Reviews for A Little Wolf in Big Manhattan
Firestar'sniece chapter 3 . 6/21/2017
Dear Forever-a-thief,

Yes! An update!

I missed this story a lot!

I'll admit, I found Rogers and Barnes a tad bit irresponsible. Stark was right to correct them about throwing Rumlow around, even if Rumlow enjoyed it.

Okay, so let me guess, the person Rumlow saw was himself?

I love the last line. I feel like there's action coming up!


Firestar'sniece chapter 2 . 1/4/2017
Dear Forever-a-thief,

Excellent update! It took a while, but life happens.

I loved seeing more of Bucky's perspective and what led up to this. It's interesting that a bomb would do this to Brock.

Poor Buckyis confused from all this. But he's remarkably forgiving.

What happens when Rumlow finds out about the internet? He's going to have a lot of access to information on himself.

What does little Brock think about the technilogical advancements?

It was a good update! Please update sooner!


Cottonballpoofs chapter 2 . 1/3/2017
You have every right to be proud of this. It's like reading a real, published book. It's amazing.
Firestar'sniece chapter 1 . 7/25/2016
Dear Forever-a-thief,

Wow! This is interesting!

I'll admit, it's frustrating that there aren't many Rumlow stories out there. I find him a fascinating character. So I am glad that you chose to incorporate him into your story.

It was very well written. I like that the grammar and spelling is good. I also like how clear the sentences and paragraphs are.

Just one suggestion there. When you switch points of view, try putting in either a line or another indicator that you're switching to a different point of view. Do the same thing with skipping passages of time between scenes.

Also, could you make the chapters longer? Long chapters give time for character development.

Okay, so I like to post questions in my reviews because I like it when people post questions in their reviews to me. It helps me see where improvements need to be made, plot holes that need to be further explored, or if something is unclear that I need to explain better, things like that. But if you don't like me doing so, go ahead and tell me and I'll stop.

1. What was Brock doing at the time he was hit with the ray gun? Was he stealing something? A little back story would be nice.

2. Can you explore more of Bucky's feelings towards this event a little more? I think considering what he went through that this wld be hardest on him.

3. How does this story relate to Civil War? Or is it AU?

4. Where was Bucky during the fighting when Brock was turned into a kid?

5. How much has Bucky healed since going through the Winter Soldier?

6. How many people know that Brock is a kid? It doesn't appear to have gone public yet, but it seems Brock was in a public hospital.

7. Will little Brock find out what he did as an older Brock? How will is affect his interactions with everybody?

mentioned other instances in which Brock had taunted Steve about what Bucky went through. Could you elaborate more on these? I feel it could add a good amount of tension to the story. It would help enrich the current interactions of the characters, providing more feels and making it more personal.

Thank you so much for this story!

Please update soon!