Reviews for The Reclamation of Black Magic
Guest chapter 25 . 3/25
I don't know if I'll continue reading, it's practically the canon but with minimal changes, maybe I'll keep reading, but I doubt it, I'm almost sure that the remaining chapters will only be from the first year and the canon would follow too much, except quidditch, the only good thing having followed the canon so closely and you remove it...
Guest chapter 39 . 2/15
Just reread this story and hope you finish it one day. It is going in interesting directions!
Rio the Leo chapter 39 . 2/3
Absolutely adore this story. Looking forward to an update. If not will reread over and over. Hope you are well. Cheers.
Sean Malloy-1 chapter 39 . 2/2
Very interesting job on the story so far, I'm hoping to read more. Also, any chance of updating so of the past on Queenie and Jacob
Mayazita chapter 39 . 1/17
woa, what a history.
I've never enjoyed so much a redo prequel, I absolutely loved Dorea and the Coven! i need more of this amazing history and such delightful writing style! hooe someday you finish this story!
Guest chapter 39 . 1/11
Amazing fic! Please keep it up! I love all of your writing xx
AquariaSawyer chapter 39 . 1/8
I bet my Galleons Hermione is relate to Jacob
ashadowdancer chapter 8 . 12/22/2022
I really hope that you will be able to add some more chapters to this story in the near future. I really love this story and want to see where you are going with it and the ending. I keep re-reading it to keep the story fresh in my mind. Thank you for what you have written so far, and again, please continue and finish this story.
Ltbutterfly287 chapter 5 . 12/21/2022
I always felt that making this coven was completely ridiculous
WrenHp chapter 39 . 11/28/2022
A great story, so I'm hoping you'll write further chapters.
DEEG1291 chapter 39 . 11/23/2022
Wow! What a fabulous, interesting story! I have really enjoyed reading it, more like devouring it, in the past few days. So glad that I stumbled upon it. I really hope that sometime your Muse will come back if all is well in your world and you can finish it. It seems as if there are many things still left to be discovered in this world. Thanks so much for sharing your gift with us.
Memories-consume2332 chapter 1 . 11/3/2022
Just rereading again. It’s a favorite to go back to when nothing else is quite right at the time.
Lairenna chapter 36 . 10/29/2022
Just rereading everything and I hope we will see an update again on this eventually. No pressure intended. Just putting my appreciation out there 3
afanofalot33 chapter 39 . 10/23/2022
Oh this is so good! it's incredible.
LAB1 chapter 39 . 10/9/2022
I'm a new reader to your storyand I adore it! I hope that you come back after the crazy of the last few years. The Black coven is a fantastic plot device that makes your fanfic very interesting!
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