Reviews for Playing the Role of the Byakugan Princess
Soup chapter 47 . 12/2
Hi runeprincess
this was a fun read, and I enjoyed your writting.
I hope you feel better and maybe one day you will see this and will lift your spirits. This is my hope at least!
Azla Hashi chapter 11 . 9/21
No! I'm torn now. Naruto or Sasuke? I can't decide
Azla Hashi chapter 10 . 9/21
Wow, this is new. Everytime I read OC as the main character, he or she ended up with Naruto's team. I look forward how this was going to go
Azla Hashi chapter 4 . 9/21
I really hope Naruto got with Hinata
Azla Hashi chapter 3 . 9/21
Thank God!
Azla Hashi chapter 1 . 9/21
I know it's been a long story but after I read the first chapter, I already like it and really hope Hizashi would be alive
Zsombi chapter 20 . 9/15
The premise had potential.. but your story .. nicely put, sucks. It just reiterates the canon story with slight changes. The mc is kinda useless. Just wasted a couple hours of my life.
llyyzzg chapter 6 . 9/8
good story
GrimPure chapter 2 . 7/18
I knew this story is not continuing but I just want to say that NaruHina is the best ship!
Martin Grey chapter 4 . 7/15
fck you too ...
telling us that you wont change canon in a fanfic that also has an si with prior knowledge is like telling the readers to go f themselves... if i wanted to read canon naruto i wouldn't be hear reading this shit.. just go and read the manga or watch anime.
sadcryingrain chapter 7 . 7/7
Talk-no-Jutsu is what keep him alive! Without it he would had been kill alot earlier.
BeingPoisenedSucks chapter 47 . 6/4
Its fine if you can't write, hopefully you'll find that joy again. I know I'm pretty late saying this but Hope your better now, if not hope you get better soon. :D
Gg chapter 8 . 5/10
Weak, useless and dumb.
Thehappyvampire chapter 17 . 5/6
"I'm just excited for the Chunin Exams," Sasuke replies. "There are some many strong people to fight against. It is a freak show."

'Some many'? The heck is some many?
quiesteroo chapter 47 . 4/23
Well, I'm sorry to hear that, but if that's your decision then it's fine. Mental health is important. I've got to say, it was a very interesting and fun story, you really did a great job. Most SI stories are just an angsty rehashing of canon with maybe minor details changed, but you really made a lot of interesting changes! Team Ten made sense, and Sasuke and Hinata's friendship was nice to see. You really have a gift for writing!
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