Reviews for A Day at the (Water) Park
Guest chapter 1 . 6/9
Aww this was really cute and down to earth.
BlueIce RedFire chapter 1 . 3/18/2017
Aww what a cute story! Had me hooked the entire time I was reading it. :33

First thing, I love the selection of characters you have for this story, because even though there's little canon interaction between them (see: Sumia, Gregor and Vaike), they all just…work. And that's good because we all need some macho men who are mostly muscle and no brain. Also, the children Lucina is friends with are all a good selection too (and I see where you got those three from winkwonk).

So Chrom is an overprotective husband and father and doesn't want to risk his second baby being harmed in anyways, despite Lucina's adorable pleading and Sumia's eagerness to spend time with her daughter. He's also a big jerk, that Chrom. Let your lady do what she wants, and your daughter. Sheesh, maybe he needs to spend some time at the water park.

And so off they all go, bringing along Vaike for the ride. Of course he's clueless, and is probably the best choice and the worst choice since he has really no idea what he's supposed to do but does it anyways, and because he can get the strangest conclusions out of anything and won't be told otherwise. And not only is he comedic relief, but so is the sweet young naive Lucina. Aww boy, the things she won't ever understand.

Then when they all meet up, Sumia gets to sit down with three kids who aren't her own while the three men and her daughter go up on the water slides. …Out of context this would be a super weird sentence but completely understandable in this story. Who won? Probably Gregor or Lucina but let's not tell those two shh.

Oh Laurent you and your brain. And Gerome, you and your…slick back hair. That is, assuming you are Gerome and not some other ginger haired slick back hair dour kid these adults stole off the water park. And Severa there to be the only other girl to accompany Lucina on this trip. And lastly we have Sumia who is just about to give birth with is no biggie but really a big biggie.

And aww heartfelt endings involving the daughter being there for the miracle of birth and the family's go to man chaperoning said daughter then taking off to do his own thing. And lastly, Chrom is blessed with another daughter who is just as full of life and energy as her older sister. Let's just hope those two lovebirds don't pop another one out during Cynthia's first waterpark adventure.

All and all, this was a really cute and fluffy babyfic waterpark fic happy fic that I enjoyed a lot! Sorry for the liveblog-like review, I enjoyed it too much that I couldn't form too many coherent sentences since I was squealing so much over how cute this was. Great work!
signelchan chapter 1 . 9/1/2016
I can remember us coming up with the vague concept of this fic while we were at Water World earlier this summer—us seeing so many pregnant ladies and me commenting on how, first of all, they shouldn’t be riding anything, and secondly, how that would make for an interesting fic premise. Well, you ran with that suggestion and went wild with it, writing a fic I can only describe as completely in-character and painfully so. I think the character traits you’ve chosen to amplify through this fic are ones that are even worse for someone to have in a real-life setting versus the canon one they hail from, and man oh man do you do a wonderful job at making those traits come out in full force.

But where is a fic of this caliber without its supporting cast, people that draw everything together? I mean, sure, you’ve got a great Sumia and Chrom and Lucina thing going on here (and trust me, it’s really great!), but your way of writing all of the other characters who have any plot relevance just blows me away. You seamlessly inject these characters into a modern setting, but not only that, you also make them stay true to themselves without making them feel out of place even once. Of course Gregor would be the kind of father to chaperone trips to water parks, and of course Laurent would be the kind of kid who would know a little bit about everything and correct everyone around him, young or small. But who would I be to forget to mention how your writing of Vaike is so much like he should be written that it’s almost like you were reading his in-game dialogue and emptyheaded ways of speaking as you were writing his little side plot in this.

Have I mentioned yet today that I can appreciate any fic if it’s got a well-written portrayal of Vaike in it? Because that’s a big factor in my fic enjoyment. Got to represent my under-loved bonehead of a problematic fave correctly.

One last thought, this is babyfic and the babyfic aspect is quite important to the overall story, but never once does it feel like it takes away from the experience of the water park. It’s just a facet to the plot that gets explored more than others, and that’s okay because who doesn’t love themselves a good babyfic plotline? I know I love those kinds of things.

Anyway, this fic was great as always, and I’m glad you took the idea and ran after it had been suggested. You’re an amazing writer and fics like this showcase that.