Reviews for Power to Strive
Guest chapter 30 . 10/15
maybe try to have future funderYmir fix the issue of the curse?
Guest chapter 16 . 10/15
Huh i Actually like how everyone’s acting they seem like the real characters, well done on that.
ALPHA02FURY97 chapter 14 . 8/27
I just noticed that you out right spoiled the manga by making Armin asking Eren if he can regenerate his decapitated head which did happened in the Manga!

I have been reading this fic for many times since 2018 and after seeing the manga when I read this just now you outright foreshadowed Eren's death Nice one!
YourFriendlyPotato chapter 14 . 5/28
Lucy kickall the way xD

Thanks for the wonderful story
Bell Rider chapter 31 . 5/5
Ymir shouldn't have known more than half what she said, some information isn't even common, they are secretive, and I'll understand if some of her memories are due to watching the future and such but for candy to control them is absurd and dumb, i don't get the point of spoiling since it's gonna be revealed it ruined the surpise
Bell Rider chapter 29 . 5/5
I don't really understand but it would suck if anything is cut out
Bell Rider chapter 27 . 5/5
I think she should've let them see fo themselves
Bell Rider chapter 19 . 5/4
does candy genuinely believe someone out there really likes her comments?
Bell Rider chapter 16 . 5/4
candy crack ruin everything everytime, i can go the rest of my life without hearing, reading or seeing any more candy, and I'll be more than happy
Bell Rider chapter 13 . 5/4
candy comments always ruin important and serious moments wtf is wrong with her, why spoil thing for them, they'd know it eventually, agh she's annoying AF
Bell Rider chapter 12 . 5/4
the candy crack is getting more often and it's really making me sick,
MoonLightSkies16 chapter 6 . 5/3
Bout time people knew that Eren is a certified psychopath and has been since he was little
Bell Rider chapter 8 . 5/3
and the tv will help us achieve victory
do you hear how this sounds?
Guest chapter 15 . 4/11
Chapter 14 disappointed me. I would've expected Levi to feel bad for episode 14 and have heavy remorse. There's a serious lack of mutual trust in AOT.
broken5pieces chapter 25 . 4/3
At least they don't gotta wait four years LOL
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