Reviews for The Murdered Do Haunt Their Murderers
My-Mental-Mind chapter 13 . 11/4/2020
oop- last one I promise!

Harper - Savage, she's literally going through this the mathematical way, which I guess is a good way to do it all things considered. Splitting everyone into groups of 5 and then picking out 1 you hate is the way to do it if you're forced to I guess. I was shocked at the fact that if you don't vote, those votes are stacked against you, but hey I guess everyone's got to vote regardless, right? I bet Trina and Simone are easily getting 29 votes each lmaooo

Shane - OOF he's asking everyone to vote for him, which I guess, does technically take one name out of the running. Judging by the reactions, I'm not surprised if he goes down. The sacrificial lamb? Well if you have nobody to pick, at least you have Shane. Giles is being an asshole and it wasn't smart of him to speak up, because he's going to put himself in hot water. He does make a good point though, voting for someone you don't care about does lessen the feeling of unexplainable guilt.

Simone - You're building the tension better and better each time. Now for the votes, Simone was an obvious one, Quincy and Trina I expected too. Gabrielle though? That's a surprise. I don't know how much of a bitch she's been to people, but clearly it hasn't worked out in her favour. Even so, I love how Simone still dishes on all the secrets even when it's clear that she's fucked, it's so good. She roasts Alaina, and it's the only useful thing she's done this entire story. No offence to the submitter of course, you did a great job :)

Freya - Shane taking himself out? WHAAAAAT, I mean he did want to be voted out, so I guess when people didn't give him what he wanted, he figured that killing himself was the best way to do things. Now that there's only 29 left, it'll be interesting to see how it turns out, but I can see a couple of high voters coming to the forefront here. MONICA BABE I freaked out for a sec, but she's all good, honestly, I LIVE for her so much. Time for more of the votes to be tallied...

Trina - Five be dead. Nothin' else to say. RIP.

Gabrielle - Oof she came sixth in the voting and only survived because Shane died. That's got to make her realise that she's a person who people don't really seem to like much. Still, she defiant and loudmouthed for a reason and I think sometimes that can get you put in bad situations. Gabrielle escaped by the skin of her teeth. Ooh, now they're all being escroted in vans, where are they going? Nowhere good.

Brandon - Oooh so they're all getting bits and pieces but they might have to work together to get it all done. There are no clear rules in all of this, and they're now expected to just get on with it. Well, I'll be interested in seeing what everyone has and how they might end up as we start to go through the deathmatch and see who ends up on top. For now though, it looks like the game is just beginning and there's so much for us to learn and experience! Bloodbath finished, here comes the rest!

Welp, let the chaos begin!
Over and out!
My-Mental-Mind chapter 12 . 11/4/2020
Madison. Audrey. Jeremiah.

I feel the need to write a review for all three POV's at once considering the general situation that's going on around everyone at this moment in time. It's literally insane to me how they're waking up at desks, shackled, totally dazed and completely out of it, and yes, it's natural to panic and Monica's having none of it lmaooo
In all fairness though, Anabel does actually seem to be explaining things for once. Now we've seen the characters, we're now going to understand the motive. Ahhh she's ten times more sinister now we're learning Anabel's intentions! The fact that Audrey, Alex and Trina all had hints/inklings about this is an obvious bummer because everyone's mad at them now. And Simone. And probably Quincy.
OOOOH AND NOW THEY HAVE TO CHOOSE WHO DIES? I LOVE THIS. Six deaths right off the bat and it comes down to a vote? I have an idea of a couple of people who might get voted off...I'm interested!

I'm reading further many reviews is it now? I've lost count.
My-Mental-Mind chapter 11 . 11/4/2020
Okay, so this is the last one Ali, I hope you enjoyed my ramblings :)

Trina - EW we do not stan, but I'm still highkey interested? Who is she going after? It's almost as if Anabel has become some kind of mentor to her and Trina's here to show up and show out. It's interesting as to why Anabel's telling Trina to take the attention away from herself - is this so there's a smaller target on her back? Or maybe there's a greater plan in the works here. Either way, Trina's totally buzzing about it and she's ready to get started. In this case, a suck-up gets you no kudos...Trina, honey, nobody likes you? Still a bomb character nonetheless.

Harper - Ooooh I have a feeling that this is not going to end well. Trina reading out all the letters just tells me that she's going to focus on the person she's supposed to be sabotaging, and honestly, I have a feeling there'll be some kind of tension erupting soon! I'm interested as to how far Haversmith went to get their parents to send in these little notes. Maybe they told them that they were straight up going to die? Idk, but whatever it is, they're dangling their kids lives in front of them and it's so sad that nobody else has realised that yet. Oh yeah, Ali told me I'm so close to the bb and I'm so excited!

Griffin - Nooo poor Griffin! It's the worst thing when a story about you begins to become untied and someone begins to tangle it in so many ways that it's no longer the truth. Trina's done just that, and it might have just backfired on Griffin. I feel so bad for him - it's got to be really difficult, being a child in the system, pushed from one family to another. But no, there are no words from Max and instead, Griffin's being played for some kind of psycho. I'm interested to see how many people are going to believe him, and Trina kind of seems at full power right now. Still, I can see the tides turning when it all goes down, and Griffin's definitely going for revenge if he can. He deserves it.

Juliet - She's right to feel bad for Griffin and to notice how Trina's just become more and more of a bully. The idea that everyone's hiding secrets though? That's certainly something, and it's only a matter of time before all of them come out into the open. I think it's okay to be an outcast, but there are perks to popularity unfortunately and Juliet is just afraid of being kicked to one side. She shouldn't have to feel bad about playing online games and enjoying herself in the way she wants to. It's a shame that this snapshot into the culture of Haversmith seems more diminished than distinguished.

Jackson - I have nothing more to add here since it was more of a follow on for Juliet's POV, BUT OH NO THEY'RE GETTING SMOKED OUT it's happeningggggg the bloodbath is here? I kind of want to read on tbh, I might just give you a fifth review in one night, wth?

Either way, this was great. I really appreciated the larger backstories as well, because it does feel like you're tying the whole character in. Personality is great but the backstory does play a part in getting know more about the character and you doing that here has arguably made this the best chapter yet.

Over and out!
My-Mental-Mind chapter 10 . 11/4/2020
Number Three? In one day? Oop-

Alex - Aw I'm glad everything was cleared up. Clearly, he's been driven to hell by taking him off his meds and he's not doing so well. I'm glad Audrey and Alex were able to sit down and talk. She never cheated on him (good on ya girl) and so now he's technically fucked it up. Well, this kinda stuff does unfortunately happen. What else can he do now but run from his problems? Run into Sawyer. I wonder what they'll have a chat about.

Dane - It's really heating up now, especially with the questioning and the pieces of the puzzle beginning to all come together. Blake is asking all the right questions - why bond the kids together when there's tension already there? They're silently rising the tension between the students they've selected for a sinister purpose. Dane's right in saying that the questions don't matter, so what really does?

Seraphina - NO DON'T CRY BABE ;-; Honestly this was such a moment because beyond the Chanel/Wes/Quincy bullshit, Gwen's just like her little beacon of friendship being there for her when she most needs it and honestly that's the cutest thing ever. It's because Seraphina's NEEDED a friend for so long, and now that someone actually gives a fuck it's all too much to bear. Honestly, this was so heart-wrenching. Still, I guess they did what the benefactors wanted them to do, opening up and things like that. Still, honestly, that's so sweet. Bless.

Eimer - Oof, the first half of this POV was really wholesome, with Eimer just taking her time away from everyone else and just enjoying time with Freya and the others, just chilling away. The second half just made me feel so much for her. She wants to go back to Australia to play tennis and see her Mum who cares about work more than she cares about her and then she comes back to find Simone prattling on about well...what she's about to see. Brandon's making his moves but I don't think it has the desired effect. Alaina's just kinda stone-cold - both of them just ruined Eimer in one horrible move, and to be honest, it's savage. Feels bad. Hope Eimer gets her revenge?

Madison - BITCH WITH A UNIBROW ASDFGHJKL GET REKT TRINA To be honest, this was something that was going to blow at some point, so having this fight is a clear distinction of who will be fighting against who in the coming chapters. I don't blame half of them, because Monica did break it down and they all have their reasons. Thing is, you also spilled alllll the tea and it just puts all the pieces together to see what kind of a network all these students have and where all the underlying tensions are.

This is so good. I'll read one last chapter before I call it a night. :)
My-Mental-Mind chapter 9 . 11/4/2020
Oop, second review? In one day? Insane!

FOOLS is a great song btw. That is all.

Shane - He kinda deserves it, but why he was attacked idk. It's so weird to think that he was just straight up grabbed, probably drugged and obviously when he lashed out, one of the adults got hit too. Monica asking him if he's okay despite the fact he did cut off the water supply, with Juliet, Giles and Freya all coming in as well? Yes, there's a lot of questions asked. I highly doubt it was Quincy, but I can't wait for it all to be revealed...

Chanel - You tell Anabel, Chanel, you tell her. It looks like this secret is definitely coming to a head now that the word is spreading and I don't blame Chanel for standing up for herself and taking Anabel aside so she knows what's up. Chanel's so confident that even Anabel is like "oh shit don't hurt me". I wasn't sure of Chanel before but she's growing on me so much and she's taking on a leadership role I think. She'll boss her way out of here. Ugh, Simone, Chanel literally defended you against Trina (gross) and then you backstab her by calling Gianna a slut? Way out of order. Either way, I'm so pumped to see how this all develops!

Simone - No, we're not here for her. Even so, she IS stirring the pot and it's honestly fun to watch. I do notice you focusing on some characters more than others since I vaguely remember Audrey and Alex, yet people like Chanel, Freya, Eimer, Shane etc. are all really fresh in my memory, but as you said, that's down to the personalities. Simone's stirring up the tension between Audrey and Alex and I'm interested...what happened there? Regardless, she does her bit and then sits back and waits, but she has to remember to not stir the pot TOO much otherwise she'll find herself at the end of the line.

Blake - Aw, Blake, it'll be okay. He has to remember that he's not really to blame for anything that happened, and Shane does make a very good point - he would have gotten hurt too if he'd been there to cause chaos with Shane, so really he's done nothing wrong. It's whether or not he's going to be able to move past that now that I'd like to see. He's quickly becoming a really likeable character for me, so I'm interested to see where you're going to take his arc.

Audrey - I think it was nice for her and Jeremiah to bond over them making the shelter with the tarp and stuff, but tbh only Jeremiah listened so he's basically carrying her. They're all so dehydrated, I have a BAD feeling about this. Aw well, at least Audrey got some sleep so she can rest. It all just seems a little too interesting how some people get water and everyone else gets nothing. A sign of things to come? Who knows.
My-Mental-Mind chapter 8 . 11/4/2020
Please be patient with me, I am catching up slowly. I will get there :)

Gabrielle - She's so mad. Oof and she clearly dislikes a lot of people, Shane more than others. She's really out there with the no-nonsense, I don't care about small talk attitude and I fw that tbh, I think she's definitely got a fire of her own, I'm just interested to see how that will play out against some of the other students i.e. Chanel, Shane etc. I think it's really interesting how her brother went to prison and she takes that as abandonment. Maybe he was the only person who she could really connect with, and now she's just stuck at Haversmith hating life.

Mariana - Oh Anabel, how weird and twisted this is all becoming, I can't wait until the students find out how much of a mess this is. But all of the poems being given to other students? I definitely feel like that was intentional, and reading them out is a good way to get to know each other, despite all of the emotional poetry or awkward nonsense. Her connection to Griffin is actually so sweet, and I can really see that the two of them get on. But now, Mariana is cooking up some kind of plan - what is she going to do to entertain the others with Griffin? I'll guess we're about to find out!

Gwen - Next time you need English slang, you've got Corey and me, hit us up! Yuto playing on the piano pretty much just stole this whole POV for me and I'm here for it. I can just imagine him playing a sweet piano and then just rapping everything under the sun, we stan. Madison has every right to question things, especially Anabel who always seems slightly too nice for her own good. Maybe they're catching on to a rumour...oh it's true? Dammit Chanel, now Mads knows and so does Gwen. Simone's listening in...oh Gwen why did you forget about her? Now she's going to go around and tell everyone and I can bet that it'll turn into the bloodbath really fast, not fun!

Brandon - Ohh hi Boobs-Brandon (he's still obsessed with Eimer? DUDE), and now you're going to snuggle up to Alaina to make her jealous? Ugh, big no, we're not into this. He's was totally trying to convince her to be with him, good thing Wes and Alaina broke that up. Is there more to this guy than his dick or is he just so entranced by Eimer's boobs that he refuses to have any redeeming qualities? Despite all of this, his plan is either going to draw him and Eimer together or drive them apart. Regardless, he gives me Career vibes. Idk why. I'm not liking his character, he basically forced himself on Eimer? Ew.

Gerard - Aww Blake's feeling bad about not being able to help Shane? Poor guy, well it's kind of a good thing that he hasn't done anything because he would have been lumped in with Shane, who isn't overly popular right now. The way that you peppered their conversation with the added parts with Brandon moaning about his appearance was really well done, so kudos for that. I also love how the title weaves into the text - I do this in my stories too, so I'm glad we're twinning on that one! I never thought that your title would be from Wuthering Heights! Oooh, the human screaming? What is going on?

Over and out!
District11-Olive chapter 21 . 10/31/2020
Monica: I loved the description here it was really panicked with the fire and the emotion of Jeremiah having to go back for her. Girl really just ran back into the fire, like I can't blame her for wanting to help after the failure with Juliet but really should not have done it. This is so tragic and yet I kind of love the irony? They all just wanted to help, but if they hadn't tried to help so much they all would have literally been fine. It's a legend move to off a whole alliance in one chapter, it's never expected and always really emotional. I did love this alliance but I kind of agree with the decision for them to end here in a weird way. They're too kind to survive this.

Blake: I don't like either of them because of what happened to Griffin and I will never like either of them but I have to say that their relationship right now is interesting. They've been through it together and they still have that bond from before, but they also both feel like they're retreating into themselves just a little. They seemed pretty carefree in the beginning when they met up and, even though they're still cracking jokes, there is more of a somber tone to it. I like that the relationship is changing and I hope they both get what's coming to them soon.

Eimer: I also have to say that I like the continued theme of smoke through all of these? We love a good imagery sequence yesss. THERE'S A FEAST WE LOVE THAT YES. I was wondering if you would pull something like this and I'm really glad you are. There is just something about getting everyone together, mixing up these groups, and killing off a few in the process that only a feast can provide. I like this pairing as well, with Chanel being more gung-ho and Eimer rightfully worried about the danger. There is always the two sides in deciding whether to go, but I think Chanel is right in this case. If she touches Gabby, though, I'm coming for her kneecaps.

Gerard: There really was a sense of finality to that first paragraph and I hope that doesn't mean they're dead next but I think it might be that. There are so many pairs left that I feel like there is a good chance at either having another whole alliance nuke or losing one from a couple of pairs. There is such clear tension as they wait for the van, and the bags just being thrown out of the van was a vibe but showed how little they care about the students. We really did see the difference between Gerard and Gabby in this last part. She jumps in with no hesitation because she needs what she needs and there's no point waiting for the inevitable. He's scared of being out there when he knows the others are here, thinking it through fully before making a move. I can't honestly say who's more right here I could see either or both dying because they're on the extremes of decision-making here.

I'm going to predict around 3 deaths because that feels right for a feast chapter? Could be more though I'm not in charge here.
- Gerard
- Brandon
- Eimer

I can't bring myself to say that Gabby will die. I don't even like her but I simply can't.
ladyqueerfoot chapter 1 . 10/28/2020
Hello! I am now reading this in preparation for Among Us because I feel that if I plan to adopt a Tribute in this bih I should probs read it so this is what I am doing now.

Well right away I have never read a Modern AU of THG and I also haven't read Corey's OG story so I am simply vibing. I would say that your brain is massive for thinking of this concept but again, Corey's idea. Your brain is still huge for crazy girthy for writing this. Very weird seeing you mention AP's in the A/N since you're fully a college senior now and AP's are a me problem. Oh how time flies...

But yeah, love your writing, love the concept because it gives me huge anime vibes and that had become a hobby of mine. I am very excited to continue reading this and meet all the Tributes. I like Chanel as a character quite a bit. I found her frustration to be really humanizing and it really sets the tone for the AU. This is 2014, not Panem. This shit isn't expected to happen, it's scary as hell and I see that clearly through Chanel's inner monologue.

Okay I will now go read more, but I really liked this.
District11-Olive chapter 20 . 10/28/2020
Is this me finally catching up on a story after literal years? Couldn't be.

Alex: He's definitely losing it and I'm personally here for it. I could see how this could feel like a setup and how them not helping him when he needs it (even though they don't owe him) could feel like a betrayal. Audrey has some serious guts to stop and talk to someone that she knows just murdered her friend, but I guess it's probably hard to think of him as dangerous since they know each other well. The fact that she only injured him and let him go so she could escape says a lot about her journey thus far. Alex is far more broken, and I guess was pretty fucked up even before this, so his mindset is completely off the wall. I like reading his descent, almost becoming feral even towards someone that he still obviously has feelings for.

Jeremiah: It's sad to see them barely holding up after Juliet but like realistic. So Alex must have stored his watch somewhere so he wouldn't be tracked since it's been by the lake so long? I half wondered whether someone would collect the bodies but like I guess not since this isn't a huge event and also seeing the decaying bodies of classmates really does set the mood. I assume that Alex is going to still be stalking the camp so I worry for them. Also a lot of people seem to be arriving here so like I don't see it being safe. It's nice to see someone taking charge and hopefully that will help them out, but they're all just too nice to live sorry?

Griffin: This is fucked that they're using this to manipulate people, not even just to sneak up on them like to actually mess with Griff's head. I hated these two already but like honestly I would have respected them just killing him outright like they are 2 against 1 already and have a gun just snipe him. I really hope we get to hear more about what they were thinking before/during this because rn they just seem like assholes. I feel really bad for Griff in these final moments, him still worrying about his past and whether defending himself will prove them right. I'm glad he got a lot of shots in and I hope the 2B's die soon.

Freya: It's sweet that she's trying to keep the conversation going like as much as they seem bothered by it this is probably better than them all being stuck in their own heads. You're really good at these emotional reactions like each one feels distinct yet realistic for the character. She just wants to fix things and when she realizes she can't help her friends, she turns to some tasks and then even that feels hopeless. SHE LIT IT ON FIRE AHH. This is not going to help her helpless/useless feelings at all, particularly if either of her allies gets hurt. This is a nice added event, cause some chaos in the one place that everyone seems to be headed for because it feels familiar. Get the hell out of there everyone!
District11-Olive chapter 19 . 10/28/2020
I'm still not okay but I need to catch up so I'll keep going despite my heartbreak at last chapter.

Gerard: He too seems to be falling into the category of wanting this to not be real but understanding that if it is he needs to win. I think it's pretty shitty of him to judge people for turning on each other when he seems to be willing to do the same. Idk what I expected but Gabby is not playing nice LOL like you could give niceness a shot here so he doesn't kill you in your sleep maybe? Gerard... don't test her like you do not hold the power here with your knife child. I like their dynamic even more than I expected actually like Gabby is making Gerard stand up for himself and I think she kind of respects him for it at least. Then Gerard is still holding onto himself and not becoming as bitter as she is; recognizing her weaknesses without pointing them out to her. I like it a lot.

Monica: They're really going to keep trying this aren't they? Ugh I feel sick please stop it's not worth it just leave the bullet where it is you could nick something if you don't know what you're doing. Oh shit she actually nicked something good god. A good old femoral bleed haha yeah your bandages are going to do nothing for that waterfall. The fact that is says Monica murdered her is awful like she will never forget that announcement. She meant well but she made a mistake that ended horribly, can't blame her but also I have a feeling this is going to wreck her. The scene was really well done, the panic and Jeremiah trying to step in but it's too late. Really great.

Alaina: I like seeing this very high school drama in the context of the death match, because take away the surroundings and that's how this feels. None of them are eager to pull the trigger on each other because why would that be a teenager's first instinct? Obviously the stakes are higher here and all three have lost some people and seen some shit, but I like that it still has that feeling. Yikes then it gets real. I'm glad that it was Eimer tbh like yeah what Alaina did doesn't deserve death but also like I'm into irony. Those last few lines are gold I swear. I hope that Chanel and Eimer stay together for a little, they can bond over their trauma and maybe get something done without Alaina screaming over everyone.

Mariana: And we have someone having just a generally anxious, terrified, sad reaction to what's happening. It's nice to have so much variety in how people are holding up though it doesn't exactly bode well for Mariana when the rest of her alliance seems to be doing pretty alright. This was a really intense scene and played well to the paranoia that Alex is going through even though it wasn't his pov. The death was pretty awful not gonna lie, like head smashed against a toilet bowl until she bleeds and then finished with a knife. I wonder how Alex is going to feel about this one, which is clearly more horrific than the last murder. The other girls are going to have a rough time with this loss, I can feel it, but hopefully they're smart enough to get the hell out of there.
District11-Olive chapter 18 . 10/28/2020
Brandon: I felt this coming but still ugh what a dick. I'm glad to see some of the larger alliances breaking up because they really aren't smart right now, but taking their waters and leaving is pretty awful ngl. I love the watches so much like there are so many intricacies to them already and now we find out that when it smashes you can pretend to be dead? Does that mean the benefactors think he's dead too like should they all just smash their watches? I'm definitely overthinking this but still I like the lore. I wonder how the girls are going to react, no doubt they'll assume Blake had something to do with his 'death'.

Madison: More people arriving at camp I see, honestly seems like a good idea given the possibility of more supplies and a bed. Ugh so they ruined all the food like makes sense but still what an asshole move tbh. They are smart to try and salvage anything that might not make them sick, but I don't see that being very much. I do like the eerie vibe that you're giving to the camp though. I agree that while there is the opportunity for more supplies and comfort, they are kind of trapped because there are certain paths and doors that can be used. I sense danger for this group very soon, maybe at the hands of Alex?

Freya: We're definitely going to get a reunion with Jeremiah and Freya right? Right? It's sad but also realistic that she doesn't think she's going to get very far because tbh yeah she is too sweet to last in my opinion. AH NO DON'T TAKE THE BULLET OUT. I love the idea of this scene but the first aider in me is crying they can do so much more damage ah why no. AS IF I JUST SAID AND HE'S HERE AW YES. It's sweet that she wants him to make it but I can't help but wish she would fight for herself more than other people? Idk I just prefer those characters over the selfless ones, more drama I guess.

Yuto: Not going to lie the second I saw his name as a POV I kind of freaked out a little bit because he was just in the last chapter and... I don't have a good feeling. I hate you so much I can't even what the hell. I kind of knew that Gwen was going to die here but like he killed her and then he killed him and I just can't? I hate romance but this one was sweet like you make me actually like this couple and then kill them immediately after how could you do this to me? Yuto was also probably my favourite character just because of how different he was to the rest and his narration was so strong. I'm upset don't look at me.
District11-Olive chapter 17 . 10/28/2020
Alex: SO definitely going villain arc here, even if he isn't trying to be malicious he is out for himself and premeditating circumstances that will benefit his goals. It's hard not to agree with what he's doing because he is just trying to survive even if he comes across as horrible. I'm interested to see if he's actually okay with what he did to Jackson or just like repressing it maybe? Wait they can go back to camp? That's so cool though there are beds and food (maybe) and stuff to hide in there. New layers I love it.

Juliet: I really like this perspective of someone that believes they will do what it takes but can't actually be sure that they will. Like who really knows they would murder their classmate? These three are really sweet but I also don't see them as that competent for murder and that's proven by this 'plan' to go after Wes. Juliet is noble to try and not involve the others, but now she's hurt like ugh. Glad she learned the lesson of not hesitating because she really could have died there, still might because of the injury but at least Wes is gone. I like that we don't exactly know what Wes was doing, so it's hard to judge Juliet because if he was going to kill them she's a hero but if he was just sticking around she's a villain. I like the uncertainty.

Harper: Interesting to know that she was also there for the explosion, like they aren't just isolated incidents and other people could be around too. Her thoughts are interesting, wondering if she deserves to be here but also acknowledging that whatever the answer is she wants to make it back out. Seems like maybe one of her lungs collapsed in the explosion and maybe partially re-expanded but either re-collapsed or just her exerting herself made it worse. Sad that she literally died alone though?

Gwen: I'm so glad Yuto had somewhere to go this makes me happy? He's best I think when he has interaction just because of his antics and making light of such a dire situation. Gwen also has some injuries damn, and a pretty bad one if it's preventing her from walking. Seeing a softer yet still playful side to Yuto is nice and he's clearly very thoughtful. It really sucks that she has such a bad injury like not only can she not walk but with the bone sticking out she is just asking for complications. Infection, compartment syndrome, shit like this sucks. I really like their interactions even though romance makes me sick (I'm just not a romantic person bye). Shit why did you do this.
District11-Olive chapter 16 . 10/28/2020
Jeremiah: Poor guy is third wheeling to a feuding couple basically. Emotions are high, people are getting paranoid and they're exhausted/starving/thirsty but honestly Dane chill just a little bit. OKAY WHAT. I can see how this would escalate for sure like lives are at stake and now Dane feels like he's the one on the outskirts, disposable. I feel really bad for Doran? Killed by someone he was obviously close to because he wanted to talk about his fears. Dane... this is on you buddy. Jeremiah is going to be a straight up wreck after this I'm sure.

Gabby: Honestly her inner voice gives me life it is just so sassy and selfish, which is exactly the way it should be. Benefuckers got me alright that was genius. She's smarter than I thought keeping the map open tbh? You go girl. She's thinking so logically but you can tell that she's also been pretty fucked up mentally by everything that's happened so far. I love that she's getting an ally like look at that character growth and it's Gerard who is really sweet and smart. I feel like they'll be interesting together for sure but I wonder why Gerard was so... okay with this literal delinquent asking for an alliance. I got some creepy vibes at the end both from Gabby and Gerard.

Jackson: I love all the fighting honestly? I'm glad that they're all not holding hands and crying because I see this as being more realistic with who these people are and how they're already connected. I love death scenes like this tbh, unexpected from the dying and then the imagery of being in a stream to clean himself up but getting covered in his own blood is just yes. I can see how knowing that Dane and Doran died in an alliance fight would make people eve more paranoid and Alex already seemed pretty unstable. i'm excited to see how death affects these guys tbh, like when they actually do the killing and not just see it.

Eimer: I love Yuto so much I can't even describe. With the drama between Eimer and Alaina I'm surprised to see them in an alliance and with Brandon too? I guess Eimer does seem like a more meek character though like she wouldn't try and start shit, but that's got to be hard for her. Honestly she's a really fun character because based on her blog post you would expect her to be one thing but she's actually a really genuine person? I loved the part with her telling Yuto she would cover for him, but I do wish she had left too ugh.
District11-Olive chapter 15 . 10/25/2020
Audrey: I FORGOT ABOUT BENEFACTORS. Wow Milo saying that he's stuck with her after Shane is pretty harsh geez. Napping in the arena when you are being hunted by your classmates? What a queen honestly. I love her so much like she truly gives zero shits about anything and really did tell Milo off I love her. The ending line sent it for me though, like girl what even are you. She's moved up from a favourite to an icon in one section.

Chanel: I wonder why she doesn't have a watch? Like they seem pretty important and to not give her one is shitty, though idk if they all have one or not at this point (I feel like they must?). She's still pretty uptight with Sera, especially considering that this whole thing was her idea. At least they have a goal t work for, just running around seems like it would be much worse. WAIT WHAT NOW. A trap that a leader tried to warn them about? That's intriguing because A) seems like some of the leaders at least care somewhat and B) there are going to be some fun twists in the 'arena' even if it's supposedly just a mountain scape. I'm upset because I said last chapter how fun I found this pairing and now one of them is dead and the other one is traumatized and injured. How could you do this.

Alaina: This story really does lend itself well to big alliances and I like that there is already a lot of paranoia seeping in. Blake and Brandon have history being teammates for so long, makes sense that the others would feel threatened by it. They really can't just say no to him but I also think there could be some trouble brewing for such a large alliance soon. The emotionality is really nice here in showing how each person is reacting to the situation. Also Blake lying about his weapon? So I sense a villain or just someone being cautious?

Griffin: He forgot Nico like my heart is broken and I don't even remember him but like AHH. He does have to kind of worry about what people will think if they see he killed someone (will they actually say who did it? that's amazing) but also he needs to do what he needs to do. It's interesting to have someone in the games that we know is capable of violence but who really doesn't think they could stoop to it again after learning the consequences. I would kind of love to see a villain arc from him even if it would break my heart at the same time. I am protective over him because of what Trina/Anabel did to him so like please don't hurt him too much.
District11-Olive chapter 14 . 10/25/2020
Dane: I love the imagery of them just staring back at the van as it leaves like it really is that hopeless for them right now. Gabby being Gabby snapping at someone for being terrified but at least she's got the guts about her. She just leaves LMAO. Of course she just leaves? Girl? I can see where Jackson is coming from but also this group definitely won't work and forcing it will not help right now. He's smart to leave and I guess we have our first alliance and what looks to be 2 loners.

Mariana: This was a good section to show the kind of grieving that a lot of these kids are going to go through. They're used to a lot of privilege and having everything they need and now they're being met with a pretty crazy scenario of being in the woods to fight to the death. These three are sweet and I think it's good that they split from Jackson because he seems like he's not doing too hot right now.

Blake: I loved all the reveals in this section, especially since there was no interaction other than Blake with the equipment. He's smart for sure and I think he could do really well if he plays his cards right. He's got a lot of skills and he's athletic, not to mention that having an ally who was once his teammate could really help. I love that there are guns, it's one of my favourite weapons to read when done right tbh. They can see where each other are? That's so cool and will definitely make things harder for some.

Seraphina: This is an interesting pairing tbh, one of the softer girls with one of the bad bitches. Chanel seems to be handling things by just looking to get shit done which is probably one of the most effective coping strategies at this point. As if they'd leave a way for them to escape but I guess a girl can hope. I feel kind of bad for Seraphina in this pair simply because she doesn't seem to be very useful to Chanel and you can tell she even feels useless. Painkillers? That's interesting tbh like could be useful but also do you really want to be drugged up if you run across someone? Were their supplies given by chance I wonder like poor girl got a rope and painkillers... foreshadowing? Anyways I like this pairing it's interesting but also dysfunctional enough to be entertaining.
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