Reviews for A Dalliance in Time
Jen103 chapter 63 . 6/4
Hey, ooh interesting. Loved it and the last one too.
I love Regulus 3
Guest chapter 63 . 6/3
Omg, I sooooo love Ron and Regulus! I would have never tought about them myself, but they do fit each other in this story! It's nice to see both Ron and Harmoine happy wity someone else, since I have never felt that they are each others forever after. I also like that your Ron seems more mature than I have read him in a long time. It fits him and makes him somehow fit in more with both Harry and Hermoine and with Regulus. I'm curious to see how the story is going to end! Thank you for writing it and sharing it with us!
kkelly04 chapter 63 . 6/1
Oh my! I wonder how this will go! Though it seems this Snape still loves lily so maybe that will still be their advantage
kkelly04 chapter 62 . 6/1
Oh boy Snape is not going to be happy with his guests. Love Ron/regulus
kkelly04 chapter 61 . 6/1
Wonder if lily has a surprise too...
kkelly04 chapter 60 . 6/1
They’re sealed!
kkelly04 chapter 59 . 6/1
kkelly04 chapter 58 . 6/1
One horcrux down!
kkelly04 chapter 57 . 6/1
Loved this! And doe is a cute and fitting nickname for Dorea
kkelly04 chapter 56 . 6/1
Can’t wait to see how this meeting goes!
kkelly04 chapter 55 . 6/1
Theodus Nott is an unexpected surprise
kkelly04 chapter 54 . 6/1
Harry must be so smug now that he is “older” then Hermione
kkelly04 chapter 53 . 6/1
Their first full moon together!
kkelly04 chapter 52 . 6/1
Those tattoos are the sweetest things!
kkelly04 chapter 51 . 6/1
Glad to see James on the up and up
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