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C.B. Weasley chapter 17 . 8/20
Hey gorgeous I’m sorry it’s taken me so long to review! I absolutely adored this chapter omg! You really captured Arabellas character and heart so well! And the moment with her and robin at the end just made my heart swell! Love the story so much! Can’t wait for more! You are so amazing ilysm!
Briezy23 chapter 17 . 7/31
So as usual amazing work. I love how your handling Arabella’s (and everyone else’s) PTSD, it’s refreshing to see it accurately depicted. The whole reliving the exact event in their dreams is so overused and unreal. Also Dick and her’s little moment at the end was both adorable and mature (if that makes any sense). Well done.
KingTritium chapter 17 . 7/25
Good job with this chapter.

The therapy bit didn’t really feel like a montage to me. That’s totally fine; it worked well how it is. But if you want it to feel more like a montage, I think starting the scene with everything already being in place might work. What I mean by that is skip the “And then we went back, and then I gestured to the next one to follow me” stuff. Just start with her and Wally sparing, or with Artemis in her room, or with Kaldur by the sea. That way we see her doing those things, but we fill in the blanks by ourselves. I’m not saying that’s the best approach for this situation or it’s better than what you did, just that I think that’s how you could get it to feel like a montage. Looking back, you did do this partly, but I think you could have gone fully with no transitions, starting each mini scene with the first line of dialogue, briefly explaining where they are, then getting back into the conversation.

Also, I think it’s kind of unbelievable that she knows each of her friends exactly perfectly well. It kind of comes across like she’s being written by someone who watched the show(which, obviously, she is), but you don’t want that to be apparent.
Lorien Legacy chapter 17 . 7/23
amazing chapter continue soon
HephaestusBuilds chapter 17 . 7/22
Awe man, it HURTS seeing these kids like this but it's done so well I have to praise it. You've done such an amazing job representing and tackling the issues these kids have, and it's only been ONE chapter. How do you do that? It makes me anxious to see how they manage down the line.
So Belle admits she has a crush finally, those are always fun, believe me. Never had that work out for me personally so I hope(I know it will eventually, but it'll be rocky) it works out for her. Can't wait to see her realize Dick likes her too. I know they're young and honestly TOO young to say a real, deep 'I love you'. The one in this chapter was different, friendship love and romantic love are completely different. I know you know, and I hope other readers do too.

Glad to see you replied to my review about the love triangle and if this story will continue to S2. I'm completely fine with you taking it where you want. Honestly, sometimes just reading stories that just do the same thing with just a few changes to the actual story gets a little boring. (Not that your story is boring, I really like it. That's why I asked. I wanted this story to continue)

Excited to see where you take the story from there. Also I would personally like a time skip, I know you hinted at one, I believe. But I want to see these kids older, even 16 works for me. Any age where their feelings and identities start to develop beyond age 13/14. But a bigger time skip to say, 18-20, that could work to.
Side note, since the last few chapters I've gotten into Titans/Teen Titans comics,with Nightwing being my favorite, so I can't wait to see how you handle him. His journey to becoming Nightwing changed him deeply, separating him from Batman even more.

Kinda random but this chapter made me think of it. I imagined after the time skip Belle coming back and seeing Dick acting like a different person and trying to reconnect with him.

Anyway, this has been long enough and I gotta be up early for work so I'll wrap it up here. This story is so perfect and REALLY makes me want to write my own YJ story I've planned since s3 is just around the corner.

As always I can't wait until the next chapter and have a great week.
A Deathless Song chapter 17 . 7/21
Wow this chapter was really well done. All the emotions felt incredibly genuine and realistic, and there was so much important character growth. And I didn't think I could possibly ship batcat anymore than I already do, but boy was I wrong. And I just adore Belle and Artemis's friendship.
HephaestusBuilds chapter 16 . 6/12
Been meaning to read this chapter for awhile and I'm glad I did. I remember when I first watched this episode for the first time, man, it messed me up seeing all my favorite characters dying. I of course knew it couldn't be real but it showed me that this show would go there. A dark place that many won't. And you doing this chapter shows the same thing. I'm a bit worried to be honest for these characters, they're just kids. The show didn't glance over the repercussions of this episode but it never went in deep enough for me. I have a feeling(and am hoping) that you'll dive into the after effects, giving them justice. Ha, accidental pun. Cat and Robin's take on the whole event are what I'm really looking forward to. Of course I am looking forward to all of theirs but Cat and Dick especially. The events of that day really shaped Dick into who he is today, Nightwing and not just a copy of Batman.

Anyway, really loved the chapter and glad to see you won't be doing the cliche love triangle thing. It would just take away from the current story. A little crush just based on looks for Robin about Zatanna would be fine I guess, and vice versa, but just tone it down if you do because they're just 13(I think she's 13 too).

I have a question, I have no idea if you've already answered this, and if you have I'm sorry for not paying attention, but are you planning on continuing this story through the 5 year time jump to season 2? I think that, if done right, it could really be interesting because of how much Dick changed in that time. Let's say Cat leaves during that or for a part of that time skip and comes back to find Dick completely different character wise. She could really help him.
I don't know, maybe you just want to do season 1, and that's completely fine since his after all your story, but I think it's worth the thought at least.

Also, give me more of the Bruce and Selena please. The way Cat and Dick talk about them it's obvious something is going on and I want to see it.

This has been a long review, guess I'll wrap it up as I always do. I absolutely loved this chapter and I can't wait until the next update. Have a great rest of the week.

Aryanne chapter 16 . 6/10
Guest 2.0 chapter 2 . 6/4
Fun fact: I like seeing Catgirl's development as well as your writing style develop. If we're being honest here, Catgirl is incredibly cringy and just... parts were awkward to read because of her in the first few chapters (like this one!). In later updates, however, your writing has gotten so much better and so has Catgirl's. The improvement is really quite impressive so kudos to you! :)
KindOfDone chapter 16 . 6/4
I hope as the story progress you'll do better to diversify Bella from Dick. I understand they're best friends and then love interests, but it feels like Bella's whole world revolves around Dick and vice versus so much so that sometimes she feels like the cliche Catgirl character we see far too often. Show us more of who Bella is if Dick didn't exist, because it feels like her whole life revolves around him.

It's predictable and this story has been kind of lost on me now.

That's just my two sense before I leave this story be.

Lorien Legacy chapter 16 . 6/3
great chapter continue soon please
C.B. Weasley chapter 16 . 6/3
Holy shit I am an absolute emotional wreck after that chapter! That was insanely intense but really good! I am so happy to see another chapter from you! I’m really starting to feel the tension between Dick and Arabella ramp up now! I would really love to see an Arabella and Kaldur comforting scene after he sacrificed himself for her! Keep up the amazing work gorgeous!
rinpup14 chapter 16 . 6/2
God I remember that episode it was so raw and sad I cried 2
blackcharizard762 chapter 1 . 6/2
Git gud scrub
Briezy23 chapter 16 . 6/1
Oh my God that was amazing! Hands down one of your best chapters, you definitely did it justice. It was absolutely worth the wait. Really the only thing I can think to give you right now is praise.
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