Reviews for Prehistoric Earth
Nathanoraptor chapter 1 . 7/26/2020
Firstly, here's my views on what Drew has just said:

- "A Nightmare Labyrinthine" wasn't meant to be a Jurassic World ripoff - it was meant to be a Godzilla or Ray Harryhausen-style kaiju story. Each part would have gone through a different classic film genre - a high-seas adventure for The Wavering Gulfs, a western for A Continent of Blight and a kaiju movie for A Nightmare Labyrinthine.

Having said that, what does everyone think of the "All Hail The Queen" ending (where all the carnivores bow to Zira) that was cut? Should I write it as a full sequence?

- I also wanted to make the Phase Three finale a symbolic conflict between the good (represented by the PE team) and bad (represented by the Novum board) aspects of human nature. Fallen Kingdom had very little to do with it.

- The reason for me taking Thanatos off Drew's AP list was that, with Zira (a T-rex) and Lightning (an Argentinosaurus) and now Thanatos, Drew was noticeably bonding with the biggest, coolest, most badass creatures in the park, which felt a little too Ace-ish for me. Somebody had to go - and that was Thanatos. Having said that, I do agree with Drew re: most of the rest of the APs - we should have made a bit more of the concept. Still, that's what PPR's going to do.

- I absolutely agree that we wasted the Mesozoic Safaris herbivore plot. It was an interesting scenario - what would happen if you kept dinosaurs that would never interact in nature together? They'd have compatibility issues. There should have been more of that idea (e.g. the steg plotline in "Feathered Dragons") - rather sadly, I made a misjudgement about the conspiracy plotline.

However, I should point out that scene that Drew vetoed with Drew, Lightning and the Triceratops in "A Nightmare Labyrinthine" would have helped progress the idea of Lightning becoming a leader.

- Yes, I should have asked Drew (the writer) about the "Cynthia is Drew's ex" idea, rather than just dismissed it - I think it would have made for more interesting story opportunities concerning her and a better dynamic. Again, I do not hate the character.

- I did consider the Martha having PTSD idea, but she was introduced two stories before the finale, mind - there wasn't much I could have done. I'm going to be using something similar in PPR. Also, how would Simba have killed the other Smilodon? You've never shared that with me.

- The one thing, however, I will always defend is Sharptooth's portrayal - he was tremendous fun to write. I thought that having him remain an antagonist was odd and inappropriate - it felt strange portraying him as something that was "different" to the park's other animals.

And here's what I'd do if I were doing the story again:

- I would have made Drogon, Rhaegal and Viserion more individual, rather than simply interchangeable, as they were in the final product. I would have also made Jack's bond with Red and Linda bonding with Cirrus a bit more prominent.

- I would have done more with the compatibility issues of the Mesozoic Safaris herbivores - there was such wonderful story fodder there, in hindsight

- I do think the romances in Phase Three took up too much of the plot - at the cost of developing a) the conspiracy and b) some of the other character arcs (e.g. Drew's PTSD). Not to say I'd remove them, however, I would balance it more evenly.

- I would have also focused on more animals other than Sharptooth and Raksha in Phase Three - both old and new.
Drew Luczynski chapter 127 . 7/25/2020
So I might as well give my final thoughts for seasons 2 & 3 for this story.

-I feel the reason why we had arguments such as they Othnelia and Polacanthus was because I feel like I’m a guy who likes to keep things in my story in order and not make major changes so late. And adding other animals felt like that.

-I will be up front and say that I hate the final chapters. Why. To much Jurassic World. Season 2’s finale would’ve been more Lion King at the end, with only one Jurassic world bit sprinkled in. And absolutely never was I going to incorporate Fallen Kingdom in the finale. Sharptooth and Zira would’ve burst in on the bad guys meeting and ate all but from who would’ve been trampled in a hotel lobby like Napoleon. I wanted it to be that the animals would be the ones to defeat the humans in the end. Some poetic message is rather take then adding more obvious references to this story.

-The concept of Animal Partners was essentially ruined since we never got any development on any pairs. I even gave Drew three and had nothing. We would’ve had Zira and Lightning be friends, how awesome would that have been? Instead we filled up our time with pointless romances, a dumbass mole plot, and insultingly easy rescues. While I made the portal a remote so rescues could be easier, not every animal would be so easily lured.
-I want it to be made clear that the idea of Cynthia being Drew’s EX only was just now suggested by Nathan. So I couldn’t have put that in because it wasn’t my intention and Nathan never suggested something that could maybe work but probably not because I know he’d reject my development ideas.
-More stuff that got cut includes Martha having PTSD, a Smilodon named Simba killing another one in a very gruesome manner, Sharptooth still being an antagonist until about the final battle, and other plots developing the park. Nope, handing animals extinct for millions of years is just as easy as brushing your teeth.
-Honestly, I now hate the whole board idea and how it was presented. We both had the idea they wanted to destroy the park because it was a waste on the time machine, instead we got Fallen Kingdom again. Fan-freaking-tastic. Really, Sharptooth should’ve just been the antagonist and even then it would’ve been problems you’d get with a rogue carnivore.
-Speaking of dumb plots, there was a whole herbivore dinosaurs hate each other because they’re different plot going on. I believe I watched way too much SVTFOE at the time. Still, the plot and Lightning becoming a leader, off a cliff.
-I will say that my reason for the humor or failed humor in the first season can be traced to the fact this was my first time writing fanfiction and I did not understand the concept of separating genres.

I believe I ranted about this enough. I have said to a few people that I might remake the story into how I wanted it to be. But due to how much time it takes to work on Dinosaur King and my procrastination problems, it is very unlikely.

Still, I’d rather do this concept the justice it deserved and leave this story behind me to root. It started out as fun, but then it became a nightmare. Goodbye and good riddance!
Nathanoraptor chapter 128 . 7/25/2020
Here's my PE retrospective trivia:

1. The number of tiers this epilogue had generally oscillated at about four or five - originally, we would have had the scene with Drew, Jack, Leon and Nikolai, the journalists being shown Lightning (with Percival's arrest mentioned off-screen) and the group shot, but also a scene with Scarface in the Everglades.

When "Isle Full of Noises" was set on the second island, we had Percival's arrest, the scene with Drew, Jack, Leon and Nikolai, the journalists being shown Lightning (with Percival's arrest mentioned off-screen) and the group shot, a scene with Scarface hunting an Ornithomimus on the other island and a scene with Brontoscorpio from the other island appearing on mainland Florida.

2. The Will and Alice arc is deliberately left unresolved - are they a couple or not? Personally, I like to think they are, but I think you should go with whatever interpretation you like best. Personally, however, in my mind, they're a couple.

3. Speaking of couples, Drew and Cynthia breaking up was my idea - again, still subconsciously clinging on to the idea that Cynthia should be Drew's ex. Here's how the plotline would have gone if that had been used.

Drew's ex, who he had a bad breakup with, ends up working at the park with him - despite initial hostilities, they find their old feelings bubbling up again and rekindle their relationship. However, he finds out what she's gotten into in the years since their breakup (become a Novum deep-cover agent) and, after stopping the Novum board's operation, realise they've changed too much for their relationship to really work and amicably separate.

Speaking of the character herself, I think the reason why I reacted badly to her introduction was more her personality, rather than the idea behind her. With PE, I figured that we'd had the solo guy (original PP) and a duo with complementary personalities (Extinction World), so I decided to have Drew and two others form a Kirk-Spock-McCoy style trio. (Can you guess I'm a massive Star Trek fan?)

On the mission team, Jack and Adrian would have been the McCoys (Adrian less so than Jack) and Alice and Leon would have been the Spocks (with Leon less so than Alice), whilst Drew would have been the Kirk - with Drew, Leon and Jack as the main Kirk-Spock-McCoy trio.

The problem with giving Cynthia a reckless, thrill-seeking personality is that Drew was like that - she was basically just a female Drew. And, to make matters worse, given that I think Drew was sort of intending on making her Leon's replacement in the main trio, we'd have ended up with two McCoys - there needs to be a Spock to balance the Kirk (Drew) and the McCoy (Jack) out.

I think if Cynthia had been a Spock - calm, level-headed and smart but a tad insufferable at times (basically a Hermione Granger-type) - I would have been a lot more receptive to her. I could have made Alice a bit more fiery to compensate.

4. Whilst the ending is meant to provide a conclusion, it's open-ended enough to allow you to speculate as to what the future might be like - will they go anywhere else in the past? What will their lives be like when the park is open? What happens after "happily ever after"?

5. Spiny and Rey weren't in the "group shot" originally - I decided to add them in because I wanted animals from Phase One in the shot.

And on an unrelated note, here are the overall mission tolls:

Leon: 17 out of 25

Alice: 17 out of 25

Jack: 15 out of 25

Adrian: 14 out of 25

Cynthia: 11 out of 25
Nathanoraptor chapter 127 . 7/25/2020
Here's my PE retrospective trivia:

1. Originally, we were going to see the operation being dismantled (e.g. the animal parts being burned and the surviving smugglers imprisoned) - however, I decided to basically skip ahead to the park to focus on Frank's escape and death, and Theodore's reaction to Percival's betrayal.

2. There's a slight bit of karma here - Frank is imprisoned in the recovery pen next to the Andrewsarchus his crew had mistreated. It's also the same one Keehar escaped from all the way back in "Feathered Dragons" - that's what the dodgy lock, that Keehar used to escape, and follow Adrian through the portal was building up to.

3. The ending remained the same throughout all the different iterations of "Isle Full of Noises" - Frank was always going to be taken back to the PE island, slip away somehow, get lost in Mesozoic Safaris and end up trampled to death by the herd. His dinosaur-tooth necklace being destroyed is another note of karma.

4. I still think Drew's Bond One Liner about Frank's death is funny.
Nathanoraptor chapter 126 . 7/25/2020
Here's my PE retrospective trivia:

1. The ending here was drastically different in the original outline. When it was set on the mainland, Jack would have distracted the people on the boat by tricking a particularly dim Mook into calling Keehar a dinosaur - his ensuing rage would have distracted them long enough for Jack to release some animals into the hold, killing the people holding them at gunpoint, whilst he, Collete and Adrian took out the boat captain. Meanwhile, Baloo (who'd been brought along just in case) would have saved Will, Alice and Raksha from Scarface, defeating him (with Raksha's help).

Drew and Nikolai would have been saved by Cynthia and Leon, who'd arrive with the allosaurs, killing all the goons except Frank, who'd surrender and Duncan, who would have fled, stolen a Jeep and attempted to escape with the Novum board's knockoff portal - however, Scarface is in the Jeep with him... We would cut away before seeing Scarface kill him - however, Scarface would bound out from the crashed Jeep and into the Everglades, crushing the knockoff portal behind his paw.

When it was set on the second island, things would have proceeded mostly the same as mentioned - however, the dinosaurs would have escaped from the boat hold and into the wild on the island, trampling/eating all the smugglers still there. After killing Duncan, Scarface would have escaped into the wild on the other island.

2. I knew that, since most of the smugglers were going to be killed, I had to make them as unsympathetic as I could - which is why, in the previous part, we lingered on animals that were terrified, emaciated, sickly or all three, due to their abuse. It was also reflecting the depressing reality of the illegal wildlife trade in real life. So, basically, you're cheering for these guys to die.

3. In order to distract the Mook whilst he has Keehar get the remote, Jack goes full Tenth Doctor - it's a homage to the Doctor distracting the Cyber Controller in "The Age Of Steel" by basically explaining his entire plan, giving Mickey time to input the emotional inhibitor's disability code. I always thought that moment was awesome when I was a kid.

4. The scene where Percival convinces Frank's entire crew to turn on him is a homage to Once Upon A Time In The West - the film where Frank takes his name.

In the film, the former bandit Frank is working as hired muscle for Mr. Morton, a crooked railroad mogul, who's confined to a wheelchair, and the two spend the movie trying to outgambit each other, culminating in Morton buying Frank's entire gang out from under him and attempting to have him killed. Percival, however, is far more successful in this endeavour than Morton was.

In fact, in hindsight, this whole story is pretty much Once Upon A Time In The West with dinosaurs.
Nathanoraptor chapter 125 . 7/25/2020
Here's my PE retrospective trivia:

1. The scene with the guard is a homage to Titan AE - it was also a last-minute addition. Originally, they were just going to sneak in without incident - however, I decided to add a bit of humour before the proceedings got darker by subverting the "guards are stupid" cliché.

2. The boat is called the Venture after the ship from King Kong - however, its original name was the Pandora, which would have tied into Percival's line about Theodore "opening Pandora's box" when he made the portal. However, I thought the reference might have been too oblique - especially when most people think Pandora, they either think of jewellery or a James Cameron movie - and changed it to the Venture.

3. The teams remained the same throughout each iteration - however, exactly how they ended up separated differed in each draft. Originally, Frank was going to put the building on lockdown, leaving Will, Alice and Raksha outside, whilst Drew and Nikolai would have ended up separated from Cynthia and Leon and come face-to-face with Frank. Jack, Collete, Adrian and Keehar would have still ended up on the boat.

4. The ending scenes of this part were always going to be a cliffhanger - originally, it would have been Jack, Collete, Adrian and Keehar held at gunpoint in the Venture's hold, Cynthia and Leon trapped in the animal holding room inside the building (the animals that hadn't already been transported - mostly large theropods), Alice, Will and Raksha, outside with Scarface bearing down on them, and Drew and Nikolai, held at gunpoint by Frank and his goons.

This is a shout-out to the RTD Doctor Who, which always ended the first part of its two-part episodes on a cliffhanger, with the heroes in some immediate jeopardy and the opening of the next part being how they got out of it.
Nathanoraptor chapter 124 . 7/25/2020
Here's my PE retrospective trivia:

1. I think "Isle Full of Noises" went through more changes than any other PE story (well, it's in the top five) - originally, this was set in a top-secret, Novum facility on mainland Florida, before being set on a second island, before, finally, being set on a secluded area of the PE island.

2. The opening wasn't changed until comparatively late in the game, when the ending of "The Devils Here" was changed so Duncan died. Originally, the opening was Duncan showing Frank and Percival (the latter over video communications) the stolen portal in their base of operations on the mainland/second island... with Frank and Duncan betraying Percival and announcing that they were taking over the operation themselves immediately after.

3. I understand that the scene with Cynthia here is rather exposition-y - however, I felt that it was time to sort of reveal the how, what, where and why of the conspiracy plotline, since we'd only seen little teases of it prior to now.

The story goes as full - after the Brontoscorpio incident, Percival began making a move on the portal. Sending Duncan to the park to steal the portal, he had his own (less-than-reliable) one made in secret, gave it to Frank and the smuggling operation, put them on a secluded dock on the north of the island and ordered them to start collecting animals and animal parts.

The containment failures were engineered by Duncan as a test - perhaps of note, they increased in frequency after Leon started training the allosaurs. Percival knew that the allosaurs were going to be an issue, so he ordered Duncan to start building up to a major breakout to keep them (and park security) occupied whilst Duncan attempted to steal the portal. However, when they told Frank about this, he went too far, as usual, causing a mass breakout - the vet offices being put on lockdown meant Duncan couldn't steal the portal.

After their failure in the mass breakout, Percival ordered that Frank and the smugglers continue obtaining animals for the first batch and no more attempts at the portal be made - especially when Steve Woodward came back to Novum and started searching for leads - until they could come up with a plan. Six months later, Duncan made one last play at the portal - with the help of the black-ops team, but got eaten for it... segueing into this.
Nathanoraptor chapter 123 . 7/25/2020
Here's my PE retrospective trivia:

1. Ursula's death was a little different in the original outline I had for what became "The Devils Here" - originally, Ursula would have been grabbed by Sharptooth, who would have engaged in a brief tug-of-war with Balerion/a Tarbosaurus/a Deinosuchus (the third is what it was until the scene was changed), which tore her in half - Sharptooth would swallow the front half and knock the legs out of the other carnivore's mouth, before doing a triumphant roar. Sort of think Eli Mills' death in JW: FK.

2. Duncan, on the other hand, didn't die here in the earlier drafts - originally, he would have gotten away with the portal by managing to commandeer the Jeep to the black-ops' team's boat at a secluded harbour. Then we would have had the ending.

3. Another moment of bumbling from Drew - he's ignoring all the other stuff and prioritising how the tyrannosaur got here, when it's kind of obvious both events are connected. I also love how Drew (finally) acknowledges what a jerk he used to be - he admits that, yeah, he probably would have laughed at Nikolai if Nikolai had said something about the park being sabotaged. That's character development.
Nathanoraptor chapter 122 . 7/25/2020
Here's my PE retrospective trivia:

1. When Rhea encounters Martha, who she's never seen anything like before, she's hesitant, confused and uncertain, in contrast to the mindless agression she'd demonstrated before. This is exactly how a real predator would react when faced with a large, aggressive, unfamiliar creature and gives Nikolai an opportunity to tranquillise her.

2. The scene where Zander holds Will and Alice at gunpoint is possibly the most intense scene in the story - you genuinely think Will and Alice are going to die and that he's going to kill them. It somehow feels scarier and more real than any prehistoric predator - this is a guy who has been assigned to kill them.

3. Originally, Duncan would have shut off a few fencing systems, allowing some animals to escape - one of them was the male Andrewsarchus, which would have fought Baloo, before the whole scene with Zander happened. However, the scene was removed for pacing. It was also important to establish, funny bantering aside, Zander and Ed are professionals - and competent ones at that.

4. Perhaps it's time for me to reveal something I had an idea for, but I dismissed - originally, each non-Drew member of the rescue team was going to have their own "raptor squad" of various extinct animals. Aside from Leon and the Allosaurus, Jack would have had a pack of Dromaeosaurus, Adrian would have had three Phorusrhacos (I have no idea what they were called) and Alice either had three hyaenodons or cave hyenas (don't know which - and again, have no idea what their names would have been).

In the outline I had for what became "The Devils Here", Alice's Hyaenodon/hyena squad and Raksha would have helped Baloo fight Scarface, whilst Martha and the allosaurs would have fought Rhea, and the raptors and terror birds would have attempted to track down Duncan and the black-ops squad.
Nathanoraptor chapter 121 . 7/25/2020
Here's my PE retrospective trivia:

1. Originally, the opening of this part was going to be the end of the last one. However, I realised that the first part needed to end when the alarm sounded, because it was more dramatic. And we also see Duncan and Ursula making some jibes at Frank's expense, providing some sort of humour before things start getting even darker.

2. Re: the Nikolai scene, Nikolai's Phase Three conspiracy thriller plotline would have made him a target for the black-ops squad in the finale, so this scene with Ed at the Liopleurodon tank was one of the first I decided would go in "The Devils Here". Also, we hadn't seen Thanatos in a long time, so I figured why not have him chow down on one of the people sent to steal the portal?

3. Another contrast between Sharptooth and Rhea - whilst Sharptooth just used sheer physical strength, as well as a strategic mind, to beat the crap out of the allosaurs, Rhea uses repeated attacks to just wear them down, bit-by-bit, with no real strategy or thought.
Nathanoraptor chapter 120 . 7/25/2020
Here's my PE retrospective trivia:

1. Originally, "A Dazzling End" (the name for this overall arc) was four stories, rather than three - however, I realised that I was just stretching things out, so I condensed Parts 2 and 3 into "The Devils Here". For all you A:TLA fans, this is a reverse Sozin's Comet situation (which was three episodes, instead of four).

2. Whilst the black-ops squad are omens of a darker tone, their comical bantering at the start (and their chatting with Duncan) provides some levity before all the big, dark, dramatic stuff happens - it felt like we had to have that classic PE snarky humour before shit goes down.

3. Rhea (the young female T-rex here) is meant to be a physical contrast to Sharptooth (the last T-rex we saw wreckin' shit in a finale) - Sharptooth was an old, large male, who was darker in colouration than the other rexes, was motivated mostly by hunger and territoriality and was a very smart fighter, adapting his fighting style to fit his opponent.

Rhea is a young female, who's paler than the other rexes, is motivated by simple aggression (due to the mistreatment she endured at the hands of the Novum smugglers) and fights in a quicker, more violent way, almost like a drunk brawler, and simply hurls herself, biting and clawing at whoever she's attacking.

4. Remember when I mentioned I regretted mentioning Rhea in "Ten To Midnight"? I think I regret it on some level because it made the "This isn't one of ours" reveal much less of a shock - I sort of feel the same about us seeing the Novum black-ops squad releasing her. Ironically, those scenes aren't in the original notes I have.

5. Unlike "Isle Full of Noises", "The Devils Here" changed remarkably little from the notes I'd written down - I had Ursula, Zander and Ed, Rhea being turned loose in the park and the allosaurs fighting her, and I had, roughly, which characters went where. The only difference was the ending... but I'll get to that later.
Nathanoraptor chapter 119 . 7/25/2020
Here's my PE retrospective trivia:

1. Originally, Drew and Cynthia were going to be protecting the mammoths from Neanderthals trying to hunt them as a homage to the climax of WWB. However, I changed it to a blizzard around about the time I changed Cynthia to Leon because, firstly, it turns out that Neanderthals likely didn't drive mammoths off cliffs, instead, the animals had fallen down naturally and had been butchered by Neanderthals who were drawn to the area by the carcasses, secondly, I didn't want to make primitive humans the antagonists (for reasons I have already cited) and thirdly, it fit the symmetry that every mission in Phase Three had some sort of natural disaster.

2. The first names of the Novum black-ops squad are an Easter Egg to Drew's other story, Dinosaur King: Retold - those are the names of the three main members of the villainous Alpha Gang. Whilst primarily it was done to pay homage to DK: R, I also wanted to address a little thought I had about Team Rocket watching Pokémon as a kid - given they're basically Pokémon poachers, what would happen if they were portrayed a bit more seriously?

3. The scene with Frank and the Novum black-ops squad is a tense, suspenseful scene - it's like something out of a gangster movie, where the hitmen are given information about their target. This reiterates that these villains are deep, dark and frightening and we're heading into a darker tone for the finale - we are, as Doctor Stephen Strange would say, in the endgame now.

4. In hindsight, I shouldn't have mentioned a young female T-rex as being among the animals in "Ten To Midnight" - I thought it would have been foreshadowing at the time, but I realised that it ruins the surprise for the next part.
Nathanoraptor chapter 118 . 7/25/2020
Here's my PE retrospective trivia:

1. Jack, Will and Alice are exhausted after their ordeal - that's a realistic point here. They've spent a whole night awake trying to protect Martha from the cave hyenas - they're tired and their nerves are shot. They're not prepared to go on another mission, so shortly after another.

2. The Neanderthal saving Drew's life from the cave lion was something that was always in the back of my mind. I thought it would be rather nice to remind us that Neanderthals were not backwards, dim-witted brutes, but an intelligent people with complex emotions - it also served as a nice symmetry to "The Anthropomorphous Apes".

3. Saving the calf is the point where Drew and Leon start getting the trust of the mammoths, which would play an important role in the next part.

4. And, oh dear, Duncan's realised that people are might be on to him. I thought it was rather ironic that Cynthia herself, despite half-threatening Will and Alice about slipping up, is the one who accidentally lets something slip to Duncan.
Nathanoraptor chapter 117 . 7/25/2020
Here's my PE retrospective trivia:

1. Originally, it wasn't a pack of cave hyenas that attempted to kill Martha. In the earliest draft, a race of undiscovered hominids (based on both the Denisova man and sightings of wildman cryptids from Russia and Eastern Europe) would have injured Martha and attempted to attack Jack, Will and Alice at night.

However, again, this was the finale - it felt odd introducing a mystery that we would be expected to solve right before the end. Whilst the whole point was to establish that it's a mystery that will be solved at some point in the universe's future, it felt like we were overplaying it.

2. Drew had an idea that Percival's operation were the ones who injured Martha - and I did consider the idea for quite some time, but I ultimately changed it because a mammoth with bullet wounds felt too much like a smoking gun that something was going on.

3. Re: the last point about Cro-Magnons, I decided to defy the portrayals of Neanderthals as brutish and violent, compared to heroic Cro-Magnons, by having an intelligent and nunanced Neanderthal who, later, helps the team out, whilst portraying Cro-Magnons as kind of sinister.

The accidental racism of this, given that the Neanderthal was white, whilst Cro-Magnons were black, is something I sincerely regret in hindsight, given recent events. In hindsight, I should have done more to emphasise the Cro-Magnons as neutral figures.
Nathanoraptor chapter 116 . 7/25/2020
Here's my PE retrospective trivia:

1. Hello, Baloo! LionGleek suggested him as an animal partner early on and I liked the character almost instantaneously - partly because he had an interesting personality and partly because cave bears are awesome.

2. I knew the team would, by necessity, be encountering Ice Age man at some point in this mission - however, one thing I knew was the team wouldn't be bringing them back. Part of my gripe with the Extinction World-verse was the team bringing back primitive humans (such as Neanderthals, Homo erectus and Cro-Magnons) - this was one of the things me and Drew were on the same page on.

The reason why is comparatively little is done with it - there's certainly potential in the idea, however, it's never done right. They just appear and join the animal roster. I'm sorry, but that's the truth.

However, I thought that making them antagonistic would send some unfortunate racist/ethnocentric vibes, especially given that Cro-Magnons were likely black. So I decided to portray the Cro-Magnons as sort of like spirits of the forest - they're neutral figures in the story.
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