Reviews for A Song of a Sweet Rose
Bambina-belle chapter 43 . 6/17
Interesting story. You should continue it...
Olenna chapter 41 . 10/12/2022
Hope that Jon becomes king and is paired with Myrcella.
Vanthiyethevan chapter 43 . 4/28/2022
i really really wanted ned to bring up the fact that they got caught only because of littlefinger...
Vanthiyethevan chapter 42 . 4/28/2022
i hope they rubb in the fact that they almost died because of her and her trust in a whoremonger.
Vanthiyethevan chapter 41 . 4/28/2022
too much effort was placed on redeeming jaime. but to me, him killing a child out weighs any other good he may have done...
Vanthiyethevan chapter 37 . 4/28/2022
... why not kill jaime?
Vanthiyethevan chapter 18 . 4/28/2022
the main cause of the fall of the starks was the stupidity of catlyn and sansa... and to a smaller extent, ned, for believing and trusting in his wife's ex.(even if one sided)
Fgougeon chapter 36 . 2/6/2021
Why does Jon suck at fighting hes gotten beat down in every fight he's been in if not for Ghost and Ser Barristan he would have died.
Ame chapter 43 . 12/15/2020
Me encantó. Sigo esperando otro capítulo
stevem1 chapter 43 . 11/17/2020
Catelyn raises her witch score to 100, apologizes, and so gets kudos?

The writing is very good. The story line good. The concept is great. Some of the character interactions seem mechanical, others seem very natural.

Overall, recommended.
stevem1 chapter 37 . 11/17/2020
He knocks out Jaime as punishment for Bran? How about stick him with a sword?
stevem1 chapter 15 . 11/17/2020
Jon finally tells Ned about the visions but holds back details. Why?
stevem1 chapter 11 . 11/17/2020
When has Jon ever been so passive? The writing is excellent, the plot very good, the setting descriptive, but Jon is spinning in circles. He’s either a coward or stupid. He’s letting his family suffer because he won’t open his mouth to anyone but Arya. This does not compute.
stevem1 chapter 9 . 11/17/2020
Jon has evidence that his dreams are prophetic. He says nothing. If he had two brain cells to rub together, he’d know he’d have to do something but does he open his mouth? No. Because he has an IQ of 80.
mckertis chapter 35 . 9/6/2020
It's like watching "dumb and dumber" again. What a stupid story.
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