Reviews for BUBBLEGUM
RedDragon30000 chapter 1 . 8/14/2016
This was a very amusing little story. I always admire the way that you can create these little stories and fit them so seamlessly into the different books of the series, and this story does the same. This could have happened any time in the first book or series, which is a testament to your skill as a writer.

I found it an interesting plot, but very plausible, as it could easily happen. As Ingrid wants some respite from her class, she is willing to stretch out the time she has been given to relieve herself to the absolute limit. You also demonstrate just how controlling the teachers are when it comes to the 'troublemakers', as Ingrid's teacher tethers her to the classroom by giving her a time limit when she leaves it, even for such an essential errand. She is also very aware of her limits when it comes to her time outside of the class, not making things worse by being late. However, she also takes advantage of the lack of supervision to break a small rule, which no one will detect if they can't see her.

In contrast, although Harvey is glad that Mr Brown has sent him away from the class, he doesn't take the pleasure from it that his girlfriend would if she had the same opportunity. In his case, he is constantly on edge because he knows that the Prefects are looking for any excuse to bring him down in some way, and the only way he can avoid this is by being as cautious as possible (thus his reaction before he sees that it's Ingrid coming around the corner). Even with Ingrid with him, Harvey is still uncertain, however her presence boosts his confidence enough that he clamours for some gum once he knows that Ingrid has more. In fact his confidence has received such a boost that he actually ANSWERS BACK when the Headmaster appears on the scene and catches him with the bubblegum. This is a huge change, since Harvey is usually too terrified of the Headmaster to speak. He doesn't even seem afraid when the Headmaster drags him to his office, despite what could happen to him.

In this story, the Headmaster comes across as very menacing and intimidating, even though he only appears at the end. As expected with his character, he is utterly incensed when he sees that Harvey is chewing bubblegum, as he detests anything sugar. He is also angry because a rule is being broken so blatantly before him and worse still, it is being done by a boy he detests so much. As is shown in the books, his weakness is his dismissal of emotions, which is shown by the way he is so wrongfooted by Harvey's cheeky remark. His only response is an automatic anger, even striking Harvey since he feels so out of control of the situation and is reduced to a very poor retort.