Reviews for The Murdered Do Haunt Their Murderers
My-Mental-Mind chapter 2 . 1/27/2017
Jeremiah - I like him, he seems like quite the thinker, and quite the one to strategise. I kinda want to go to those mountains...providing I wasn't killed of course! Freya seems a bit of a ditz, but she's also adorable, and I love their friendship. Giles and Quincy gave me a wrong vibe, but maybe I'll warm up to them when I see their point of view. But yeah, he's a nice one.

Shane - Okay, he's such a rebel, but he's really funny about it. He seems quite humourous, perhaps a little no-nonsense and sarcastic at times, but I think his character was great, especially with such a nice contrast between his personality and Jeremiah's. So they've lost their phones, stranded in the mountains, and none of them suspect a thing as of yet. Very interesting indeed! I can't wait to see what Shane has planned.

Mariana - Mariana seems interesting. Maybe a bit of a Queen Bee type of girl (I don't know all of their stereotypes, I forgot them and I can't find the blog), but I kind of feel bad for Jackson, especially since he doesn't want to be there. Hiking up a mountain in WEDGES, girl! And Monica, of course, being shady af as per usual XD

Madison - This was probably more of the sinister parts of the chapter here. Madison doesn't seem to stand out much to me, although she's a great character in her own right. Sawyer objectifying them was pretty gross, but I don't think they can do much about it if rumours about their lives are going to be released. Be the new kid as well is never that great, especially if you're trying to find friends, so I feel for her, I honestly do.

Gabrielle - I found her and Chanel hilarious, because they're both kinda badass girls who want their own way. Other than that though, she seems mostly moody more than anything else, but at least she got her own back. I'm not sure about anything else here so...yeah, I'll end this here.

And yay! You did a blog! I cba to go back and change what I said before, but I'll check it out. No reason to do a blog review, since we know who's winning and who's dying, but hey, good work.
My-Mental-Mind chapter 1 . 1/27/2017

My, my this is very exciting, and of course, Chanel is the victor of this. You gave a nice backstory of why the school is closing down, interested to see why they chose Haversmith of all places to take 30 kids from to see who wins in a free-for-all. Ah, but the hunting club. They have their reasons.

Monica came 13th, so I guess I'm staying here for quite some time XD

A good start, even though it was rather long for a single POV. Nonetheless, I'm sure you had a lot of reason to show parts of the story that were important!

Over and out!
Alice Kingsleighs chapter 4 . 1/21/2017
Bish im literally screaming? this update was fast tbh so i didn't expect it; this is the best gift bc i literally have algebra test lmao fuck.
So i love this chapter and i love your writing so much; smh i wanna talk alot but it would not do u justice
love this; I literally loved everyone in this chapter except like; griffin; lmao
ok without further bullshit talking lets get into business

Monica; LMAO BOI I LOVE THIS CHICK?. your mom took you home; ICONIC LINE RIGHT THERE; i love her sassiness and sense of humor; though it's sorta rude at points but hey it's not pointed at me? so who cares? i want her to roast everyone here lmao; she probs has a load fuck of edgy roasts up her sleeve. Also im detecting hints of future monica/shane brotp in the future? i LOVE THIS YES GOOD WTF. Giselle was fucking annoying; lipstick whore smh. Freya is so sweet and I love her naivety ahah. This group isn't as dysfunctional as the others tbh, thank god. Anyways that twist with the middle finger in the river; LMAO truly iconic; I love Monica and her passion about the environment; her parents are horrible yikes. I LOVE MONICA

Griffin; maybe it's the fact that I dont fuck with people who talk alot makes me kinda indifferent to him, or maybe his storyline doesn't interest me as much. Btw fuck Trina; she didn't seem as awful in the previous chapter. Wonder if his little lie will be exposed next time hmmmm. Sure as hell Griffin isn't getting away with this; especially with a class full of fucking gossips lmao.

Blake; I like him tbh, he's so energetic and a powerhouse tbh; but he's also nice and not actually a fucking douche; I respect him for that. Also I wanna take a moment to appreciate Milo tbh; he's such a dick but I fucking love hime lmao, he literally roasted Mariana to hell and back;
"Grab your dumb drawings on the way out, I don't want to deal with your shit." iconic tbh. I love how everyone isn't treating Freya in a mean way tbh. Everyone likes her cus she's so adorable yay. ALSO THE EPIC SHANE SCHEME FUCK I WANNA KNOW MORE JSDFHDJFHDFJ IT BETTER NOT BE A PUSSY PRANK. AND IT SHOULD PROBABLY INVOLVES BRUNING SIMONE AT THE STICK LMAO OR MARIANA HAHAHA

Freya; MY ADORABLE BALL OF FLUFFINESS AND CUTNESS. I LOVE HER AND JEREMIAH SO MUCH; and tbh she's not even THAT dumb lmao?; I just loved how instead of playing and helping her teammates she decided making flower crowns is the best option; lol. HER AND JEREMIAH KILL ME SO MUCH THAT ADORABLENESS AND HOW HE JOINED HER IN HER LIL PICNIC AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW. please stab me in the face i can't handle all of this. ALSO FUCK BRANDON'S ROASTING CHANEL IM DONE I LOVE HIM SO MUCH BB. anyways I love how adorable and kind Freya was to Seraphina awww, I'm digging this new friendship tbh.

Alex; MY SON; MY EMO SON IM SO SAD FUCK. I love him; he's so sad and has anxiety problems; but he's not obnoxious he just can't seem to find himself in the place and i can relate tbh. honestly fuck the benefactors for taking his meds? wtf is that? dam i thought they did their research on the students already damn; I want alex and audrey to reconcile and makeout and foget about everything lmao i fucking wish. WHATEVER U DID AUDREY U BETTER APOLOGISE OR SMTH NOW. omg. anyways gwen and yuto aren't exclusive? they probably have occasional threesome with brandon, dont care i ship it. anyways im fucking excited for the drama next chapter bc all the extra people are in the kitchen washing dishes lmaoooo.

ok that's it i guess; i talk alot tbh
li'l fat necrosis chapter 3 . 1/7/2017
hello love, glad you're back.

Alaina: she's not fun.
i can't really find much of a personality other than bitchy, cranky teenager. smh. this is real world, but she ain't any more real than eimer. (who is great so far) idk. i'm not a fan. (i'm so sorry for this) THE REAL ALAINA IS SOOOOO DIFFERENT FROM WHAT WE SEE. THIS IS HER FRONT, SHE HAS TO HIDE HER REAL SELF. legit i hate this girl. i just know she's gonna have a cliche backstory that is so overused.

Seraphina: she's okay. idk. like, she's got a relatable backstory and she's pretty chill, but nothing truly pops out to me. she seems pretty depressed, which is nice, and i like the idea of what she'll bring to the group.

Harper: harper is actually fun! i like how confident she is, and then promptly loses all sense of it. she's so arrogant and it's actually portrayed nice.

Yuto: oh god yu you're so
i can't with this kid
he's my little baby but i support this bullshit alliances.
i love you for writing him sowell

oh my god.
i fully support brandon's dildo being gone, who doesn't bring that with them?
he's so cute and sweet, so much more different than what i thought. like, damn. i like him now?

okay thank you for updating pls do more i'm enjoying this. love you
Alice Kingsleighs chapter 3 . 12/28/2016
IM BACK BITCHES. anyway what up?. So I love this chapter because we get to see the students getting to know the place, and communicating woth each other more than the previous chapter. I like how you set up the atmosphere. The sense of forboding just clinging there and they barely notice. Its just so perfect. Throwing hints there and then. Without further ado lets talk about these heathens:

Alaina. No offense but why would you call Chanel being faker than Eimer's chest when you're like a fucking fake ass hoe. Ok so she has multiple masks going for her using around people. Ok and the real alaina is something entirely different *yawns* you're not special you're just a boring ass person who's personaliy is probs less intersting than a old shoes. I dont even care about her past. Mom or anything. Ugh cringy

Seraphina, AH I LOVE MY DAUGHETR? She's so nice and lonely and i just wanna give her a pat on the back and tell her everything is gonna be ok. Then thatd make me an even faker person than alaina ok no forreal I just love Seraphina?,she 's so nice and caring and sensitive i just wished she'd approached Jeremiah and madison bc theyd welcome her nonetheless ahhhggh. ALSO Alex WHAT THE FUCK U HIGH BOY?

Harper. She's quiet, likes to be alone and loves hiking. I really didnt get that much from her except the last minute stunt? Does she have some attention seeking problems? Honestly I wouldnt know but she seems impulsive as fukc and not in a good way. She's boarding on stupid tbqh

Yuto, hands down my fave character so far. Sorry Jeremiah you still precious but YUTO. DAT SASS. DAT ASS. I LOVE HIM TO PIECES. HE IS SO FUNNY AND LAID BACK BUT NOT IN AN OBNOXIOUS ATTENTION SEEKING WAY. im glad everyone's hating on Simone. Bitch. Trina is funny as well and i enjoyed her interaction with Yuto. Loved Brandon and Yuto's BRO coded friendship too. 't wait to see more of them in the future

Gerard. My sweet boy. He's so nice and charitable and smart. God I love him. I ship him with Eimer IDGAF. YUTO LITERALLY BURNED SIMONES HAIR I. HOLLERING. I LOVE HIM SO MUCH. THATS WHAT U GET FOR BEING A SNITCH AND HANDING OTHER PPL'S PHONES LIKE ITS UR BUSINESS. HOE. Anyway like I said I reallliked Gerard. His concern just majes him even more sweeter my bb. BRANDON. REALLY CLASSY WITH CONDOMS. WHAT DID THEY TAKE FROM HIM? NUDES? A DILDO? WHO KNOOOWS
Alice Kingsleighs chapter 2 . 12/28/2016
anyway im here and imma review. can I just say I LOVE UR WRITING STYLE. its so simple...yet beautiful? i can imagine exactly how the characters are acting and react to their emotions; it just flows easily without boring us too death with details

anyways lets talk about the brats haha

Jermeiah; so he was like my fave from the blog days. and so its just natural of me to form an immediate attachement to him; he's just so sweet and genuine and caring and i love him to pieces. So he's not just an artist but a writer as well awwwww wRITE ME POETRY JEREMIAH; i loved his interaction with freya; their freindship is so sweet and i wanna see more of them in the future just being bffs ahhh

Shane; the REBEL; haha I like him alot; he might be a little too harsh but not to the point of being a bully, he's kind of an asshole but the good type of asshole lol, anyway we're introduced to the place where our tribs will camp in, a lodge is a perfect choice, kinda reminds me of Until Dawn if you ask me, but teenagers in a lodge? promising prospect. ANABEL THO creepy ass sneaking hoe i hate her lying fake ass persona. bitch.

Mariana, no I definitely don't like this bitch, she'sso obnoxiously fake that i wont even spare her a comment. god. that roast session with Milo, serves her fucking right bye. ALSO SCREAMING MONICA IS SO HILARIOUS BYE.

Madison, SHADY PASTTTT. no forreal I love her, she's just nice and reserved but is also badass and stands for herself. I like that. I'm kinda hooked on her past tho, cant wait to know more about her. Sawyer tho, dosgusting douche, Audrey fuck him up pls, honestly this man cant get any worse ew.

Gabrielle, haha I love her so much? but I just wish we'd know more about her past, on why she is the way, well she is. Her fiery take-no-shit persona is definitely a standout in this chapter. also her bickering with Chanel...ho boy. I see some heavy clash between them in the future. good I love drama.

overalls I really love the way you wrote this? its perfect qhbdvfdvqgh
skinny vanilla latte chapter 2 . 10/8/2016
This chapter was really good in many aspects.

First of all, I loved the idea of the bus ride with the classmates. Yeah, they think they're going for a trip to the city but it's something else, there's just something so creepy about this, being thrown into the "games" with your class sounds awful but it also opens so many oportunities to develop some plots. The environment that you created with all the types of school kids was easy to identify with. The cool kids at the back, the loners with the backpacks on the seat next to them, the couples of friends talking. So nice.

And also the idea of the trip to the mountains was plausible and gave a lot of validating points to the situation. In there they can't use their phones and they're far away from any civilization. They say people go mad in the mountains and the woods. In here more than one will suffer some of that, fristly with their 3G gone and all the batteries running off. Alaina and Audrey were the first to verbalize what everyone else (but Jeremiah apparently) must have been thinking.

And the POVs as well. I like it that you didn't focus only on Chanel and you wrote from other perspectives. This is going to start taking shape and now there's not just a blog 3 There are so many especulations I did concerning a lot of these characters and I like it better now because I thought some of them were shallower that they look now, that phenomenom is so pleasing when a story begins. I loved Jeremiah, even more than before. Gabrielle is as hateful as I thought but I liked that extra layer with her about her canalizing her emotions through sports. My impression on Shane did not change, I prefer Gabrielle over him, but I apreciate that he'll try to add some mishap to the day. I admit that Madison was partly what I expected; her being disturbingly neutral, but she impressed me when she started arguing Sawyer. Apart from that, she remains a mistery to me, paradoxically to her "girl-next-door" title. About Mariana... oh she's so hateful and talkative, I forgot I had done her like that :') Loved that conversation with Jackson (whom I expected just as he was portrayed).

Well, with the questions: I already gave my thoughts on the characters. On who I'd like to see next... I remember I was pretty intrigued with Giles and Alex, it's a pity you haven't recieved the latter's form, he was a huge mistery to me alongside Madison.

Bye and I hope you update soon!
A M4D TE4-P4RTY chapter 2 . 10/8/2016
I've already said all this in a PM, but never mind, I'll say it again in a review anyway :)

I'm so glad you're writing this story! I was gutted when Corey didn't write it after all and you really made my day deciding to take it on!

This chapter is brilliant! I know I submitted Jeremiah, but I ADORE him (and no, I'm not just biased, even if he is my favourite tribute I ever submitted :D). I love the way you wrote him and I think you definitely did him justice. He's exactly how I pictured him when I was writing the form! I adore his interaction with Freya, and I think you've showed their friendship really well. She's perfect as well, I know Jessie is really delighted with how she turned out!

What I love is how you've introduced us to the characters - you've given us enough information about each of them so we feel we've got to know them a bit but you haven't told us everything about them so there's still plenty to find out about them as the story progresses. I love them all - probably one of the only SYOTs where I haven't disliked a single character!

All in all, I think you've done a brilliant job and I'm really looking forward to the next chapter. Even if I hadn't submitted a tribute this story would have got me hooked - it's so exciting, I can't wait for more. Amazing job! :) *hugs and kisses*
GreyShadeOfQuietMouseColour chapter 2 . 10/8/2016
I'm so glad you decided to write this story. I was so disappointed when it was discontinued and now I get to read it after all :)
I loved Freya and Jeremiah! The characterisation was great, just how I pictured them. I've been looking forward to reading about them since I heard you were writing this.
Actually, all the characters were good and I thought you got lots of characterisation into all the POVs. There was nobody who I didn't like.
I'm really looking forward to reading more of this story, so I hope you have time to update it soon. ;)
Alphabetta chapter 1 . 7/20/2016
Omg, what you've mada here is great! The way you brought to life your version of Darkest Desires, using the information you had available and adding your own. I really hope that if Corey appears one day, he approves of this project.
I like your writing and I like Chanel. I'm not surprised she was chosen as a victor in the end. Thanks for this introduction chapter, can't wait to read the rest! :D
li'l fat necrosis chapter 1 . 7/19/2016
Hey, man! :) Glad you posted this... I get my fill of Yuto!

I really can't remember who I liked and didn't like, but damn, I'm really excited to see who I love the most! :D Yuto where you at boy?

Chanel is a fucking goddess okay I love her. She's hilarious, alright? Her relationship with Gianna is interesting and... damn, everyone is fucking everyone. Anyway... lookin' forward to seeing her bitch slapping someone. Didn't she have, like, six or so kills?

Your writing is great, no worries~
Alice Kingsleighs chapter 1 . 7/17/2016
WOOO it's back! I'm so friggin' excited

Honestly, I really liked your writing here, I've never read anything from you before but I can tell we're in for a wild ride! yas

I LOVED CHANEL ok I thought she was going to be this play-it-tough-bitchy from the blog but she's not, she's just defending herself from fuckboys, she takes no shit and she's badass you go girl

Gianna get over yourself and give your sister a break, brat much? fucking hell

what r you hiding anabel, tell me ur secrets
does that have to do with anabel allowin her to go?
so much shady shit

ngl but i really really want the setting to be creepy/scary for some reason? something about teenagers gettin scared the shit out of them gives me joy, and watching these brats being scared and calling for their parents is great
monica would love it too i know that

JEREMIAH MY SON IS THER *blows kisses*
be kind to harper she's a lonely girl
audrey behave yourself u emo bitch

can't fucking wait for the next chap, i need drama
Jalen Kun chapter 1 . 7/17/2016
Ok I don't really know what I expected when I saw this, but I'm pleasantly surprised at how this turned out. This was really really good! I'm slowly coming back into the FF scene, so the fact that I even read this at all is shocking, but when I started I couldn't stop. This is seriously so good. Chanel is great, and your writing is sooo nice. Hell, I probably wouldn't mind reading it all from her POV.

Anyway, yeah, that's all I can think of to say lmao. Can't wait for the next update! (And to see my baby Brandon lmao)

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