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Kim Blythe chapter 16 . 12/16/2016
I agree with Katherine-with-a-K, this was perfection !

Both Anne and Gil waking up early the next morning, even though they did go back home really late last night ...

Anne just smiling with her eyes still closed while lying on her bed, as if she meant to go back to sleep and still be dreaming those sweet dreams she was dreaming, or, be half awake and dream those sweet dreams while being fully aware that she is not sleeping anymore !

Di's text messages ! WOW, that girl is great !

Then, Anne's phone is ringing, thinking it was Di and to her surprise, it was Gilbert !

Anne imagining Gilbert coming back from his early run, him being shirtless with all the sweat on his body... Mmmmmm, I did visualise this moment as well in my head, while reading this part !

And then again, Di's text messages after Anne hung the phone with Gilbert... WOW, that girl is great !

You do write the best conversations of all times !

So, I guess that Gil doesn't come from Avonlea after all ? because when Anne told him about her life, she said that she had been adopted by Marilla and Matthew and came to live in Avonlea... Gilbert didn't say anything like, oh, this is where I am from as well, so I guess where Gil comes from, is not that really important in this story... We already know that it is only him with his mom and dad and that they ended at perfection !

Anne and Gil kissing in Gil's truck in the parking outside of the cafe, really did make my day ! I just love how you write of their romance, love, closeness together, this is perfection !

Really, I don't really want this story to end, I wish it could go on, forever and ever and ever !
katherine-with-a-k chapter 16 . 12/16/2016
can't write
too perfect
give me a minute...

holy moly J, where are you learning to write like this?
My heart, my heart, it's gonna melt through my body and send me into a big syrupy mess and then Gil can eat me on his pancakes!
Yikes, girl. This is wonderful! They are wonderful. Calling at seven, the run (uh huh Anne I was thinking about that too), the kiss by the truck, argh. But before that, the texts by Di, that was genius. You know I've never read this before, using modern day tech like this, it was superb, funny as hell, so in character and did I mention funny as hell. Are you seventeen? Am I using inappropriate language with a seventeen year old. Otherwise I can't account for it. How are you able to get this so right?
Thank you so much for the glimpse into Anne's past. I loved Anne showing the texts of Dora and Davy and the way you used that to show how different they are. That she told her family about him said everything about the way she feels. And when she said there's nothing to tell, it just fit perfectly with her unassuming character. All of it clicked and made me so happy.
I really can't give you a stand out fave line, from Gil's, 'shallow and impatient' to 'they stopped at perfect' and his obsession with her red hair, to Anne's needed to talk somewhere quiet and intimate the way they used to, and the I like to play guitar, and all that can't keep my lips off you kissing, J, I was swooning, laughing, blushing and clapping my hands Di style.
I love this story!
LizzyEastwood chapter 16 . 12/16/2016
Could these two seriously be any cuter! It's not possible! I strive to reach this level of cute at the end of my story, they're adorable! He called her at 7am, that was unexpected perfection. I just love how they are enjoying each others company and so obviously in to each other. You've created this fast paced story that relies on all this great dialogue and it's so engaging. You don't need so much description of feelings because it's all just out there for all to see and it makes it an easy read too. So nicely done!
julie3113 chapter 15 . 12/12/2016
Like everyone else who has been following along, I've been waiting for this chapter. From Diana's enthusiastic commandeering of Anne's date preparations to that very romantic, sexy kiss, it was just perfect. (How can I persuade Gil to kiss me? Come on, readers, I know can't be the only one thinking this!) I just love Gil's seemingly unconscious air of nonchalance punctuated by his compliments and comments that demonstrate how into Anne he is. I particularly like his straightforward answer to her question of why he asked her out ("because I like you") followed by his good natured teasing about her "pretty" comment. All the details work: Diana, Stella and Priss seeing the two off on their date, the offering of candy, the truck (love the truck!), the Roy/Josie hookup, the futile flirting of the waitress. Most of all, though, you made me feel all the emotions that Anne was feeling as I was reading. That doesn't happen to me very often. My one teeny gripe: you didn't tell us the poems Gil recited - and which one brought tears to Anne's eyes!
Kim Blythe chapter 15 . 12/7/2016
Sure, it was going to be either Josie or Gertie to finally go out with Roy, now that he his a single man ! And I was positive that either Josie or Gertie would get mad at the other, for having won Roy first ! And Josie won, now she and Gertie doesn't speak to each other anymore, and now Josie will have to go to every poetry club, meeting Roy will go too !

We all have one friend like Diana, right, who is always way more excited than us when we are finally going out on a date with the guy of our dreams !

This line was so cool ''Your chariot awaits you, milady'' I was almost waiting for Gil to call his old truck by some girl's name he had invented or chosen ! Also, when he said ''don't judge the truck by it's cover'' you know, like ''Don't judge a book by it's cover'' Gil really does know how to talk with a lady !

Diana saying Gil his early, I thought that was a good point on him, because it meant that he was excited and eager to come and pick up Anne for their very first date together !

At the restaurant, when Gil ask Anne what her story was, and she said not much of a story and they let the conversation slide on another subject, it made me wonder if on another day, that subject of Anne's story will come back into one of their conversation together ?

I loved it that when Gil was walking her back to her front door, it was kind of like the same as on the night of the party, minus the drunken part of Anne and Gil saying that he had wanted to kiss her sense that day, admitting that he didn't do it on the night of the party, because she was drunk and because he believes that it is the sort of thing a girl should remember and he absolutely wanted to make sure she would remember it...

And then, the moment we have all been waiting for, happened, Gil and Anne finally had their very first, sweet, soft, passionate kiss together !

And, you having Gil ending this chapter with him saying, ''But if you don't mind, I'd like to do that again. Just to make sure'' After Anne had said ''I think it's safe to say I will definitely remember that kiss, Gil'' was oh so very the very right way I thought their very first night, date, together should end, with them kissing, and kissing, and kissing, again and again, without being able to part from one another !
Catiegirl chapter 15 . 12/7/2016
Utterly gorgeous, and that kiss was one of the best payoffs I've ever read! Gil was just awesome here, still that cocky guy, but the sweeter one underneath- I loved how no matter how casual his words were, that you described his eyes as saying something else completely! When he described his car I laughed so hard- I somehow never picked that, but the car described him exactly. I loved seeing Anne's nerves, but also knowing how badly she wants to be exactly there!
The poetry reading section was wonderful, from laughing about Roy and Josie, to the absolute way the two of them were mesmerised by each other. I love that she can keep up with him in these things that he loves, and that the real him is visible here. I think when Anne tells Di about the night, she may just need recussitating. Oh Fred...
katherine-with-a-k chapter 15 . 12/7/2016
Woot woot! This was beautiful. When I read this I forgot I was reading, I was in it, being carried along on this breathless, dreamy night and came away feeling so happy that everything was so right.
The scene with Di was wonderful, but you must know that. The I can't breathe from Anne, I think she meant more than being engulfed in that lush bosom. It was so lovely to see her be cossetted and cared for, and Di's exclamations showed not only her juicy larger than life character but the way she loves Anne. It's a truly beautiful friendship.
Thanks for the description of the shirt and t combo (I wondered if leather pants might make an appearance) I think I felt just as excited as Anne when she opened the door. The 'trying to look like you don't care but you care very much' was cleverly observed, the casual open plaid shirt, but then the tidied hair. Arriving early with candy (You're sweet!? Have I told you how cleverly you have blended original deets with your story? It's such fun to spot them!) was a give away though. The boy is keeeeeen, and the girls all know it. Ha ha!
I don't know why but the pride he had in his truck really touched me, it was a lovely, insightful detail that made me love him even more. It's a neat contrast with the plush range rover Roy has. You get the feeling Roy never worked on his car, never cared for it the way Gil did his old truck. It's a sign he cares deeply about things and I think this was probably what Anne meant when she told him how it suited him. But you know things come out wrong sometimes. Poor Anne! God I love her!
The poetry reading was a sweet and tender thing, I was expecting some hijinx, but instead you thoughtfully tied up loose ends in Roy and Josie (oh Josie, condemned to attend poetry readings forever). My fave part here was when he wiped Anne's smudgey eyes, I can't imagine how incredible it must have felt for him to know his reading made such a smart, sensitive woman cry. At every moment he would have been falling deeper and deeper, and it showed in the way he kept wanting to touch her.
Dinner was sweet, loved the line about the best table, and I'm glad that night when Anne was trashed came up. That he liked being called pretty was adorable. And the self depracating, self aware line about being shallow was pitch perfect. It exactly summed up his character.
The kiss was lovely, just tender enough, just confident enough, and probably tiramisu flavoured. And I think I'll leave it there. Some things don't need to be picked apart.
09pippy chapter 15 . 12/7/2016
AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! I loved it! You built up to the moment so well! The date was perfect although maybe too much mention of Josie and Roy for my liking :) I was looking forward to see how you would write the transition from their friendship to their romantic relationship and it was very smoothly done and in character. Gil is such a charmer and I am in love with him! Thank you for making me swoon :D I would love to see this from Gil's perspective (I know that's not the style of the story, but I am eager for more detail!) I am adoring every moment, thank you!
LizzyEastwood chapter 15 . 12/7/2016
I was super excited when I saw this was posted this morning! This was one of those chapters that I found myself smiling the entire time I was reading it! It was so perfect! You captured the awkwardness and anticipation so well. And bless you for having Gil bring up Anne's pretty comment, it was so well placed and timed. And that might have just been the sweetest first kiss ever! Very well done! Your build up, slow burn allowed for maximum emotional payoff for me in this chapter. I am still smiling and I think I I might just go read it one more time!
OriginalMcFishie chapter 15 . 12/7/2016
Lovely chapter. I loved the nods to the original story - the 'you are sweet' candy; Phil telling him to 'try again' (though when did he try the first time?). Funny that Josie and Roy are together. In this cannon, it works perfectly - they're both so shallow. And as for that kiss *swoon*, worth the wait. Looking forward to more
Alinya Alethia chapter 15 . 12/7/2016
There will never come a time when I don't love your take on Diana. Her enthusiasm and bubbliness is contagious, and I'm glad you found a way to keep her in this story. From the effusive hug to her glee at dressing Anne and doing her make-up, she's a joy to read. I appreciate too the line she walks between reading of the sheerestvsort and real affection. Stella and Priss gently working their way into the later scene was sweet too -though I did feel for Anne!
Everything about that date was perfect, from the truck, to Gil's performances and the trattoria where every table was the best table. Particularly striking was his interest in Josie and Roy (!) -gossip of the sheerest sort, but how at ease it put Anne. His 'almost forgetting' to tell her she looked beautiful and uncertainty over the chocolates stand out to -to say nothing of that electric kiss -but my favourite line has to be 'what does he have against buttoning his shirts' -though I've got to say, after that Anne and I disagree, because all evidence suggests this iteration of Gil is absolutely worth swooning over.
Guest chapter 14 . 12/4/2016
I'm with katherine, pleeeeeeeease update!
kwak chapter 14 . 12/4/2016
Will you update already? I'm dying here!
HufflepuffMarie chapter 14 . 11/23/2016
This is awesome! I love how different and original your story is.
Guest chapter 1 . 11/22/2016
I love this story. Your portrayal of each character is so true to LM but with a realistic modern feel. I'm eagerly awaiting each instalment and don't want this story to end. Thank you. I hope you know the happiness you bring to your readers
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