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Catiegirl chapter 14 . 11/21/2016
Seriously, you had me at the authors note... so funny!
This chapter was gorgeous, and I was applauding wildly! I chuckled at her remembering the night, and I laughed so hard at the memory of her attempt to kiss him being ever so slightly LESS embarrassing than her calling him pretty! That was a very cool touch. (And I mean, it's Gil. Of course he's pretty.)

Gil visiting her with the lollies of the valley... ah, there's Anne gorgeousness right there for you! I was cringing at Stella and Priss baiting Gil so much, and I grinned at his interest in her studies- that felt so authentic, the two of them encouraging each other as they do in canon.

Anne's so sweetly oblivious at that point, I just wanted to say awwwww... I loved Di opening her eyes, and at her asking the same question she did in canon- I held my breath and was HOPING she wouldn't say ' ever so much as a friend..., etc. to see her admit it was so satisfying!

And the phone all was perfect! Like he needed to explain which Gil it was... I loved his nervousness, and I LOVE Anne needing to confirm that it was a date! I can't wait to read the rest, the tension between these two is just perfect, and I can't wait to see that go off! Well done J, I love it.
Kim Blythe chapter 14 . 11/20/2016
Anne's drinking too much last night didn't make her forget one thing that happened at the party ! The way she just remembered everything after she woke up with a huge headache and heavy tongue and closing her eyes quickly again after she saw how bright the sun was shinning... Even the ''I think you'r sweet'' she said too Gil, she remembered it... I think it is safe to say that this party was a night to remember and one great party after all !

Gil showing up at the door, with Lillies of the valley in his hands, wanting to make sure Anne was okay after last night, had Stella and Priss guessed that Gil as a thing for Anne !

It was cool that Diana and Fred had noticed that Gil was looking at Anne when he said the words of the song '' There's another, not a sister'' !

On the Monday after, isn't a school day for everyone ? I ask, because when Gil asked Anne to come to the death ballad week and then after on a date to get something afterwards, it was on the Monday morning after, so, won't they be seeing each other at school ? And, how that encounter between these two will go ?

And yeah, finally Gil took his courage to ask Anne out on a date with him !
Alinya Alethia chapter 14 . 11/20/2016
I think I've said this before but it bears repeating -you have an absolute gift for modern reimaginations. There's never a moment when this falters. Everything from Anne's hangover, to Gil's awkwardness about the flowers and appetite for cake feels right. Stella and Priss as the inquisitorial squad are a great, the right mixture of devilry, gossip and friendship -I could hear cogs whirring as they talked. Di as giddy and supportive best friend was a treat too. I really like how you've sustained their closeness. Of course she caught Gil looking at Anne, and of course she's talked at least a little to Fred about it. But the icing on the cake was the death ballads week at the poetry group. Gil couldn't have asked Anne to anything less.
LizzyEastwood chapter 14 . 11/20/2016
Oh yay, a date! But first of all, well done on the hangover and I loved everything coming back to her in bits and pieces. And Gil is just such a gentleman not to remind her she called him pretty, but I wonder if he can resist teasing her about it much longer. Anne is so dense as is usual for in regards to Gil. I like the contrast to canon, there she was confused about her own feelings and here she confused about his. It's a nice contrast. This build up is great and I can't wait for the date! Great chapter!
katherine-with-a-k chapter 14 . 11/20/2016
The hands down most exquisite chapter you have ever written. I was laughing, I was sighing, I was shipping, like seriously shipping these two, madly, and I never wanted it to end. Just absolutely perfect, everything about this is absolutely perfect.
First, of course Anne has fairy lights! And a fluffy green bathrobe. Of course she would have the hangover from hell, and you really didn't spare her did you? Too cruel, J. Yet somehow it rings with the truth of personal experience...? I waited and waited for her to remember that she went in for a kiss, and her reaction of gut boring embarrassment was glorious.
Thank you for having Gil come over all casual like with the lilies and then disappearing quickly, Anne's 'Well that was weird, said it all really. And thank you thank you for Priss and Stella, from the nail checking to the 'except maybe you, Gil,' it was comedy gold, and brilliantly played by them both. I thought it couldn't get any better and then, Diana. Oh Diana. Fred says this and Fred says that, and oh boy we were pretty drunk, said almost gleefully. God I love Diana. Her asking Anne if she liked liked Gil was perfect. I keep saying that word, but none other will do.
But the best part of all, but they were all best parts really, was Gil as in Gil Blythe, in case she knew more thn one Gil (ouch!) ringing up to ask for that date. Words can't express how lovely and genuine that moment was, my heart melted a little bit, and then I was just overwhelmed yet again by how great this chapter is. Perfect. You made my week!
AerisHeartily12 chapter 13 . 11/12/2016
LOL drunk Anne, I love it. And I'm glad that Anne told Roy how she really felt. I have a feeling the next chapters are going to be quite interesting...
Kim Blythe chapter 13 . 11/11/2016
Well, apart from the part where Anne breaks things off with Roy (although, I was glad she finally did so) this chapter had me giggling and smiling from start to finish !

Gil completely getting rid of his blouse, while getting ready to perform the last set, leaving on him only the leather pants and the black boots, had me wishing I could be in Anne's place on stage, so that I could have a look at his strong back and arms during the performance !

Anne knowing that she could always look at Diana and Fred on the crowd while playing the guitar, as a reassurance and comforting sign and seeing them dance together in the crowd, you know, them being the best friends of the lead singer and guitar player and being placed front raw at their concert, is a thing to really enjoy !

Charlie just had to do it, his solo performance, to the pure, simple and only pleasure of Sophie !

Maybe Gertie can be the one comforting Roy now that Anne is not that interested in him, seeing as she is always in need of getting her body pressed on his body and always in need of having is full attention on her...

That whole description of Gil introducing all the members of the band and ending the presentation with Anne by taking her hand in his, congratulating her and after unconsciously swigging her hand and his hand back and forth while the crowd was still cheering at them, I totally loved this part !

I liked it that you had made the guys of the football squad all cheering, stifling, screaming at the band, while being positioned at the bar !

Diana saying to Anne, this could be you, when they saw Charlie and Sophie kissing passionately on the grass, adding, are you jealous ? With the result of Anne only snorting and rolling her eyes at her, was pure perfection !

And the final note of this chapter, Anne and Diana who are way to drunk, having Gil and Fred taking them back home, Gil getting Anne to her front door, with her so loose and comfortable in his arms, saying the stars are pretty and he his pretty himself as well then forming a kiss with her lips, hoping to have a kiss with him, but Gil knowing better of not taking advantage of the situation, or him simply being the gentleman that he his, only smiled at her with his bright and shiny smile and got her through her door, was really the best and perfect way to end this night !

But, all of this as only made me want and be in need of reading the next chapter, like, right now !
julie3113 chapter 13 . 11/6/2016
That was some party - I certainly had a great time! I feel for Anne, though - she's going to be mightily hung over and even more embarrassed in the morning. (I haven't forgotten those shots of bourbon with which she started the evening - ugh.) There's so much to love, starting of course with a sexy, half-naked Gil (swoon), but also Anne and Di, tipsy and giggling under the pines. Even Charlie's bass solo is capable of making at least one person ecstatically happy. (Favorite snippet of dialogue - when Di reminds Anne "that could be you."). And there's also so much to love to hate: the Pye sisters become more deliciously horrid with each word they utter, and poor, poor Roy's wounded pride - he's so certain of Anne's affection that he can't even comprehend that she might not return it. And I love, just love Anne and Gilbert together as he walks her to her door - pretty as the stars indeed.
Alinya Alethia chapter 13 . 11/6/2016
You get simpering Josie and nice guy Roy just right. They're both uncomfortable people in their own ways, and neither seems to realise. Roy promising and then failing to listen said everything that needed saying about his character. He really does exist in a different world to Anne. The way she handled the situation with him was enviable. We get the sense that she's floundering, but also that she's committed to enlightening Roy, and somehow she does.
I loved the shared moment with Diana. It was the perfect reminder of the importance of this friendship to Anne, of their closeness. Gil and Fred setting the girls home was just an added bonus. As ever you nail that absent-minded ramblimg of drunkenness. And of course Gilbert dodges that kiss. Between his love of classical writers and his own code of honour, there's no other choice left to him. I'm now torn between eagerly anticipating the resolution of this story and wanting it to go on perpetually.
Catiegirl chapter 13 . 11/6/2016
I was so excited to get this! Okay, so I was cheering from the very first line, but it just kept getting better from there. I liked the symmetry of Gil and Anne both trying to ditch people they didn't want to be with- ew, Josie really was pushing the boundaries of social interaction here... I'll say it again, you are the master of physical description- the image of the leather pants and scuffed black boots (nice touch!) PLUS the shirtless Gil... is it warm in here? The two of them are electric here, I love the interaction watching Charlie's solo.
I LOVED Gil taking her hand as he introduced her here- I love the pride he's showing in the team, but especially her. The unconscious swinging of her hand was so cute, and her being unable to hold his gaze... I have a feeling there's a lot more of that to come! Frown away Roy, you can't stop destiny... And Di trying to ask Anne about the song! Yay!
Fred was gorgeous here, he's such a sweetheart in this story (and I can't help but see him as HUGE in any story from now on- thank you for that!)
Love Anne taking the Roy by the horns, telling him plainly how she feels- although Roy calling her a tease made me very cross- since when was accepting a lift a promise? Goodness, that boy needs to get a clue. In canon the original Roy did have a point, but here it's borderline delusional! I would have LOVED to see Di give him a piece of her mind, that would be awesome...
I giggled at Di's "I'm awful dizzy", that was a nice tie-in!
I loved Anne telling Gilbert a)how nice his arms are, and b)that he is pretty like the stars, and lastly that gorgeous smile of Gil's at Anne's attempt to kiss him- from the girl who fled from Roy! Love that he didn't, and I hope he gets the real one very, very soon!
This is a ridiculously long review, however there was just so much I adored here. I'm loving this story, and the party was everything I hoped it would be! well done, J!
HufflepuffMarie chapter 13 . 11/5/2016
Oh my... I certainly never imagined Anne Shirley *drunk* before! This chapter was as awesome as the others! I'm looking forward to the next chapter!
HufflepuffMarie chapter 12 . 11/5/2016
UGH I cannot STAND Roy. I loved this chapter nonetheless!
LizzyEastwood chapter 13 . 11/5/2016
Glad Anne finally took care of the Roy situation! And of course Gil took care of Anne when shes unintentionally drunk and is a perfect gentleman! Great build up for these two! I can't wait for the post drunk conversation between them... will she remember she called him pretty?! Too funny! Enjoyable chapter!
OriginalMcFishie chapter 13 . 11/5/2016
You certainly have a talent for imagery. Last chapter it was Charlie kissing (shudder). This chapter it's Gil shirtless in leather pants (a different kind of shudder!) I really like how you wove the original text into Roy's reaction to her rejection, it felt very natural . I love Gil's protection of Anne (no trying to kiss the drunk girl) and the increasing chemistry between them. I wonder what's going to get them to admit their feelings? Really enjoying this, thanks
katherine-with-a-k chapter 13 . 11/4/2016
Ohhh, chapter thirteen is unlucky for some, and that means you Roy! When he slipped her hand around her waist I gagged, and cheered inside as Anne slipped away. Who do you think you are, Royal Gardner? Ugh, under that nice guy exterior is the same old possessive attitude, but for all that I really liked what Anne had to say about actually liking him as a friend, just please, keep your hands to yourself.
Can I also say I am addicted to pronking, and to watching Gil's back as he entrances the audience. Sorry but I have to thank Josie there, and ugh again, I can almost believe her accidental' shirt ripping was part of her plan to get Gil into her bedroom. Ugh, another possessive person, who just can't believe they are not about to get what they believe they are entitled to. You portray that person so well, and it's antithesis in Fred -yeah I've kept Di from you too long- Wright, and in Gilbert. I loved the way he handled his breakup with Rubes but his gentleman-like treatment toward Anne was a thing of beauty. A lesser person would have gone for it and stolen a kiss at least. But not our boy! For a moment I thought, oh god, are they gonna have a drunken fling, but nope, J keeps it classy.
Speaking of classy, I've been waiting for Anne to show that sass I love so well. And she didn't disappoint. Strong, decisive, compassionate but not willing to be swayed, I just loved her in that moment when she turned Roy down, and I really didn't in the book, so well done.
But I think my fave moments were between the besties, I mean come on, that punch has some punch! Gold.
Fave line: (looking at Charlie making out with his gf) 'That could have been you.'
RIP couch arm, you've been good to me.
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