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Lasting Violet chapter 17 . 1/2/2017
Oh FJAK! I'm gone for a little bit and you finish this marvelous piece of writing?
No, marvelous won't just do it. Perhaps we can add fantastic, splendid and fabulous to the list of growing adjectives that I have to describe this story!
I especially adore that line about not being allowed to make goo-goo eyes at the boys since they need to concentrate! I'm sure that both boys wouldn't really mind at all if they had.
Gilbert announcing that the song is for Anne and that kiss at the end of the show turned my insides into jelly. Jelly and mush! How do you manage to get me in this state?
And the quote from AoA at the end! Pure perfection!
I simply can't find the words to express how mush I adore each and every little part of this darling story, so I shall stop jabbering now, so that you can have some quiet.
Fabulous work, although I'm sad to see this go...
Alinya Alethia chapter 17 . 12/28/2016
I've finally emerged from the holiday sad family to the perfect send-off for this story. The glimpses we catch of all our favourites are perfect, and I especially like Anne having a piece of gossip ahead of Di just this once. It's a textbook example too of something I've long said -the story does not have to end when the boy wins the girl. Anne and Gil's chemistry here is still electric, their relationship beautifully caught, and I tend to join the others in wondering how they haven't yet combusted from sheer electricity. It was good to see Roy a bit better settled -Phil the whole way through this chapter was on shining form -and I may have been unreasonably satisfied by the fate of the Miss Pyes. That ending though -part of it might have been Avonlea, and the inspiration might come from Maud, but Gilbert reciting poetry into Anne's skin, that was all you and it was perfect. The only way this could have ended.
Kim Blythe chapter 17 . 12/25/2016
Awesome ! (To paraphrase the very first word I had written in the first chapter of this story) I mean, Awesome for the whole story altogether ! But not awesome that this story is already over and that you went and put ''Completed'' at the end of it...

I agree, Roy and Josie was not meant to be... I am so glad that Roy has finally found the girl of his dreams, and heiress or something that his mother approve of !

But, in a way, I am sad for Josie and for Gertie as well, because not only now they are not friends with each other anymore, but they seem to be in a competition to see which one of them will go out or will catch the eye of the most other prettier guy on campus... And that, in my world and words, is just a sad thing to witness...

I do believe that Charlie and Sophie were made to be together, always !

I am so happy to know and see that Ruby and Spencer's relationship seems to be one that will last forever, just like the relationship between Jo and Phil, Diana and Fred, Anne and Gilbert !

There was one thing I thought was missing in this chapter (It is not a judgement, critic or anything like that, it is something that I wished you had described once again) you didn't say how Gil was dress up for the last performance of the Avis Band and Patty's place. I was waiting again for you to either bring back the black leather pants, the wide open blouse, the black booths... But, I guess that even though you didn't described any of this, it was assuming that that Gil always wore something like that whenever he is singing on stage and that you felt like you didn't need to describe this one thing one more time...

It was so good to have Gil dedicate the song he wrote for Anne to Anne during the concert !

And that kiss after the show, backstage that Gil had wanted to do and give her all evening... Was simply perfect !

I loved the way you said that now that everyone knew that Gil is going out with Anne, all of the other ''Floozies'' or crowd of girls following Gil everywhere had suddenly stopped, because no other girl can compete with Anne Shirley when it comes to Gil and Anne !

Anne and Gil are perfect together. Thank you for ending this story with just the two of them, together, alone, with each other, in their own world, and having the time of their lives !
Kwak chapter 17 . 12/25/2016
Awwww, Anne of the Island! That was gorgeous, J, just when I think it's all drunken reminiscing and pronking memories you go and do that!
I've said it before and I'll say it again, this was a piece of genre crushing writing and I loved every bit of it. Original, funny, clever, sexy as hell and ever so romantic, but in the best way, the way that makes me blush and go all shivery and smiley.
How can I thank you enough for giving us this little pearl of a story? I've gotten so used to this world that I'm not ready to say goodbye. If you ever thought there might be a sequel lurking somewhere and you just happened to feel in an irreverent sort of mood then please please pronking please TAB 2 would be the icing on this strange and strangely uplifting year.

A beautiful end, I reckon Maud would be proud, love!
CharlotteWarren chapter 17 . 12/25/2016
This was an amazing story! Thank you so much for sharing!
Catiegirl chapter 17 . 12/25/2016
I'm so glad you didn't stop this at just a couple of chapters! This has been a wonderful ride, paying gorgeous tribute to LMM's world and words in such a real, modern setting. It's been such fun! And the fact that you are the one who gave us Walter Cuthbert's noble death as well- let's just say, whatever you're writing, I'm in.
I love the comfort between the two of them here, love that the two of them really get just how much the other likes them! Love that Anne isn't star-struck (while still so completely besotted), she's obviously someone who can keep up with Gil, and not be intimidated by his glamour, so to speak! Phil was so cute, I love that she interfered to great effect here. Sophie was a scream, and I loved how committed Anne was to letting them think her heartbroken! And bless Di, helping her through the 'trauma' so well... Nice tying up of Roy, of course he should meet his love- after all, no one deserves Josie! I loved seeing Ruby and Herb happily together too, and happy for Anne and Gil. (I might be inferring that, but I like it!)
I'm so glad Gil played his song for her, and announced it so proudly- and whew, that kiss backstage- wow indeed...
The ending was just perfect- just the two of them, and the real them showing- Gil being sentimental with poetry, and Anne teasing him, but utterly swept away by it! Anne's comment that she is helpless at the sound of his voice brought us full circle with the AVIS band. Call me crazy, but I really liked that she wasn't playing with the band this time- it is really his thing, and he's seen that hidden side of herself- but the two of them have proven that they belong in each other's arena, and can still be themselves. I'm glad it didn't change her, it just revealed her! His sweetness showed through alongside of teh cocky Gil, which was cool. You ended it beautifully, and I loved the tie-in with the end of AofA there!
So thank you for this, J, it was just cool from beginning to end!
LizzyEastwood chapter 17 . 12/24/2016
J this was really great! Such a beautiful ending to a fun and engaging story. Your gift for dialogue is just wonderful. Love that you tied up all the loose ends and super happy you didn't saddle Roy with Josie! He maybe a hopeless bore, but he doesn't deserve that, lol! Anne and Gil are just perfect, just how I think a modern version of them would be. Love the descriptions of Anne's reactions to him... priceless! And you can already see the devotion they have to one another and the passion comes through very nicely!
Thanks for sharing your talent and ideas with all of us! I am off to read it again from start to finish!
Very well done!
McFishie 7759380 chapter 17 . 12/24/2016
Perfect ending. I love that the song came up again and that Anne now knows it's for her. The references to the original text are woven in without feeling contrived and make this so much the richer. All loose ends tied up, and now we can enjoy imagining just where life might take these two. I've thoroughly enjoyed this story, thank you for writing it. I look forward to more from you when your next idea sparks
HufflepuffMarie chapter 16 . 12/17/2016
Okay this was really sweet, and thankfully a bit cooler than the last chapter. I can only fan myself so much! The text from Dora was really cute.
HufflepuffMarie chapter 15 . 12/17/2016
/eyes widen
Dang, Ms. J!
Sorry I'm late on this one, college has been so busy! Catching up now though :)
Alinya Alethia chapter 16 . 12/17/2016
I'm always afraid of writing technology because it's so easy for it to undermine a narrative but you make it work so effortlessly for you! Di is beautifully in character here, her enthusiasm is practically buzzing through the phone. Anne caught off-guard on the phone was perfect, sitting up because the voice really goes sound different lying down, and clutching the blanket protectively to herself just in case he's as capable of instant visualisation as she is of him.
Girl's vulnerability in asking for that second date was a dream. I've always loved understated Herod, and Gilbert is never that so it's refreshing when the surface cracks a little and he becomes open and uncertain in ways we don't usually see. Coupled with his eagerness to see Anne again -it's a winning combination, and the insight into his first effort to ask Anne out was so lovely (and Phil's right, even overanalysing everything there was no reason Anne might have read that offer as a date, but bless Gil for trying).I still think his parents might have stopped though not at perfection but by the prospect of double the mischief and cheek!
You fit Dora and Davey in beautifully. One line from Dora about instagram and I've spun a whole mental picture of this quiet, inveterate photographer back in Avonlea just waiting for pictures of Gil. And Davey's reaction was gold. Isn't that every ten-year-old hoy to the letter? I have a memory of my brother bolting into my room about that age and proclaiming in tones of horror 'what they said in health class isn't TRUE is it, because it's gross and I'm never doing THAT!'
I think what I love most about these two together though -taking chemistry for granted (well, sort of -how do you write it and make it look easy?!)-is the humour between them. I love that Anne feels she can tease Gil, that he knows when to be playful and can even laugh et himself. It gives them a connectivity that's deeper than chemistry and kisses and I could read it forever.
Catiegirl chapter 16 . 12/17/2016
I'm so happy... This totally made my day! Di's texts were brilliant, I loved that Anne didn't really even need to respond to her, Di had it all worked out on her own!
I couldn't stop grinning all the way through Gil's phone call, I love his eagerness and awkwardness- so different to the first impression of him! I loved him calling ridiculously early, and Anne's imagination was so very well placed in that phone call- that gurgling noise killed me, and you totally had me blushing. And grinning a lot. Him wanting a 7:30 date was just so gorgeous, and I loved seeing the girl who is sure enough in herself to tell him to wait a few hours- she won't ever just be Gil Blythe's token girl! I loved seeing that in her here. So glad you had a date take place so soon! Di was awesome again, best line from her was her telling Anne to take notes so she could tell her everything. Di would be such a satisfying friend to have...
I always knew the chemistry here would go off with a bang, and oh my gosh J, you certainly delivered- these two are electric! I love that they can't even try to play it cool, the way they feel just spills off the computer screen.
I loved her confidence in changing the pace for them- I think it shows just how much she really wants to connect with him(and not just make out!) and I liked finding out about the first time he asked her out! It made me laugh, it really was the move of someone who just doesn't get it... Gil's need to know more about her was gorgeous, he might pretend to be shallow, but he really can't pull it off! I loved that you gave Anne her own background, and I loved the happiness she had in that- loooved Dora and Davy, and their texts- and I squealed at how happy Gil was that she told them! And that they couldn't keep their hands off each other...
The ending was just adorable- (I'm gushing, but I think you can see how much we all love this...)
I love that Anne is teasing him, that she's confident in showing how she feels, and Gil's 'sometime soon?' Oh, J... finishing with the pancakes and a Gil who was too hungry to keep making out! I finished it laughing, and I swear I didn't stop smiling for twenty minutes. Well done, I'm so looking forward to your finale!
McFishie 7759380 chapter 16 . 12/17/2016
perfect chapter. I love Gil's determination to see her again so soon. I love how you conveyed the image of him covered in sweat, subtle and so sexy. all that kissing, these two are so good together. hope there is more to come and it doesn't end soon. your stories really do make my day x
CharlotteWarren chapter 16 . 12/16/2016
They are so cute I could die! So does Anne live on campus or with Matthew and Marilla?
Kim Blythe chapter 16 . 12/16/2016
I agree with Katherine-with-a-K, this was perfection !

Both Anne and Gil waking up early the next morning, even though they did go back home really late last night ...

Anne just smiling with her eyes still closed while lying on her bed, as if she meant to go back to sleep and still be dreaming those sweet dreams she was dreaming, or, be half awake and dream those sweet dreams while being fully aware that she is not sleeping anymore !

Di's text messages ! WOW, that girl is great !

Then, Anne's phone is ringing, thinking it was Di and to her surprise, it was Gilbert !

Anne imagining Gilbert coming back from his early run, him being shirtless with all the sweat on his body... Mmmmmm, I did visualise this moment as well in my head, while reading this part !

And then again, Di's text messages after Anne hung the phone with Gilbert... WOW, that girl is great !

You do write the best conversations of all times !

So, I guess that Gil doesn't come from Avonlea after all ? because when Anne told him about her life, she said that she had been adopted by Marilla and Matthew and came to live in Avonlea... Gilbert didn't say anything like, oh, this is where I am from as well, so I guess where Gil comes from, is not that really important in this story... We already know that it is only him with his mom and dad and that they ended at perfection !

Anne and Gil kissing in Gil's truck in the parking outside of the cafe, really did make my day ! I just love how you write of their romance, love, closeness together, this is perfection !

Really, I don't really want this story to end, I wish it could go on, forever and ever and ever !
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