Reviews for Love's Tales
DrummerMax64 chapter 36 . 10/13
Welp, in just one day they went from police partners to wolf-eyeing to dating and finally to getting engaged. The speed of their relationship basically just rivaled Nick and Judy's! Go figure! XD

Anyways, this was a very engaging chapter. The various aspects of wolf and feline cultures were very interesting, and you did a great job of sprinkling them throughout so we as readers can gradually learn about them while being entertained by the humor and character interactions. I'm certainly keen on finding out more about those phone conversations! The wording used by the wolves was highly unusual, and made the conversations seem ancient in quality.

And yes, the usual wackiness is always a pleasure to read. So damn funny. XD

Looking forward to finding out what Nadine's reaction will be to this. I bet Ralph is going to be receiving a lot more ear-flicking in his immediate future. XD
I think I am dim chapter 35 . 10/9
Like does Bonnie fear Nick/want to protect her family away from him? Or does she understand and want to help him out?

It's like every sentence has her switching sides to one extreme to the next.

It's like I am reading some kind of story that is trying to be really pretentious and speciel but just comes across as confusing.

Which sucks, since I adored the start of this fic to death.
Question chapter 36 . 10/9
When will this get back to Nick and Judy? Since this fic has essentially just turned into an OC fic at this point. You might need to change the tag's or something.
mici03 chapter 36 . 10/11
Reads Chapter

Goes to Google Translate to look up the last sentence, because English is not my first language

Reacts with uncontrolled laughter and everybody looks at him because he is in the train home from work.

Besides the awkward stares, thanks for the good laugh.
Starfang's Secrets chapter 36 . 10/11
Lmbo! That last statement is going to cause another round of chaos! XD

Matri chapter 36 . 10/10
"Bethrothed"? Cue record scratch!

Hewhoislost chapter 36 . 10/10
This fic is so much fun. Its always a good day when an update appears in my inbox. It's interesting to read the ceremony speak, it's all high Templar and stuff. Also seeing Nadine in this light is fun, she seems so put together and confidante not so much right now thou. I really wish I could download this fic it will be so much fun to re read when its all finished.
Gallantmon228 chapter 36 . 10/10
Well, that escalated quickly. Again, it seems Adrian will soon be fit for a padded room. He's starting to sound crazy. As luck would have it, I was rereading this to refresh my memory and lo and behold, a new chapter arrives. Thank you, good sir. I can't wait to see what happens next. And Nadine betrothed to Ralph now? Bet she didn't see that one coming. Keep up the great work. See you next time.
ConfusedGoatee chapter 36 . 10/10
Great story, great chapter. I am always excited to see an update. is one of the fan fics that convinced me to try my hand at it. I do have a question. For feline and Canine tradition, do you look up actual habits of wolves or tigers and make it more "civilized" or do you just make it up as you go? Either way it's obviously working!
Acidarms chapter 36 . 10/10
great read keep up the good work, good timing on the update :) (been a bad work week)
Shiso Kitsune chapter 36 . 10/10
Well...That escalated quickly. Like, real quick. Like-"Holy shit, my great grandkids will be feeling this whiplash"- quick.
Robert Escher chapter 36 . 10/9
This is a very interesting story for its look into the psychological aspects of evolved mammals... How much would the 'pack' mean to a sentient wolf? How much would the unspoken 'feline' behaviors translate into a modern society? Would Squirrels shop more often in the months leading up to winter? And just how MUCH wood would a Woodchuck chuck, now that Woodchucks could chuck wood?

Sorry, just had to add that last one... Well done and loving it!

Jknight97 chapter 36 . 10/9
Okay. The last part just gave me goosebumps. Can you say, “Welcome to the Brotherhood!”? Also reminds me of the dialogue Fred Flinstone would have at the Lodge of the Loyal Order of Water Buffaloes. Fantastic dialogue all around. Well worth the wait.

Oooh...Nadine is going to have a fit! From girlfriend to betrothed in less than 24 hours. Ralph is really going to get his hide skinned by those sharp claws. XD
CAPTAINPRICE79 chapter 36 . 10/9
"You do not get to kill Bill." *Battle Without Honor or Humanity begins to play*

"Pepperidge Farm remembers." You did not.

I need to stop reading this story at night time. I keep waking up my girlfriend.
Fox in the hen house chapter 36 . 10/9
Betrothed? Oh hell. Whats with these guys? Are Kara and Carl going to immediately be parents when they get together? Lol.

Loved the chapter. Absolutely fantastic and a thrilling read.
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