Reviews for The Reclamation of Black Magic
StormyFireDragon chapter 39 . 11/25
Great story. I hope to read more.
IGOTEAMEDWARD chapter 39 . 11/24
Brilliant story! Hope to find more on AO3.
Bronze chapter 10 . 11/23
I was wrong about this. I though this was the story where it turned out that Bagnold and Fumblemort along with Crouch signed a form sentencing Sirius to life in prison without a trial. Knowing full well that he was innocent. Fumblemort needed him out of the way to claim control of Harry. Crouch did it because he had a grudge against Sirius because he was a Black. Bagnold did it for the money she got out of it. That what came out after few more chapters in the story I confused this one with. But it's interesting that Fumblemort acts like he was the one betrayed because Sirius is innocent, Dorea reclaimed her grandson from the abusive family he placed the child with and now he no longer has any control over Harry's future.
Guest chapter 9 . 11/23
We, the readers, already know that Crouch is deathly afraid the truth will come out that in fact Sirius never did get a trial! That he was just thrown into Azkaban by Bagnold, Crouch Sr. and Fumblemort the great fraud. Now as we've mentioned the great fraud, let's consider his part in this very poor excuse for a farce. He has a great deal to lose in Sirius becoming a free a man. Normally, Sirius would get custody of Harry as his Godfather. And that goes against Fumblemorts' plans for Harry's future. But, Harry's Grandmother has already taken custody of Harry and there's no way Fumblemort'll ever be able to get the child away from her. There's also the fact that Fumblemort doesn't want it known that he placed Harry with his magic hating relatives just for that reason. Fumblemort is about ass light as a Black Hole!
Bronze chapter 8 . 11/23
The more damage Dorea can do to that old fraud the better! The old fraud abdicated any and all responsibility to or for Harry James Potter the night he left him on the doorstep of magic hating muggles! And let's not forget letting Sirius rot in Azkaban for a crime he didn't commit nor was ever even tried for! Both of those leave me wonder if he's done it to anyone else before? At least he didn't help himself to anything the Potters' Vaults. Unfortunately, he'll never have to answer for creating a child army. He didn't recruit truly adults to fight for his cause but instead, he recruited young freshly graduated students for his army.
Bronze chapter 7 . 11/23
Cassie just had too much fun in the former Dursley home. As for ol' Fumblemort, the less information he gets and the longer it takes to get it the better! What he doesn't know he can't meddle with. And his plans can't move forward if he doesn't know what's going on. Maybe the coven should take at least one gathering to make hiss remaining life more then simply interesting. As in the ancient Chinese Curse May You Live In Interesting Times type interesting. And cube the intensity of it! As in the mathematical meaning of the word cubed. Multiplied by itself three times. Or Curse him with extreme bad luck to the same degree? It's not like he doesn't deserve it after all. He DID place Harry in an abusive home even after being warned by his deputy headmistress that it was an unsuitable home to leave him in. In the past five years he hasn't even checked up on how Harry's doing and isn't concerned that Mrs. Figg ONLY sees Harry twice a year! That to me makes him unfit to be anything to Harry James Potter! It sure as hell makes him an extremely piss poor Magical Guardian to Harry! I wonder how he'd spin it were it to before the Wizengamott that he'd placed the hero of the magical world with his muggle relatives but not checked up on his welfare in the five years since he left him there?
Guest chapter 14 . 11/22
Wait wtf is this? Is this a dragged out smut fic but with no smut?
yaya1900 chapter 24 . 11/22
What? The only slash I like is Remus/Sirius and you break them up? And Remus doesn't even get with Tonks? Ok, maybe now she is too young now...send her to specialize abroad to get back a pair of years later for their happly ever after!
Great story anyway!
Bronze chapter 5 . 11/21
Ya, Fumblemort and his f**king plans and meddling ways! He takes no advice that goes against what he himself comes up with. Believes himself infallible in
everything and way. Between him and Vultureworst there won't be a magical world anywhere on Earth left by the time their wars end! Neither off those two old frauds truly know anything about thee modern muggle world nor their ability to wage war nor how fast their armed forces can learn from their encounters. Think how close a magical must be to hit their target. Now compare that to a muggle soldier with a modern gun. Ya, the magical can appear almost anywhere without warning. But how many time before the muggles learn to form circles facing outwards ready to fire in any direction? Now take into account that the magical world, at least in Britain, throw their squibs out into the muggle world. If even a small fraction of those children end up in the military then the magicals are so screwed as those same squibs can see magical places. Now add to that the muggle-borns who've been forced back into the muggle world as they can't get any jobs nor apprenticeships in the magical. They've lost seven or more years of muggle schooling so have a very hard time getting a job there as well. Again take a fraction of them and if they join the military, that's a rather lot of disgruntled magicals. Then to add to the horror of the magicals, does the Crown know about these people? If so, were they offered a position in the military along with education to advance themselves and be able to get a job in the muggle world when their service is over? Now seeing as Tommy-boy concentrated on the magical world and never really paid much attention to the advancements in the muggle, he'll be in for a very rude awakening if he pisses them off enough. I seriously doubt that ol' Fumblemort truly knows just how destructive modern nukes are. If he truly knew just what could happen to his oh so important Pure-Bloods he'd do a hell off a lot more to curb their attacking the muggle world. He's like a young child playing with a lite stick on TNT. He just doesn't know the danger he is in.
Guest chapter 39 . 11/20
This is such a lovely fic and it hurts my heart that it seems like you've abandoned it. Real life is such a bitch, though, so I get it.

Are you still writing? Will you ever come back to finish this?

I hope you're ok, that life is treating you well, that YOU are treating YOU well during these craptastic times of COVID.

Anyway, take care, wash your hands, mace anyone who dares come within 7 feet, wear the damn mask, and get'cher but t'writin', missy. We miss you.
Guest chapter 20 . 11/13
Yo, what about Regulus' locket? I want to know! Also it seemed kind of weird that Reg showed up with out any explanation in the book. Like when was she even told he was dead?
Guest chapter 11 . 11/13
In your story does Regulus not exist?
viola1701e chapter 39 . 11/12
loving this story!
Momorulz chapter 39 . 10/27
Any chance of a new update?
Betty8507 chapter 39 . 10/21
Please please pick this story back up! Please!
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