Reviews for Shake it, Bake it, Brew it
likeyaoihatethis chapter 27 . 10/18
Finding the characters and their interactions very flat and unrealistic. Rally not sure where your going wit there plot but it's getting extremely tedious moving on.
917brat chapter 27 . 19h
Oh Frank and Alice are aware, at least to some degree, know what Dumbledore has done to Harry, who is the one who pretty much healed them as much as they are, and are alone with him...something tells me nothing good is in store for the old goat.
SlytherinFallenAngel chapter 27 . 10/20
well someone might be dead when they come back
ForsakenPhantom chapter 27 . 10/19
Love the story so far and cannot wait to read more.
Serinity Dawn chapter 27 . 10/19
Oh shiv! And Dumbles thought the vamps and weres were bad. Frank and Alice are gonna murderlize him! LOL
Savanna chapter 27 . 10/16
Oh! What are Frank and Alice going to do?!
higurashirose chapter 27 . 10/17
Omg your not dead i was dreading not reading anymore of this amazing story
Nienna.Earfalas2 chapter 27 . 10/17
Oooo... loving this! Looking forward to your next update! :-)
White Dragon 50 chapter 27 . 10/17
please please please continue soon. I love this story and can't wait to read more!
EmLights chapter 27 . 10/16
great chapter!
Rabid33 chapter 27 . 10/16
Please...please...please... update soon... this story has me hooked... but I’m curious is the new potion really a cure for vampirism... I mean I could see how that would be a good thing for those who didn’t want to be turned but what about the others...
Ilamay chapter 27 . 10/14
Hahaha! Payback time! LOL Love it. Thanks for writing it. )
Corala chapter 26 . 10/14
Hope there will be more soon
Guest chapter 27 . 10/12
Guest chapter 27 . 10/10
Omk! I can’t wait for the next chapter this story is so good! I can’t wait for more on frank and Alice, dumbledore is getting into more trouble! I can’t wait for a reunion between Neville and his parents! Can’t forget the budding relationship between cache/Harry and Draco! That is going to be a juicy read! Oh oh! And Sanguini and Severus! Please update soon!
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