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Catiegirl chapter 11 . 10/20/2016
NOOOOOOO! Damn it Roy, clear off.
This actually made me yell out loud when Gil announced he'd broken up with Ruby! I love that he told her personally (and it was so vulnerable too, sigh...) I love the moments between the two of them, moments where Anne is just being herself with him- and it's so cool, the guy with the fixation on deeper matters with the girl who plays guitar alone in her room. And Gilbert's song- the intimacy of that moment was spellbinding. oh, I hope it's not long now, Gil seemed so taken aback by Roy's presence, and I hope he can see how much Anne DOESN'T Want Roy! I love this pair so much, they are so real and honest- and so fun. Gilbert managing Charlie was fun too, and the tactlessness and sheer gall of Charlie made me laugh. (I so think charlie has ASD...)
This whole chapter was mesmerising, I kept scrolling down, dreading the end of the chapter! I read from the beginning every now and then to see how it's growing, I can't wait to see it at the climax! Well done and I'm waiting with bated breath!
aheadofmytime chapter 1 . 10/19/2016
Omg I love it so far! Thank you for making me laugh with this creative tale :D
Alinya Alethia chapter 10 . 10/16/2016
The perfect reading for a driech Scottish Sunday. Increasingly Roy in Patty's Place leaves me feeling that he exists in a slightly different world to the people around him, between finding Charlie's behaviour embarrassing (and it is, but it's all fairly standard of a certain ilk of student, I fear) and quoting sonnets across a crowded table. He feels a bit like a puzzle piece that is being wrongly slotted into place, though watching him try is both sweet and entertaining.

I'm with Anne on the values of Persuasion. And if Gilbert has read it, dare we hope he's taken notes on the lost art of letter-writing? It's right for these to anyway, given how easily they miscommunication in the early Anne books, as is Pyramus and Thisbe come to that.

I have to spare a Eire for Phil too. I enjoy her matchmaking attempts and her graciously letting them go. But her wanting to see Roy with someone smart was endearing, as is her banter with Gilbert at the end. Thoroughly enjoyable reading.
julie3113 chapter 10 . 10/15/2016
"What eyes are sharper than the eyes of love?" (Horace Gregory's translation, although I'm not quite sure how he got all that from Ovid's four words). I like Anne's translation, but not as much as I like how Anne and Gil flirt through translating Latin. And this is the first time I really saw Gil's attraction to Anne, although there were hints of it before. It's nice to know that Gil feels the frisson as well, as he tries not to look delighted to be asked. The whole scene beneath the birch tree is sigh-worthy. What a contrast to Roy's stodgy response to Charlie's ridiculous drunkenness and his heavy-handed recitation of sonnets. I hope you're not done with Roy just yet, or with Charlie, as his escapades never fail to make me laugh - although in the end I do wish him a happy ending with his snub-nosed gal.
Catiegirl chapter 10 . 10/14/2016
I love those moments between Anne and Gil, not just being able to see them physically (your descriptions are gorgeous, oh that breeze...) but also seeing them get to know each other. I nearly applauded when she asked him for help, and there was something so electric about the low voices, and the word love being said by both... contrasted with Roy mentioning love in the sonnet, when we just wanted to sock him! Comparisons between Roy and Gil never work out well.
I also loved Gil's honesty in telling Anne about the scholarships and his background, opening himself beautifully!
So glad Anne has told Phil how it is with Roy.(hope she deflects him) I really like that this Anne has her own persona, despite being completely recognisable as LMM's girl- she's a little shyer, and I find myself listening out to hear her voice eagerly. I love the world of characters around them, however Anne and Gil really shine in amongst them all. I can't wait to see the band in action!
OriginalMcFishie chapter 10 . 10/13/2016
I really like this Gil, even slightly more than the 'real' Gil. There is something about taking all that Gilbertness and putting him in a modern setting where he's a man's man but still deeply thoughtful around other things that makes him melt-worthy. Another great chapter. Loving how this is playing out. So fresh and yet still true to the original text.
Kim Blythe chapter 10 . 10/13/2016
I loved it how everyone else seemed to be agreeing with Roy when he had asked to Anne if she wanted to come to that yacht game next week-end, except for Anne never answering him and then after a moment, she asked, does anyone have homework ?! And then Phil replied, You are young only once in your life ?! Those were really good replies !

YES, it is really a pleasure and a very, very, very, very, very nice moment to meet you Sophie ! I am sure you will be taking good care of Charlie and that you will be his biggest fan !

Gil really his the perfect gentlemen/boyfriend/boy next door kind of guy ! Why is that, you'd ask ? It is quite simple : HE likes to read, A LOT, and any kind of books, and genres, really, everything, and that for me, is a !
katherine-with-a-k chapter 10 . 10/13/2016
Hooray! I've been looking forward to an update for so long. Can I just say that I wish I could linger under that birch tree mulling over Ovid forever. That was some beautiful writing right there, I felt all weak kneed and squishy. There was something so sensual about the breeze that floated around Anne floating over Gilbert too. Yum. When he quickly changed the subject I think I blushed, fancy him missing her at the game.

Now onto biz. Yay, Anne has finally told Phil thanks but no thanks. Whether Phil remembers to tell Roy this is another matter, but it's a start. I love the idea of feeling as badly for Phil's feelings as she does Roy's. She such a sweetheart, and I felt a sisterly 'yeah' when she wondered how everyone else seemed to have all this time to do other stuff and still get great grades while she always had to work hard. Ain't it the truth!

As to Gil studying Classics, I don't know where this story is based but you have to take a certain amount of arts papers in the States, like its compulsory, even if you're pre-med. But I like that it's Classics that rocks Gil's world. Oh sod it, J, I would like it if he studied Restoration poetry. After trying my hardest not to like him I am won over completely. Ugh!

As for Di and Fred, yes Anne wouldn't be seeing much of her lately, nice detail there, it always happens doesn't it? As soon as your gf gets a bf it's a permament case of the missing friend.

And now we have Sophie? Does she have a part to play in this, I wonder? Hmmmm...

ok, off to re read that birch tree bit :o)
Lasting Violet chapter 9 . 10/7/2016
Herb Spencer is in the picture now, and it seems like he may have fallen head over heels for Ruby. He can be there so that Ruby will leave Gil and go to him, or if it happens the other way around and Gil figures out that the attraction towards Anne is stronger than his attraction to Ruby and he breaks up with her, if this makes any sense...
Charlie, when will you get a clue. Anne only sees you as a friend. Not a potential suitor. Drinking the tequila to try and impress her won't do anything to help you, but just shows her what you're like when you're drunk. Very drunk too.
Alinya Alethia chapter 9 . 10/6/2016
You get the awkwardness of being crammed into close quarters just right, especially being goggled at by cavalier Charlie on one side and accidental contact with Roy on the other. It's also vastly apparent how at home Phil is in Patty's Place. She manages potentially fraught situations with all the deftness one would expect of Phil. I also really like seeing more of Ruby. I feel disloyal for liking her, and her interaction with Gil, but it would feel working to dislike her. And I most love the easy comraderie of the gossiping girls, that was pitched just of all though was drunk Charlie, who I can like from the safe distance of Scotland :) The way he focuses fuzzily on Anne, the dopey smile, that glimmer of kinship between Ruby and Anne when confronted with him, all of it gold. No complaints from me about longer chapters, this was a welcome revel.
AerisHeartily12 chapter 9 . 10/5/2016
hahahaha. I think Charlie needs some more tequila...LOL. As usual, great chapter! :)
Kim Blythe chapter 9 . 10/2/2016
You should write longer chapters like this one more often !

Charlie his even funnier while being drunk then when doing his solo part in trying too impress Anne !

Gil, always the gentleman, with him making a toast to Anne for having joined the Avis band !

There was really a thing going on with the hands of everyone in this chapter, or the arms of everyone, it was just like a dance scene with everyone playing their parts very perfectly...

Mmmm, Herb Spencer finally making his appearance ! He is in the football team as well ! I see it from now, him becoming Ruby's night in shinning armour, after her breakup with Gilbert...

I would have never thought that as well, but not in the same disgusted way that Gertie was seeing it, with Fred being as shy as he his, doing and making such an act of affection in such a public place as Patty's place ! But I guess that for him to finally have found the women of his dreams, kissing her so passionately in a corner of the bar, as made his shyness go away and disappear all of a sudden !

This was such a cool chapter !
OriginalMcFishie chapter 9 . 10/2/2016
I've missed this, so glad you're back. Great chapter. You've captured the characters so authentically in this new setting. Loved the go ogling adjective, looking forward to more
Catiegirl chapter 9 . 10/2/2016
I'm so glad you're back!
Like everyone else, I loved a lot here: Fred finally made his move, yay! I loved that little echo of AofA with Di's lashes downcast while Fred looks down on her, that was gorgeous.
I wanted to hate Ruby for being with Gil, however she is just that nice, lovely girl! I liked her being so concerned for Charlie, and for admitting she doesn't have a lot in common with Gil, however she is never jealous. I did catch the Herb mention, hmmmm...
I love the way you write Gil, he's someone you can't help but love- he's a genuinely good guy, and shows it. When he and Anne look at each other, wow... Plus the muscly-arm brush: sigh-worthy touch right there.
It's so interesting seeing Anne at the centre here, but unable to really hear her in the crowd- what I love is that Gil hears her, we see her smile most and share her heart when she is with him! I'm loving it, and the longer chapter was just that much extra-awesome!
katherine-with-a-k chapter 9 . 10/2/2016
Ah the return of sofa arm thumping, and much missed it was too. This chapter is one of your best, J, how many characters have you just juggled, and with such ease and confidence. Your writing just makes me smile, there's real life there, all the little details that make it feel true but with none of the nastiness or bitterness. It's generous, and I think that's what I love the most.
First thump, the mention of Herb Spencer. Girl, you are good. I was thinking he might glom onto Rubes but no he was a footy buddy, and you got that culture down. The shots, the chanting, the peer pressure, perfect.
Second thump, Rubes, the haircare discussion, the gushing over Anne, Anne's cleverness, how much Gil likes her, I mean it was awks to the max and I loved it. Rubes liked Anne's hair, they all like Anne's hair! (Nice nod to AotI there) If only 19th c Anne knew how impressed everyone would have been with red hair now.
I kinda wish they would all let her get a word in edgewise; Charlie on one side, Roy (aka anything you say Phil) on the other, the glaring Pyes, the bossy Phil -I don't think I've said yet how well you write her. You've managed to create a new version of her that is just as forceful and bossy yet just as loveable and well meaning as the original- and then Gil, who apparently can even guzzle beer sexily. Saving Charlie, paying his way, listening to his gf, is there nothing he can't do? I get why Anne is overwhelmed. It's another world she's found herself in, and now Diana (sofa thump three four and five) is off with Fred! And the hypocritical comment from Gertie -sure you'd never do that, my dear, real sure.
I loved the charge of electricity Anne felt (I think I felt it myself) when Gil's arm brushed against her, but Charlie stole the show here. I've gone on long enough and I really want to quote everything the poor boy said, suffice to say I nearly killed the sofa when he slurred,
She's gonna text me.
Please more of this, it's just the happiest little story here and I love it!
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