Reviews for Say It To My Face
Guest chapter 12 . 4/6
Fangirl nonsense. Malfoy is an Evil monster and you are just crushing on Felton.
Delete that Bullshit
DaBoss chapter 12 . 8/26/2017
Why don't Harry and Ginny end up together? Great story though!:)
Guest chapter 11 . 9/29/2013
Great story
Guest chapter 10 . 9/29/2013
This chapter made me cry! So sad
Guest chapter 12 . 8/23/2013
I am going to be honest, I love this story more than the first one. Harry just ticks me off. You don't just go and snog people for being stupid. Grrr. But I am biased. I love the whole Ginny/Draco pairing. This was awesome!(:
Thirst4light chapter 12 . 12/21/2011
As much as I am H/G shipper, I hate to admit that G/D was awesome.I was continuously hoping at the start of every chapter that now we will see H/G make kind of was Ginny's fault throughout the can a person be so thick in believing Cho when she knew that she was pure evil?

Harry was left alone..I felt so , Draco's character is always interesting to read.

congrats on doing a better job in the sequel than in the main story.
springofthedandelions chapter 12 . 10/22/2011
WOW. I know you published both this story and You Don't Know Me a long time ago and who knows if you will even read this review but I want to say that I loved both stories. I read them when I first joined fanfiction when I was 14 and I loved them now. I'm 22 now and have been going back through my favourite stories to re-read them and that's how I got here. I ship Romione (so this story was good for that!) and Harry/Ginny but after reading this I've started to ship Drinny too. I love their love/hate relationship and I think this fic is amazing because it shows both sides. I love that Harry didn't get his happy ever after simply because he always did! This story is so amazing and I will forever re-read it every now and then to be reminded of the genius that you are! If you read this, please feel proud that you are an amazing writer and have inspired me to write more and more stories. Thank you for writing this and thank you for sharing it.
silentxsoul chapter 3 . 7/4/2008
.It. Smart move on Ginny's part. Harry may just rip her apart! Ah revenge, such a sweet, sweet thing...

Good chapter!
Evra7 chapter 3 . 12/14/2007
This is going to be very interesting! I'm looking forward to it! *Rubbing hands in glee and anticipation*
Evra7 chapter 1 . 12/14/2007
Harry and Cho are back on? How in the h* did that happen?
random chibi chapter 12 . 12/9/2007
okay, i'm not really a big fan of ginnydraco fics but i LOVE ur story!
You Don't Know Me chapter 12 . 6/11/2007
harrypotterchick4ever chapter 12 . 4/14/2007
this story is so great

i went back to reread it cause the first time i was a harry/ginny shipper and i was kind of upset that they didn't get togehter but i have changed my ways, very fast and now i'm obsessed with d/g so keep writing them , and i loved your last oneshot!
Rose Diamond chapter 12 . 4/10/2007
Oh! This story was great! (Not to worry, I read the other one first) I was so worried that Ginny would go back to Harry. You did wonderfully with this story. Kudos to you.

Rose Diamond
this is not a pipe chapter 12 . 12/21/2006
Kuddos to the person who turned me into a complete Ginny/Draco. I'm going to read that other fic of yours now...

I'm steal feeling twings of Harry/Ginny somewhere in there though. Poor Harry...*sigh*
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