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teachmehowtofall chapter 10 . 12/10
"but she'd put up with them to get the man at her side" im so emotional wow THANKS
"I think I prefer them to any other flower" i just? this is so sweet?
teachmehowtofall chapter 8 . 12/10
"Until I die and they bury my bones and even then." 3 3 3
teachmehowtofall chapter 7 . 12/10
"Had it been cold, she asked breathlessly." I think I've read this ten times and it still makes me laugh every time.
"Harry always ended up spitting water out over his clothes or offending any woman who wasn't able to announce what she wanted." yeah that's my idiot son i love him so much 10/10
Andante825 chapter 10 . 11/29
Ah, the cowardly anonymous commenter. Why keep reading, if you're so annoyed?

I loved this fic, and continue to be amazed by your ability to pull off such disparate tones and pairings. The subtle Slytherin takeover was a perfect counterpoint to Draco and Ginny's genuine feelings for each other, and his gift to her (the Carrows' fate) was inspired, with just enough comic relief to keep it from getting too dark. I have a soft spot for Hansy, and appreciated that you didn't sell that pairing short either. More LoveNott (or whatever the pairing is called) would have been welcome, but their brief time onscreen ("I Never," oh Luna) was a joy. Lovely work as always!
Guest chapter 10 . 11/25
Your Teenie girl crush on Felton is becomming annoying.
Aurora077 chapter 10 . 11/13
Aww haha this was really nice
Aya Diefair chapter 10 . 9/28
As I said: Drop dead gorgeous babies. I can't even imagine how beautiful they would be. And twins, what an amazing gift.

I honestly have nothing else to say. My first Drinny fic and I don't think anything else can top it. What an amazing thing to pull off. I'm sure if you write a Druna it'd be just as amazing and natural. Maybe you have, I don't know. I need to play catch up on some of your other pieces I've started and fell behind in.

Thank you for a great read!
Aya Diefair chapter 9 . 9/28
*Picks my jaw up from the floor and strolls over to the next chapter with a stupid grin on my face*


Their children are going to be drop dead gorgeous.
Aya Diefair chapter 8 . 9/28
Ok, I think this is my fav chapter so far for the simple fact that Draco braved the Weasley den and wasn't pranked out of the house with his pants on fire. Of course I know Ginny's brothers would definitely play the protective-of-the-only-sister-it's-their-brotherly-duty card (especially toward a Malfoy - ancient family rivalry there), I also know that they would respect her choices. I wouldn't want to be on the wrong end of her wand anyway, related or not. Everyone was so nice, aside from Ron; he is always good at playing the git card.

I have honestly forgotten about all the political stuff (oops), but I am sure glad justice was served. Draco really does know how to give a girl a gift.
Aya Diefair chapter 7 . 9/28
Who doesn't love a party? Especially when the host is Draco? Heck... even if it was dull, I personally wouldn't complain. LOL! Maybe I'm just a tad shallow.
Aya Diefair chapter 6 . 9/27
Awwww, sniffles. Happy and sad ones. The end bit really got to me, so horrific! And vivid. And... *hugs the redhead*

Though this is the first sign of opening up, be careful to not let the flood gates open. This poor witch has a lot of demons suppressed in that fiery, fierce facade she puts on.
Aya Diefair chapter 5 . 9/27
Oh how absolutely villainous. The type of villain Draco always should have been; deceitful dirty play in politics. Sadly for me, I quite like Mr. Shacklebolt, the poor sod got the false book thrown at him hard and I am totally feeling how Ginny feels right now. You're showing your evil a little bit.
Aya Diefair chapter 4 . 9/27
Can't get enough of this story~ You write these two as if they were always meant to be without bending their predetermined personalities or natures like hoooooooooow.

Gryffindor Quidditch team can eat a bag of... over cooked pastries.
Aya Diefair chapter 3 . 9/27
So a weird combo of a squeal and a hell yeah emitted from my mouth. Like, how much more Ginny-like can you get? You show em girl. Tables turned, it now feels like she has her own game to play along with Draco, and it is adorably wicked. It were those sweet little letters I bet.

And of course Draco always the Aristocratic gentleman. How refreshing to see him be inexperienced intimately. Lovely touch.
Aya Diefair chapter 2 . 9/27
And so the plot thickens. Seems like the old saying "If you want something done right, you got to do it yourself" is going to come into regular play with these Slytherin youths. My interest is greatly piqued.

Those letters, and a pet owl, such a charmer. You are great at flowing time by so elegantly. I am eager to see this meeting.

But first, I got to start dinner. :P
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