Reviews for Harry Potter with the Power the Dark Lord Knows Not
Shub Niggurath chapter 51 . 12/18/2023
Love the take of this fic. Good writing throughout. Well done!
Dominator1214 chapter 41 . 11/29/2023
no school would just be like, oh, your telling me how to do my job.. okay sounds good.
Dominator1214 chapter 41 . 11/29/2023
LOL fics that do this are stupid
Harmione286 chapter 4 . 11/27/2023
It's so sad Daphne's afraid of Harry
Guest chapter 51 . 9/18/2023
I have finally finished and enjoyed all 4 parts. My only questions are

1 Dumbledore? did he die of old age on the run?
2 The elder wand's loyalty should be to Harry since he defeated Dumbles with the parstemagic stunner. If dumbles tried to attack Harry I would assume the wand would crack due to the added factor of Harry having peverell blood as well as the allegiance of the wand

I do have an issue with Harry going back to Ravenclaw. I would have taken my own room and screw being a prefect.
Nico's Riptide chapter 51 . 7/21/2023
we never got to know how dumbledore ended up? like what happened to him in the end.
Ottawa Pagan chapter 51 . 6/4/2023
Very good story!
Bhare chapter 8 . 4/19/2023
Just sounded like Sirsus wanted Remus to jack him off with Harry being witness to it. "You just have to kneel in front of me" ... Sirsus had an uncomfortable look on his face but a lustful eye as he eyed Remus.

"I know why you want me to kneel in front of you." Remus sighed in a knowing fashion. "But are you sure that Harry must witness this?"

"It is traditional for my vassal to kneel in front of me with a witness as my vassal pleasure me as I make my vassal my slave for life." Sirsus's eyes darken in rage. "It is also traditional that my vassal also yank off my heir after he pleasures me." His eyes harden. "Now kneel vassal."

"Sirsus!" Harry chocked out. He didn't want to witness Remus's down fall. He didn't want Remus to be taken down at all. But his pleasure joint spoke otherwise.

"Do you want to be protected by me or don't you Remus?!" Sirsus demanded.

Remus swallowed. "You know that I want to be protected by you." He slowly kneeled in front of his friend. With shaky hands he reached out to part Sirsus's robes.

"Hold it." Sirus growled.

Remus stopped dead.

"Harry come stand next to me. I want you to be close enough so Remus's hand can touch you at the same time." Fire roared out of Sirsus's eyes. "I want Remus to pleasure as the exact same time."

"No!" Harry shouted.

"You are my heir Harry Potter. You WILL do as I order!" Sirsus stormed. His pleasure jointed jutted out of the robes opening that Remus had managed to make before he stopped the other man.

Remus upturned his head. "It's okay Harry. It's going to be all right. I want to do this for you. I want to fully be protected by not only Sirsus but by you."

Harry swallowed thickly and moved over to stand next to Sirsus and allowed Remus to part his robe; and to undo his pants button and zipper. He swallowed hard as he felt the older man's hand against the skin of his most pleasure joint of his body. He moaned.

"Now vassal lets make this happen." Sirsus smirked.
Nat chapter 51 . 4/14/2023
Hi you’ll probably never see this but on the off chance you do i very much enjoyed your entire series. It was very enjoyable seeing your spin-on this. Particularly how you didn’t force friendships or make them out as immediately unbreakable -although i love that but I know it isn’t realistic- how draco got better but was never forever right because some prejudices are just too deep rooted or too much of a habit to immediately stop without years of practice or just well were all flawed. It was nice to watch how harry’s relationship with his roommates broke down and then watch the unfortunate - well he’ll be fine he has friends hes richer but more importantly he had been the bigger person and a bit of a doormat so we can make him carry the burden of “making it right” and the rewriting of it to make themselves feel better. I was quiet icy about it but im glad in the end harry got to have his own say found closure and left it behind him and he stuck to it other times ive seen it they fold or never got the closure that I wanted so im glad he got it or that the twins held fast to their desire to not be traditional and found their own peace in it. Theres a lot of other things but overall i just really enjoyed your series. Thanks for the effort and tike placed into this work.
HoneyBear84 chapter 51 . 4/11/2023
Love it
DaPhoneixQueen chapter 51 . 4/8/2023
amazing sorry. I came to this story first only to realize it was a series and began with the first. I love what you did here and love your writing skills. I hope to one day be as good as you. bravo
Yukihyo212 chapter 51 . 4/3/2023
amazing fanfic, real best top 5.
Bhare chapter 2 . 3/29/2023
Man and man the rich and very elite are absolutely show offs. They have NO idea how to live in the real world. All they know how to do is look down their filthy noses at the common people whom are in the swamps of puss and piss. All they do is learn languages that they have no idea on how to speak correctly or naturally. All they do with the languages they learn are to mock the natives of the languages.

How I loath and despise every single one of the fucking elites of the world.
lukejmontier1 chapter 51 . 3/26/2023
Thanks for the hard work you put into this series. This is one of the first Harry Potter fanfics I’ve read and I’ve got to say this is the best introductory I’ve ever had. Thank you!
Ltbutterfly287 chapter 21 . 2/27/2023
Honestly I fail to see why he refused to give Pansy any character depth, it really feels unnecessary and more like a wasted opportunity. I also don't really why you wasted Tracey Davies, honestly she was never given a reason to hate Harry and the fact that you made her friends with Pansy instead of Daphne just feels wrong. Same goes for Ravenclaw, that whole house just feels like a wasted opportunity especially because he has no friends in the house anymore beyond Luna.
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