Reviews for CS AU Week 2016
Guest chapter 4 . 4/12/2018
Awesome chapter!
Guest chapter 3 . 4/12/2018
Great chapter!
Guest chapter 1 . 4/12/2018
Lovely chapter! :)
Guest chapter 1 . 8/3/2017
Lovely chapter!
PastOneonta chapter 6 . 9/30/2016
Who are they kidding? That hot for one another and it's going to be a one time thing? This was great.
PastOneonta chapter 4 . 9/30/2016
How sweet and different! Though that was the Emma and Killian we know and love!
PastOneonta chapter 2 . 9/30/2016
This is great. It develops their relationship with some open, honest conversation. She gets to see the real Killian and he learns why she is so self protective. Very good.
laurcams94 chapter 3 . 9/14/2016
Loveddddd this one
cindyp73 chapter 2 . 8/10/2016
I like when they allow themselves to be vulnerable and truly honest with each other. Good job at showing how Emma is throw off by him and doesn't know how to react so she hides herself behind her walls.
cindyp73 chapter 1 . 8/10/2016
That was so sweet ! So glad you change the film for a happy ending. I love how you show their very caring relationship through little tidbits.
Kmomof4 chapter 6 . 8/8/2016
Those were all great!
PastOneonta chapter 1 . 7/29/2016
Really sweet. The friendship to lovers to marriage is wonderful here.
zia87 chapter 6 . 7/24/2016
I just finished an Atlantis rewatch last night...and hell if the writers weren't asshats for throwing all the characters asking Teyla if her son was John's at us.
Polkie2 chapter 5 . 7/24/2016
Is it hot in here? Wow!
Megan Rachel chapter 6 . 7/24/2016
I need to know who your ship was? I haven't read yet as finding another Atlantis fan makes my day xxx
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