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ImpalaLove chapter 28 . 23h
Also I messed up, so now I have to awkwardly post this part of my review on the wrong chapter, but whatever:

CH. 28

Okay, let’s discuss this whole, brilliant section:

“Dean tosses restlessly once back in bed, helplessly as his subconscious shuffles the deck of recent emotional trauma. He dreams of the Darkness, a poison fog rolling in to scour the world of all its light.
He dreams of Dad, grinning cruelly with yellow eyes as pain rips him apart from the inside.
He dreams of a proud grim from the other end of the bench of the Impala, a squeeze of his shoulder and ‘perfect landing, son.’”

First of all, thank CHUCK. Reading just these 3 chapters in a row gave me such sympathy for how little both boys have been able to rest in the past FOREVER, it seems like, so to see Dean get a moment of rest was so wonderfully refreshing, and such a long time coming. It was such a great payoff after so long. Second of all, the ‘perfect landing, son’ dream is a genius inclusion, because as you mention in your author’s note, it’s a great step towards the boys’ conversations in coming episodes like ‘Baby’ where the dream itself is mentioned and also in ‘Beyond the Mat’ where Dean seems keen to remember his father in a better light. He’s harbored such complicated feelings for John for such a long time, and sure, it’s great that the show brings it up again to see that progress, but this story gave us a true jumping off point for Dean’s newfound understanding of his dad and all the complicated emotions that come with losing the man you idolize, only to start realizing his shortcomings, only to loop back around to appreciating everything John gave them. It was such an interesting character study and at the end of the day, I love that despite all the craziness going on, this was a story about growth and acceptance and, hopefully, finding peace in those memories and relationships, even after they’ve been lost. This line:

“A small bloom of purple bruising still colors his cheek under his left eye, but when he presses two fingers to the spot he’s not overcome with the urge to vomit, so he figures he’s just about back to one hundred percent.”

Damn, that’s a double punch- a bit of tragic humor that if Dean’s not on the verge of barfing, he’s ‘almost one hundred percent.’ And this:

“And just because the man’s dead doesn’t mean he’s /gone/. He lives on in the way his sons choose to remember him, and for all his faults, Dean owes his father more, and /better/ than how he’s been remembering the man the past few years.”

Again, we go back to what you talk about in your author’s note- this transition within Dean of understanding his father and still, after all these years, finding ways to honor and remember him and hold his memory (no matter how rife with unsettled feelings) close to his heart. And speaking of that author’s note: YOU DID IT! You should be so unbelievably proud of what you’ve accomplished- a story like this is no small feat, and to toil away at this for 2 plus years? I imagine anyone with an inkling of what it takes to write a story (especially a WIP of this magnitude) could easily forgive any inconsistencies that might be found (of which none spring to mind, by the way). Congratulations to you and the work you’ve put in- you deserve to bathe in this accomplishment for quite a while. I’ve got another hour or so until I can watch 14x02 (some writing of my own to get done) but I’m excited to see all the new tags/oneshots this season might inspire. Anyway, in conclusion, thoroughly cooked steak. (That means ‘well done.’ Haha. Get it? Wow, I’m hilarious).
ImpalaLove chapter 29 . 23h
CH. 26:

Well hello. It’s only taken me like a month and a half to get to this, it’s fine. Anyway, wow. This chapter was about 6k but I flew through it so fast, it felt like 3. First, I really like that you jumped into Castiel’s headspace this time. But I also don’t because OUCH is it painful.

“And once again, Castiel is reduced to a spectator. Perhaps worse- a burden.”

No STOP. Cas is such a dang Winchester and it’s quite difficult to endure ‘listening’ to him berate himself for his perceived failings. The thing is, I can totally understand his perspective- to go from having an absolute power that helps them out in any situation to suddenly not even being in a position to ease Dean’s pain even a little bit? That has to be unbearable, and you captured that feeling of helplessness really well here. I also thought this line was very telling (and sad):

“There are moments he feels like an intruder. A voyeur. Even after all their years together, the trials endured and survived that have strengthened and solidified his bond with each of the Winchesters, their central connection and loyalty is to each other.”

Obviously this show begins and ends with Sam and Dean Winchester, so I’m sure it’s very easy for Cas to feel like, no matter how much he loves them both and no matter how much he might mean to them, the brothers Winchester begin and end with each other. And this:

“Sam’s not sure he’d deny his brother anything short of a loaded gun at the moment.”

Ooh man Sam was just so wrung out in this chapter (throughout this whole story, really) that it’s breaking my heart. But there’s so much strength being shown here, too. He’s obliging his brother, giving Dean what he can, but he’s also working tirelessly to save his life- he’s far from giving up despite the horrific circumstances. We’ve seen this from Sam since season 1 (Faith, in particular and again in 2x01 with Dean in the hospital). This determination to save his brother is something oftentimes accredited specifically to Dean, but this has always been a two way street and you emulate that beautifully through Sam’s every action.
Oh my GOSH what a /Dean/ line this was:
“Fine. But if I die, I get to shoot her.”

So good. I also like that you laid out what everybody wants to plainly here:

“Ellie wants the book, Cas to be part of the solution, Sam wants the witch to cooperate, and Dean just wants this to be over. Whatever that might mean. He just spent the better part of a year watching his brother and friend cross every line in their quest to solve the issue of the Mark of Cain, and he can’t allow this to go on much longer.”

That’s really what moves a story along- it’s all about what the characters want, and I like that you streamlined that, ending on Dean’s perspective and how hard he’s fighting to stay alive for the people he loves. And that last line. MMPH:

“‘You boys have a reputation.’
Sam nods curtly. ‘Yeah, we do. And you decided to screw with us anyway.’”

Love it.

CH. 27:

“The danger isn’t gone, and won’t ever be. There’s /always/ something.”

Oh man, ain’t that always the way, though? And knowing this is set in season 11 just makes that statement all the more painful, because it’s true that there’s always something else horrific waiting around the next corner for the Winchesters. It’s a necessity of the continuation of the show, sure, but it can also be damn difficult to stomach sometimes, especially if you take a moment to remember everything they’ve already somehow endured. I really liked this line:

“The air smells of rain fattening the clouds overhead and thunder cracks ominously from a few miles out.”

I think I just like this image of fat clouds for some reason haha. It somehow manages to be super descriptive but also quite foreboding, especially when coupled with visuals of the literal storm that precedes the figurative one they’re about to walk into.

I really love the somewhat playful exchange at the end of this chapter about the coin. And how wonderful, to see a bit of life flooded back into Dean’s answering quip, to see him finally have the energy to send a sarcastic zinger in his little brother’s direction. I also like that you continue the humor related to unfound tracking devices in the following chapter, where Dean again quips that he’s just neglected to tell Sam about a tracking device found in the Impala. But I’m getting ahead of myself. I'm gonna post a new comment for the final chapter because I don't have enough room left here ). Stand by...
Irreality chapter 29 . 10/18
Congrats on getting to the end of this one. And best of luck with the November novel writing.
I love your work, I sometimes delay reading it until I have time to sit and savour instead of racing through a chapter as soon as it appears.
This one I think I need time to sit with. I think it will wear well for a long detailed re-read now it's complete.
So I won't say much here other than thank you for all your time, effort and words.
You have a great ability to crawl inside the boys heads and lay them bare to us in excruciating and exquisite detail. I can't get enough. X
ngregory763 chapter 29 . 10/17
*Wild clapping* Bravo! Well Done! Amazingly Written! Gripping Dialogue! Emotional Rollercoaster! Wonderfully Detailed!Just a few of the accolades I feel you deserve for this perfect wrap up and this story that has gripped me tight for months. Yay! *...continuous clapping*
roslyngrl chapter 29 . 10/17
Great story and nice way to get the boys out of a really tight spot. Have the bad guys do it for them. Also liked the tie-in to the beginning of Baby, one of my all time favorite episodes. Do you think it's actually possible to cut someones head off with a car door? Anyway, good luck with your new writing project and I'll be waiting for your next SPN tag. (Oh yeah, the premier was AWESOME. The hair, the shoulders, OMG! And the "There will be no new king of hell" line. Sam FREAKING Winchester. Can't wait for more.) Thanks for writing.
shadowhuntingdauntlessdemigod chapter 29 . 10/16
I love this story and how it ends tying back into Baby, made me smile. Dean and Cas both need some serious recharging time, but Dean cleaning his room...perfect that Sam knows exactly what this means ;) You did an amazing job with the details throughout this whole story, letting things settle and matter and have consequences (congrats on the 100k by the way!) and it gave everything here a lot of weight, especially in this point in the canon. Amazing job!
Guest chapter 29 . 10/16
Congratulations on finishing this story! It was worth the wait :)
freetobescary chapter 29 . 10/16
Ahhh it hurts to say goodbye to this story. I will give you that. It’s been an amazing journey. Thank you for giving me another great story for me to go back and read many many times.
I’m sad that you won’t be doing other multi chapter stories. But as the show going progressively worse and worse, (like focusing on other characters I don’t give a crap about much more than brothers which makes it harder to watch for me), I will forever need your tags and one shots to get me through hard times. And I’m so damn glad you’ll continue writing them.
Ryla chapter 29 . 10/16
You did an awesome job and thank you for all your hard work! This one is going to go on my favorites list! :D
freetobescary chapter 28 . 10/16
That last dialog LOL It was sooo Sam and Dean, it made me chuckle And dude, they got reeeeally lucky. For a second there I had no idea how they were gonna get out of that mess, then boom, Godzilla and Mothra situation. And I’m so glad there’ll be another chapter!
ngregory763 chapter 28 . 10/15
So good, so good, so good! What an amazing job with that magical battle. So vivid! (If I hold my breath will you post the last chapter quicker?cheeks puffed out, nose pinched*
iwokeuponthewrongsideoflife chapter 28 . 10/14
IM NOT SURE IM READY FOR THIS ONE TO BE OVER! but I’m so glad to see that dean is FINALLY rid of the evilness! Also I really hope that they both died from that blast...fingers crossed THANK YOU!
DearHart chapter 28 . 10/13
Are they really THAT lucky tho? That seemed just WAAAAAY too easy. But I’m I’m wrong, YAY FOR DEAN! Lol! Can’t wait for the end! Xoxoxoxo
Guest chapter 28 . 10/13
shadowhuntingdauntlessdemigod chapter 28 . 10/13
A group of witches is bad enough. Throw Duncan in there too, and literally boom. You did an awesome job ramping up the tension and action, and I can't wait for what's next!
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