Reviews for The Fall of Korax: Hexen Poem
Hawki chapter 1 . 7/27/2016
I’ll start off with the elephant in the room, that the site (in theory) accepts category requests, and even “Misc. games” might technically be preferably to lumping it in with Doom. Still, semantics. Certainly I understand that Hexen and Doom belong to the same era of FPS games.

So, concerning the poem itself:

-First things first, there really needs to be gaps separating the stanzas. The site tends to lump stanzas together, so what I do is use ellipsis to separate them. It creates an artificial line break so that the text doesn’t end up all together. In this case, it does make it a bit hard to read.

-“Tradactus true Churchman…”

Think there should be a comma after “Tradactus.

-So, poem as a whole…well, I know practically nothing about Hexen outside what a quick Wikipedia search has told me, so while I do recognise “Cronos,” that’s about it. Likewise can’t comment on how accurate it is to the canon setting. Certainly there’s a story being told here, but given how long the poem is and how clustered the text is, it does make it very hard to read.

That said, the writing in of itself is excellent. You have a great grasp of language – it’s formal, but flowing, and does evoke the scenes it’s describing vividly. So on that note, very good job.