing a story on a computer you are using your storywriting/telling skill and also your typing skill. Soooo if you practice by writing a story do you not use both skills at the same time so you "practice" them at the same time. Same by any computer based one and typing. So for her magic studies when practising by making different elemental spells, she should be using all of her magic skills to do so so she would be practicing them (or at least some of them) then ergo reduction of training time overall.
Also she could use one 8h shard to get a power for 20 minutes and have 4 skills(5min/skills) for a week or with more efficient /longer one even more so she would lose 1 8h charge but only need 20-40min training time in a week for x skills, much more efficient. Maybe she can realize that later or you find a reason for why not.
Greetings and thanks for the story
demzerff1 chapter 16 . 8/17/2021
This is such a great story. So much fun and there's a major anticipation for the future mayhem caused by Taylor.
Also I think Lisa would build a multiversal router with Taylor's help partially for info gathering of potentially more advanced earths but also to troll people who can't get access to her back on earth bet.
I can easily picture her trolling various people on PHO or even people who were already on her trail before she was moved to the new earth.
Mecharic chapter 16 . 8/12/2021
This is a fun story to read, hope it updates again someday! Agent Hebert is Best!Agent.
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