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anth096 chapter 1 . 10/24/2020
Your writing is very good!
Aslan's Princess chapter 26 . 9/25/2020
An easy 10 in my opinion. I am fascinated by the story, especially since I've been interested in many of the older fairytales and folktales while growing up. Unfortunately for me, while I suspect I may have read the original tale you were inspired by, I cannot recall the title.

I love how you used a prose reminiscent of the old tales, speaking in courtly ways, and bestowing descriptive titles to the characters. While I can guess what the sequel will hold in the end, I will keep those thoughts to myself and hop over to the sequel now.

You explained your reasoning for splitting the tale into very well in my opinion. And I now look forward to reading the second tale. (I get to enjoy all the characters again in a second story. How can that be bad?) :-)
Sheika 360 chapter 26 . 7/25/2020
Wuju! Oh! I Finished! And it seems that we have more Wise Zelda And young King link, shaaaw! Aww, i really like this "tale" it really looks like a tale And i love it :3 c: with shorties chapters and eloquent words.

I'm going to read the other story Right Now! I love the complicated stories, with longer chapters BUT, you made me love these kind of "tales" :)) thanks! And Congrats! Amazing work! You did it very well ;)

See ya later! 8) nwn/...
Sheika 360 chapter 1 . 7/25/2020

OMG has passed a Lot!

It's me, Sheika 360!

I know, im a insensible person 'cause i read this MANY time ago, and then POOF! I just disapered, i Was so exicited And we talked a Lot but, you know, sometimes things changes and i don't know what happened to me actually. Tryin' to be honest, i don't know what happend with my life xD

I'm terrible But i'll compesate you, i swear it. I'm gonna Read this since the first chapter 'tiI the end i promise!

Thanks for your messages, it means a lot, i Read 'em (almost at all) but i never have time to answer You I'M SO SORRY Ah mai gosh ah mai gosh xD

I remember how much intersting this story is 7w7 And it's really intersting
I'm so exciting again!

See ya later nwn/ 8))...
Guest chapter 1 . 10/30/2019
I give it a 100/100!
DarkKeybladePhantomofTime chapter 26 . 8/31/2017
I must say, this is an amazingly well written story. Very proper grammar. Much

Screw it. *throws a 50 rating at the rule makers* I REALLY LOVE THIS STORY! SO TAKE THAT! *runs away screaming* VIVA LA REBELLION!

(ps I know that's wrong, I did it on purpose ;)
DreamerDust chapter 25 . 8/21/2017
My overall rating for this story is 8.5
It was fun to read, and while some parts dragged just a little bit, I loved the way you interpreted all the Zelda characters. I also like the cute friendship between Malon and Zelda. Currently reading through the sequel!
I think the ONE, only thing I have slight issue with is that Zelda isn't blonde. Perhaps the chestnut color you're thinking of is lighter than I imagine, but it's a slightly odd choice in my opinion. Also, I imagine her with the hairstyle from Link Between Worlds, since Hilda is a character in this universe.
Guest chapter 13 . 5/12/2017
You took one of my favorite stories and made it even better, 10 out of 10! _
Darcie11 chapter 25 . 4/4/2017
At last I have the time to read this and it was a joy the whole way through! I adore the prose, how it's written like an old fable, it sounds lyrical to me. I admit that I did look into the actual story this was based off of about halfway through reading this, so I knew what to expect and I think you executed it beautifully. Wonderfully done!
TheTrueLunarHuntress chapter 26 . 4/2/2017
9 in all honesty. I'm glad to hear that you're taking a break, but also sad because such a great story is over.
OnlyLonelyStars chapter 25 . 4/2/2017
10/10, would read again!

Spaz-attack101 chapter 26 . 4/2/2017
I actually really enjoyed this story. I'm looking forward to reading the sister story of the trials to come.
Best of luck!
P.S. I give it a 10
I'mNoOneSpecial chapter 1 . 3/24/2017
Sheez... this is why I hate it when I get a nice review from people who don't have an account here... and I want to reply... There's no good way to do so! And it feels silly to put a review on your own story!

Anyhow this is for the Unregistereduser who left a comment on chapters 1 & 2. Hopefully he or she will read this, 'cuz I'm truly sorry for what I did.

First and foremost I am NOT homophobic! Thankfully! I got nothing against them!
About what I wrote on my profile: Shit, my bad! Honest, that was unintentionally poorly worded by me. I didn't mean it in a negative way! My sincerest apologies! I didn't mean to offend anyone! I just changed it; is it better now?

I won't do same-sex pairings because one: I'm hetero, and I find it hard to put myself into the shoes of one who isn't. Reason two: Some people are not comfortable reading this or that kind of content, and I wanted to make sure we're on the same page.

About skillful writers being able to write everything... I guess that depends. But I am most certainly NOT a particularly skillful writer! I never learned how to (creatively) write! ...Okay I took some lessons for half a sem. or so, but all the teacher asked me to do was write some poems! Other than that I was pretty much free to write whatever.
Everything you saw me put down here? I pretty much had no idea how to go about it! I just wrote down what sounded right to me. That's it!
Besides, most of my stories are failures! The only ones that are worth of mention are "Compatible Jutsus", "Nukenin" and "The silver dagger and its sheath!" The rest... forget them!

About the good guy x bad guy thing... well that's just a personal preference of mine.

About deviantart; yes, I exchanged a couple of words with Queen-zelda... but it wasn't my intention to suck up to her. We're not close, we practically don't know each other. And I just like her art and her style. I used to draw and paint as well. Dumb as I was I gave it up! Idiot! And now I really wish I didn't! I wish I could make artworks like Queen-zelda.

Putting aside the content of her art, she's good. And I can acknowledge someone's skill even if I hate what he did. I really like the TV show Faceoff but it really bugs me that they always seem to do zombies and freaky monsters. If I had my way, they be doing nothing but amazing fantasy creatures.

Back to Queen-Zelda: The only artworks of her I really looked at were the Zelinks, the Cloud x Tifa, and the Ravio x Hilda. The others didn't interest me. I barely gave them a glance. The one she did with Saria... that was mean! Kinda funny I guess but still mean! I like Saria! The ones she did with Midna... didn't like them either. If I had my way, Queen-Zelda would have just ignored Midna and focused on her ZeLinks. And why the heck is she pairing Fi with that bastard Ghirahim?

But hey! she's not required to draw what we like! If she was I'd have her make a NaruHina drawing instead of a NaruSaku! And I'd have her make Ichigo x Orihime as well. But she's free to make with her art skills what she wants! And if she wants to do this pairing and wants to bash this character... well, you may want to do what I did; give praise to only selected items of her artwork. Else, you're just looking for a fight.

Lastly, to that Unregistereduser... Sorry again. Seriously! But sex-pairing just isn't my thing. I guess I could try, but I'd most likely screw it up. Maybe when I get better and feel more confident about my writing skills.

PS: Thanks for giving me a perfect score even if this was not your kind of thing! And if you'd like to continue this discussion;
Here's my email address: iamnoonespecial1_at_gmail_dot_com.
Use the symbols instead of writing "at" and "dot," which reminds me: Why does FFN have this strange kind of censorship?!

Anyhow, I really feel bad about this and I want to clear this up.
Stylin80 chapter 24 . 3/20/2017
Woah. Oh my. I have never seen before such... Quality in terms of style of writing. I've read well over 200 different fan fictions ranging from 5k word count to well over 700k word count stories across different types of fan fictions. But this, this has to be the most refined English I've ever read for a fan fiction. Simply amazing.

As for the story line, I've never heard such story in my younger days. Probably because I'm from a different part of the world. I must say though, well chuffed with it. Very simple plot, yet contains the detail and precision to keep me hooked though all the chapter tho short or long they may be.

I do notice however it seems you are going through a tough patch in life currently and the fan fiction community isin't responding to your chapter updates. Well, all i can say is have faith in yourself. The people might not say it, but know this. Your work is simply amazing. It might be a child story, but you've done it to perfection. Know this at all times and may it provide you hope at all times. Do keep up your fantastic work and I'll be looking the final (few?) chapters.

P.S. 8/10 rating. Maybe even 9/10.
OnlyLonelyStars chapter 24 . 3/20/2017
That was incredibly clever. I'll bet you got the idea from a folktale, as I've heard a version before.


I'd say 7 for this chapter.
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