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brendan chapter 1 . 7/5/2021
nice fic sis!
ladyqueerfoot chapter 25 . 5/24/2021
nice one
superfan remus chapter 25 . 5/24/2021
you did so good, proud of you
My-Mental-Mind chapter 25 . 1/12/2021
Okay, I will try to keep this brief but somehow I don't know if I can. Let's see. This is a long ass chapter so I'm ready to see what's going to happen. To think I'm reading the final chapter of this story? Um? WHAT? I know its months late, Ali and I'm sorry for that. But I'm here.

There's a lot to unpack here, so much so that for the first time I actually made NOTES on a story I was reading, so good on you for that. There's so much in this chapter that I have in my head, but I'll try to keep my review succinct so I don't go batshit insane. The first scene in the limo there's Chanel in her own uniqueness and her determination and grit comes out to play, and she's furious but she's alive and that's what matters. Baptiste is kind of a dick, not placing much worth on Chanel at all and by all means he can die, but she's stuck with him and that's just how it's going to be. The suite she's in is the main focus of this chapter, simply because it's her environment and yet you manage to describe it in so many different ways, which makes for a very good scene. You put your heart and soul into this and I can definitely tell. I think her watching the TV vs her just eating/sleeping/living is almost like a timekeeper for her in these moment, with Baptiste occasionally barging in.

I was...shocked that Chanel couldn't go back to her normal life, and honestly I felt so bad for her. It was pretty much her hope to get back to those whom she loved, and that realisation would be difficult for basically anyone. The way you described how the Benefactors did their games as well, perfection. They're all escaping suspicion and playing this sneaky twisted game and it's all so dark and corrupt, it's maddening. "You just want your blood money." was one of my favourite lines here as it echoes Corey's story and this verse and brings it into perspective. The fact that Baptiste then offers Chanel a life with him is messed up and tbh I get why she doesn't want to take it after everything that happened with Wes and the idea of losing her family, never to see them again. It's almost as if he truly owns her now and wishes to decide her future, which obviously, he does. There's also the lingering guilt over Seraphina, and the people she's killed - all of it is just too much. Her fire and stubbornness, however, has made her too volatile so Baptiste is going to do something else is it will not be good ;-;

I was worried about the white pills because I thought they were drugging her, but then when they began to electrotherapy treatment, I realised that it could either have been something to prepare her for the treatment or just general medication and he was actually trying to help. Idk, maybe a part of me wants to wish that Baptiste is not completely an asshole. The treatment and then the scene at the end with Anabel just about broke my damn heart. In these final scenes, Chanel is so far away from her own self and the fact that she remembers literally nothing blew my mind. There's no remnants there, and it's a shame. Maybe though, she can allow herself to be free and to live and entirely new life, as horrible as the past may have been.

Thank you for finishing this brilliant story. I remember submitting to DD, and then it discontinuing, and then you taking up this story and me wanting to read. Obviously after I left, I fell insanely behind, but even after all this time I caught up. There's so much I could say about our cast of characters, but everything you did with them was brilliant and it seemed to just progress so naturally. For the most part the decisions made, the world-building, the general plot and life of the characters came forth in a gritty and dark, yet compelling story that I thoroughly enjoyed.

So I guess this is it. Goodbye to TMDHTM. Thank you for bringing Monica and everyone else to life and telling this brilliant tale. All the love to you, and bet, I'll be reading AGL when I have some more time on my hands and when my mind isn't breaking into a thousand pieces. Can't wait!

Over and out!
My-Mental-Mind chapter 24 . 1/12/2021
Okay, this review is definitely going to be a lot less structured since there's only two of them left, so let's go!

The distrust has risen between these two to the point where it's very much unbearable. Still they ARE the final 2 so at some point they have to try and kill each other. The situation with's horrible and he's an ass and he honestly deserved to die. The raw emotion in this scene, the power and the meaning and the tensions behind every word of it suggests so much, and there are not enough words I can say to describe it. Chanel didn't deserve it, but now she has every opportunity to strike back, even if it won't repay the damage that has been done, or right the wrongs of Brandon being a bystander, an enabler, and hell Blake doing the same too.

This realisation darkens Brandon and makes Chanel a somewhat surprise hero here. We've seen her as the type of person who just doesn't care, but there's so much emotion under there too. Gabi was definitely right in saying that Chanel is typically an all bark and no bite kind of person, but that's a self-defence mechanism because of the trauma and everything that's happened. I won't say too much here, but I relate to her about a lot and now she has every right to fight back. Take him down sis! Brandon being...Brandon just decides to end it all and instead of going for a direct kill he decides to make it torturous first. Thankfully, Chanel sent that bitch packing. We have a victor!

Ah this was a heavy but excellent chapter. I can't believe I'm at the end. Here's to the last one.
My-Mental-Mind chapter 23 . 1/12/2021
Another one down, and here we are. The final five! Just earlier today we had 24 people. Crazy how that time flies, and this has certainly been a journey.

Brandon - OH Brandon's on the map, ah I get it, that's probably how Audrey knew he was alive. Right, got ya. I don't see why he feels it's his authority to ask about Wes when whatever happened is history and Chanel clearly doesn't wish to talk about it. That and the fact he's planning Chanel's death...sis it would have been easier to take her out with Gabi. Sure he would have been alone, but Chanel's a definite threat, taking her out probably would have done him a favour. Welp! Too late for that!

Audrey - It always would come down to the two of them, and it's a great arc. The two of them have every reason to fight and now that there's not many people left (and the fact he's been going after her), it just makes sense. Audrey vs Alex, who will win, I wonder? Well I guess I'm waiting for that. Still, run, Audrey, run! maybe she can make it? Something tells me she won't but hey, you have to hope for a queen.

Madison - Aw I never expected Madison to get this far but she's definitely more or less of an underdog character for me, and I love her a lot. She was smart to stay quiet but obviously she messed up when it mattered the most and didn't quite carry out what she was planning to do. Now that Blake has her pinned, however, I can only expect that either he or Chanel will be killing her soon enough.

Alex - Oof, okay, Audrey managed to get rid of him and Alex did to her. Damn though, that's some brutal shit, but Alex just doesn't care. I'm firm in saying that he wanted Audrey to die in this scene, despite his earlier reservations in the story. Audrey however, figured she was a goner but took the reigns of fate herself. Nothing like taking out the two of them at once, huh? BOOM, they're both dead now, and we only have three left.

Chanel - Good on Chanel for giving Madison a quick death, whereas Brandon was doing...idk what. Ahh I see that this scene happened at the same time, which is why Madison is 5th, I get you. Still, if anything, Chanel was honourable and Brandon was not. They're the final two, and while I know Chanel wins, it's not going to make this fight any easier. I know there's some dark shit coming as well with Chanel's backstory which should be powerful to read.

Wow, I'm nearly at the end! Here's to the next one.
My-Mental-Mind chapter 22 . 1/12/2021
Feast time! I'm so prepared for this to get MESSY.

Gabrielle - She is SPEED she's full on running to get that food but girl, you should have just left! Surprise, Brandon be here to knock you off your feet but Gabi's not letting up. Gerard finally gets there when he stops panicking, just in time for Blake to yeet him into the afterlife, to which Gabi goes full rage mode and Blake gets rekt. Damn, that was action all in one POV and I wasn't prepared for any of it. Still though, I here for it and I'm living for it. Gerard was sweet and so was Blake, it's sad to see them both go, but it was their time.

Brandon - Don't worry Brandon, you can kick back and let Gabi and Chanel fight this out while you sob over Blake and OH SNAP Eimer got shot by Alex, and he's outta there, damn Alex, way to swoop in, grab a pack and then gtfo. Wow, Brandon is actually frozen for once? What happened to the cocky jock who takes the action? I guess Blake's death really did stir something in him, huh. Welp, now I guess we'll return to the Chanel vs Gabi fight and see what's about to happen.

Chanel - Chanel pummelling Gabi and then saying goodbye to Eimer was a two-tone I didn't expect but it was very well written. The hatred that's there for Gabi and for Wes, combined with the need to not hesitate, to kill, to infuse meaning behind everything? Very well written. Eimer too, bless her. She had to die by getting rekt by both Gabi and Alex, nasty stuff. I dont seen the Brandon/Chanel alliance working well, but hey, we're here and this is happening.

Audrey - At first I was confused at why she wasn't with Madison but then I realised that they got split up. GODAMMIT NOT THE CAPRI SUN XD
It makes sense that she'd be a little bitter about Madison running, but tbh Madi was just trying to live. But now that her and Alex are the only two on the map, she's the only one he can track. I think there's a slight mistake here being that Audrey knows that Brandon is still alive - she didn't see him at the feast because she didn't go - but I totally get that. Maybe she watched from the sidelines or something.

An awesome feast chapter, it was very well written. I'm getting close to the end of this story now and tbh I'm impressed that I made it this far today so hopefully I can do the rest! On to the next one.
My-Mental-Mind chapter 21 . 1/12/2021
Ah, yes, this is the chapter where I realised that Monica had finally died. I didn't read ahead other than for placings, which was dumb of me. I've not done it since. Still, let us get into this, and see how her final moments are spent.

Monica - Ah, thank you for writing her so brilliantly. I do think she took on a much more serious tone towards the end, which did make sense, although I still miss her excellent sass. I think above some of the other dramas and loud personalities, it made sense for her to die around here. Thank you so much for writing this beautiful send off for her! I do think that it'sa dumb that they all went back into the fire for each other, but at the same time it only outlines how close the three of them had grown. Obviously there was Fremiah but Monica also fit in with them pretty well and I loved it. Thank you for writing her, so glad I finally got here to read the awesomeness!

Blake - So you feel guilty now? That's fair enough, I do like Blake and his doctor mode with patching up Brandon which was pretty sweet of him tbh. But his own unease with murdering Griffin, combined with his concerns about possibly having to murder Brandon are all completely understandable. he seems pretty sweet for the most part, loyal to his friends, but knowing what happens, most likely blinded by loyalty too. it seems they've bunkered down for now, and I suppose we'll find out what happens next.

Eimer - Oooh so there's a feast on the way? How exciting! There's nothing quite like drawing all of the competitors together in order for some more of them to get rekt. They all need food and water though, that much is clear. Who's to say that any of them will go? Or maybe all of them will? Well, kind of a no brainer, right? Don't feel bad for killing Alaina, Eimer, she backstabbed you so you simply returned the favour!

Gerard - AHHH and the feast has begun! Gabi seems resolute, Gerard less so. Obviously neither of them have killed anyone but I'd put it down to Gabi to be more likely to do so. Still they're not realising that counting up all the names only brings them to eight instead of nine, so I'm confident that anyone going to the feast will have a nasty shock when they find out that Brandon is still alive and running around with Blake.

AH THIS CHAPTER WAS SO GOOD it gets better and better. I love that when I have the time to review and read your writing, I get sucked in immediately. Okay, on to the next one!
My-Mental-Mind chapter 20 . 1/12/2021
Okay I am attempting to stay calm, the last chapter made me lose my goddamn MIND but here we are. I'm pretty sure that you're just watching my descent into madness, aren't you? You're welcome.

Alex - Oh he is SO MAD but Audrey's so right? Like dude just chill, you fucked this up, you don't get to take this out on other people because of your own mistakes. Like DUDE? He's so driven by his own anger and fury that he's blinded to his own reality of it all and tbh he's definitely gone down the madhouse lane by now. I love how you've developed him so far though, he's definitely become more or less of a villain.

Jeremiah - This trio have been coming along fine but tbh I completely get their whole sense of feeling downtrodden. There's not a whole lot of food but at least they have those cabins to stay in at night, which is perfect for shelter. Jeremiah seeing Mari's dead body in the stall? Oof, that's nasty but it's good of him to avoid showing the others. I think seeing the body would have only made the experience that much worse.

Griffin - Wow B&B really did that, huh? This was kind of a nasty move for them, to deliberately lie to someone and then attack when Griffin didn't believe them? Honestly he put up a good fight but it was kind insane that Balke of all people would fire the gun to shoot at Griffin, which surprised me. I would have thought Blake would be more suited to the manipulation part. Interesting. I feel for Griffin, I see what you mean by struggling with him, I don't think he would have been the easy to write but for sure I'm confident that he would have been one of the most interesting to read form-wise.

Freya - They're all so done and tbh I can't blame them, but that's what you get for feeling. Monica's probably hating herself because of Juliet still and I don't blame her at all. Jeremiah just hates it all, and Freya's trying to be useful. Freya the firestarter, setting those cabins alight. Damn it. How could you not? I mean she's probably too much in her head and not even processing what she's doing properly. This is BAD and everythings going up in flames, so I'm pretty confident that this won't be ending well at all.

Another wonderful chapter! Here's to the next one.
My-Mental-Mind chapter 19 . 1/12/2021
Coming from last chapter, the feels are real. I know you're going to hurt me again damn it ;-;

Gerard - I'm so glad he stood up to Gabi and showed her who's boss. He's so right; he did allow her to ally with him and it makes perfect sense that she's actually learning a lesson from this, which is really important development wise for both of them. Them trying to find food however isn't so fruitful, I wonder if they will or not? They certainly might have to soon, because everyone's running out of food and nobody knows wtf to do about it.

Monica - Oh shit, well this was a thing. I expected Juliet to die, but Monica's helping hand turned out to be the killing one. it sucks because Mon's been trying to keep it all in, to stay composed, but damn even a sassy bitch has to lose it at some point and she's just coming terms with the fact that yes, she has indeed murdered someone, although it wasn't on purpose. Ugh this is painful and I can tell that you're only going to make this worse, damn it.

Alaina - OOP she had this coming and I was so ready for it? Yes, Eimer and Chanel being the dream team out here and getting rid of the bitches. Honestly, their conversation made me laugh, purely from the trading of the insults and the way they shot back at each other and the general animosity. Eimer really got her own back there too, with the Brandon betrayal thing. Obviously she thinks Brandon's dead so since there's Alaina left, it seemed like a good time to cut her down. Ready for the duo to slay!

Mariana - She was too precious for all of this, but it just had to be Alex who misunderstood it all, didn't it? She wasn't there trying to trap him, she was crying. Jesus, that was a brutal ass death but I loved it. It sucks that she had to be dunked into a toilet before dying though, that was pretty savage. I can definitely tell that Alex is losing it, Audrey and Madison aren't planning to stick around...oh god this is all so messed up, they're all dying and it's all just happening.

Oh god, I'm not ready for the next chapter ;-;
My-Mental-Mind chapter 18 . 1/12/2021
I'm getting a bad feeling this chapter, I can already tell that the end is indeed on its way for some, so I guess I'll read on and find out.

Brandon - OH SNAP so you can break the watches and people think you're dead, huh? Nice. That's a smart tactic for leaving Eimer and Alaina behind but honestly, we don't want the two girls there for them to fight out. B&B did THAT by taking the water and honestly I don't blame theme, it was a smart, yet savage asf move so I'm interested to see what their plans are now. They're got a lot of water so they're good on that front. I wonder how Eimer and Alaina will react once they realise the boys have abandoned them.

Madison - She's right to keep an eye on her watch, but doesn't she realise that Alex could have just left it in one place and come over to beat them up? He doesn't have to take the watch with him just to kill you. Still, she seems the most resolute of the three of them since Audrey is tired and Mariana is whining. No food, huh? And ugh gross, the cafeteria was left to stink like that? Damn, these Benefactors are MEAN. Well, fingers crossed that they last the night...

Freya - I mean, Juliet getting worse is to be expected, especially since there's a bullet in her thigh. I mean Monica is the only one trying to do something vaguely useful here, but I also love Fremiah so I ship that to death and I'm glad he was able to join them. Damn, they want to get the bullet out of Juliet's leg? Unlikely. Still, she can't really go anywhere without it out of her and I don't see that ending well at all. Oh god, these POV's make me worried for what you're going to do next and I am not prepared for it.

Yuto - Ah yes, it makes sense that this didn't end well, but I ship them anyway because they're cute together, okay? Ugh why are you playing with my emotions like this, this isn't okay ;-; They're so precious together and tbh I live for that, now now they're dying it's just...sad. I hate it here. I think Yuto might have been able to go on, but I saw them as very much of a Romeo and Juliet pairing so I get why they went when they did.

On to the next one!
My-Mental-Mind chapter 17 . 1/12/2021
Okay okay, here's the next one! It's heating up now so I can't wait to see what happens next.

Alex - Oh Alex, the mind of a master, the master of a mind, he's been planning away and plotting to get rid of Jackson, which worked out really well for him. He's found the old camp? I wonder if they'll have any other food out there or not for him to eat, but I can only guess that he'll either do that or steal someone's backpack. To be honest, I see him doing both. We know he comes a bit of a killing boi and a little unhinged, but maybe he'll find a place to rest for the night? Who even knows tbh.

Juliet - Wes didn't really strike me as a character I vibed with so Juliet killing him? She slayed! but now she has this horrible wound and I can only guess what's going to come next, even though I'd hate to admit it. I love the tension building as they grew closer on the map. It was smart to get Wes to think that Julier was on her own, since Mon could distract him and that allowed Juliet to get the last shot off. Freya doesn't want this at all, but tbh she'll have to do something if she wants to live.

Harper - Tbh I didn't really connect with Harper a whole great deal either, she was near the explosions? I remember that you mentioned her and Gwen up near Chanel so it's possible that they might have gotten pretty badly hurt from the blast. Still, there's no certainty on what's happened to Harper, but internal damage is my best guess. Ah, she's a goner, damn, I'm sorry girl. I wonder, lung damage? Heart attack? General internal bleeding? Idk.

Gwen - Oof, she's fucked. The boulder landing on your leg is a death sentence in this game, and it's honestly such a shame. At least she has Yuto! Their whole exchange just set me off laughing, it's nice to have something quite happy even though you know you're going to die. I really do shipthe two of them together, even if I know it's not going to end that well for her at all. Ugh, Ali, why you do this to me, my heart can't take this.

On to the next one!
My-Mental-Mind chapter 16 . 1/12/2021
What do I have, 10 chapter's left? Not far to go, let's see how far I get~

Jeremiah - Wow Dane, way to be such a dick. I get the paranoia but it really was uncalled for. Even if you felt like they were going to leave you in the dark, you're just going to go for them and kill them? No. Poor Doran got stabbed and Jeremiah had to shoot him off and it makes a whole lot of sense. That duo seemed so good, but a third wheel is a third wheel and at some point, someone's going to feel a little bitter. I guess it all just got to them.

Gabrielle - Oh Gabi, I feel like she could have gone solo and probably took people out by being stealthy as hell, but tbh her and Gerard together have more survivability together. It's an unlikely pairing but I think the duo could work really well together. It's interesting to see where everyone is on the map and how the alliances are forming together now, so I'm evermore interesting in seeing howit all develops.

Jackson - Aw Jackson! Smart guy but also not smart enough. You should have just gotten rid of him tbh but hey, Alex is out here descending into some kind of nervous sanity and he's not living his best life with jackson around so bang bang. I love how it built up to this and that the distrust was evident from the beginning, so I can't wait to see where Alex's character arc goes because I know it's not good.

Eimer - Ugh Alaina is almost insufferable at this point, and Eimer's having those bad feelings because Alaina and Brandon got it on...girl, just kill them, it's easier this way. Yuto just keeps making me laugh but it made sense for him to "get lost looking for food" because tbh Alaina might have ended up killing him anyway. It does make a lot of sense, and now the alliance is back down to 4. I think Blake and Eimer could work really well together but I know Brandon's not going any time soon so I guess I'll wait and see what changes occur in their alliance.

On to the next one!
My-Mental-Mind chapter 15 . 1/12/2021
Back again, here to see some more developments to our poor rich kids.

Audrey - She's so done with this, and I completely get it. When you're sleeping and then you get interrupted by your benefactor? Bitch, she's having none of this LMAO she's ready to slay it or die. Tbh Milo shouldn't have been such a careless dick but hey ho now he has the full wrath of Audrey and I stan that. The comments in between from Madison and Mariana made me laugh, because it's the perfect dose of seriousness and humour all wrapped into one. We stan.

Chanel - OH SHIT well bye Seraphina. I love how the both of them were so eager to leave and find that "road" they saw on their map. Hey Chanel lost her watch or was she straight up just not given one? Does everyone have a watch or just some of them? Who even knows at this point. What we do know is that Chanel goes up, Seraphina goes down, its a trap and Seraphina goes boom. Chanel is throw back...did she break her leg? Oof, this really didn't end well at all.

Alaina - Aw Blake and Brandon reunion! Alaina doesn't trust that for a second, while Yuto and Eimer are both kind of looking on, so it's an interesting dynamic so far. I totally get why she doesn't trust the two B's, it's clear that they're close to each other, closer than the others. It makes a whole lot of sense that she's being careful, but tbh she should watch her back. With all the drama around Eimer and Brandon and having those two around her? That and her bad attitude are bound to blow up in her face.

Griffin - Aw he's such a conflicted bean! Obviously there's darkness in his past that has brought him to this moment and the whole notion of karma from the past is at play here and I completely get it. Yet he know he'll have to kill in order to survive and somehow he's going to have to do it to someone. It's no surprise to me that he ended up alone. I think he's a very isolated character in the sense that we know a lot about him, but he wouldn't really vibe with the rest of the people either.

Another awesome chapter, let's keep it moving!
My-Mental-Mind chapter 14 . 1/12/2021
Hi Queen, it's been too long. Much like your AN where you said you had stuff to do? I'm the same, and basically 2/3 months later, here I am again. I promised I would get to this, and I will. I take my time, so we'll see how far we get today and in the future I promise to review the rest! Your writing is awesome so I know I'll get sucked right in. Let's see how many I can get done today while I have the time!

Dane - Gabrielle and Blake just yeeted themselves out of there, huh? Dane makes a great point though. People are going to attack each other at some point so staying in one group where the tensions may rise? Yeah, no. Jeremiah and Doran are his choice in allies huh? I wonder how that'll work out for them, I wonder. I know Jeremiah survives longer than both of them, but I'm interested to see what happens and how they'll end up bumping into Monica, Juliet and Freya...hell, how those three will group up too. We'll see.

Mariana - Alex and Jackson wandering off, and we know Alex is just a ticking time bomb at this point, so I'm not ready for that madness. mari's missing home, and I feel for her, but it's crunch time now. People are going to die soon, so it'll only be a matter of time. The Audrey-Mari-Madison alliance seems pretty strong since none of them want to betray the other, so I totally get that. It's valid. I can see them going pretty strong for the time being.

Blake - He just doesn't stop running. I mean, it made sense for him to run off from the group since he doesn't have close ties with any of them. Brandon is the one he's looking for and with his water and his watch, he knows he'll be able to find him. I love the watches in this, it adds the extra dynamic to the arena and it really brings together the whole "location" aspect to it all so people can meet up and ally.

Seraphina - Aw poor Seraphina. I feel so bad for her, but her and Chanel to make a good team. Seraphina is definitely pretty knowledgable yet Chanel has the grit and determination...and the gun lmao. So they're hiking to find water and they're going up a mountain, but for what? They're so determined to escape but there's no way that they can. There's no way that this is going to end well.

Awesome chapter, on to the next one.
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