Reviews for But She Didn't Go Away
whaaaaaaat chapter 22 . 1/20/2017
Super cute. Update soon :)
Nancy chapter 22 . 1/20/2017
As per usual, Christopher the slime is still a slime. I get why Luke was disappointed by not being ask to go to Rory's graduation. Rory is very aware of Luke and his presence and his kindness. But, she is going to make the slime a secret present. Ah, she will get her heart broken yet again. Thanks. More soon please.
Rori Potter chapter 22 . 1/19/2017
Aww! She's so cute! Update soon.
Droolia chapter 21 . 12/23/2016
I'm assuming that guy was Chris. Was it Chris? If so, why didn't he pop back up? He tends not to stick around...
Guest chapter 15 . 12/7/2016
"A woman who could pass as my mother?" Brilliant. I died laughing. :")
Nancy chapter 21 . 11/24/2016
A happy birthday for Lorelai. So, I have to ask, was the guy in the diner Christopher the slime, or just a random man? Very likely that Christopher the slime will show up sometime and wreck havoc and chaos and then go merrily on his way. I enjoy the dependable and supportive man that Luke is. Thanks much. More soon please.
junienmomo chapter 21 . 11/23/2016
Sweet birthday present, and so kind of the adults to help Rory make it.
Rori Potter chapter 21 . 11/23/2016
Oh wow. Update soon.
Droolia chapter 20 . 10/3/2016
Lorai really was in a tough spot. I'm glad everything turned out ok and Rory will soon make a speedy rcovery.
Rori Potter chapter 20 . 10/2/2016
Wow. Update soon.
Droolia chapter 1 . 9/30/2016
I can only imagine who worried and stressed and scared they both were. I'm glad it was resolved before anything scarring could happen.
cecilia.dryan chapter 19 . 9/19/2016
I want more
junienmomo chapter 19 . 9/18/2016
Hugs to you for taking good care of us with the "Rory's not going to die" line.
And squee on the mommy and daddy bit.
Nancy chapter 19 . 9/18/2016
Sorry that Rory is worse, but the good news is that there is no family history of it. X-rays should help. And glad that the doctor assumes that Luke and Lorelai are Rory's parents and that all three gratefully play along with it. Thanks - more soon please.
Rori Potter chapter 19 . 9/18/2016
Oh wow. Update soon.
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