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Chundercat chapter 14 . 7/16/2017
I really enjoyed both your work. considering how quickly you both wrote it I thought it was a great read. In particular I liked Seifer, having read a few other fics there are quite a few ways to write him up and with it being an enjoyable story and you certainly gave a good representation of him.
Whilst I did really enjoy ff8 Selphie was probably my least favourite character but you did make her enjoyable to read and in particular her battle with her inner demons. I enjoyed both characters chats with Nida also. It was a good bit of fun when the story sometimes when things got dark.
I will happily read more of your work and thank you for taking the time to write.
Tesake chapter 14 . 4/28/2017

By mistake, I read the continuation of this fic and already knew the death of Fuu and the adoption of Boko ... But still ... I loved this fic!
It has been very entertaining and very intriguing.

Very good! Thank you very much for writing it and making us enjoy it! : D

Bye Bye!
siobhane chapter 14 . 11/12/2016
Okay, consolidating for the sake of time, but I really enjoyed this. You guys did a great job with your respective tasks/characterization, and I think I said before I can't tell this was a collab, and that still rings true. Also, at the risk of repeating myself, well done in so many levels, including the whole being overachievers thing. NaNo's got nothin' on y'all.

Loved that Seifer got a puppy. I mean... Heh. Anyway, I did enjoy the hopeful note this ended in, but I also really liked the "found family" feel in this chapter in particular - it really struck me that there was this almost sibling-like, or maybe snarky great aunt relationship between Seifer and Amma that I really love - she needs to be canon or something.

Also last chapter, I liked the little scene with the faerie lights - both Selphie's enthusiasm and Seifer's reaction to ut. Cute, cute, cute. All the cute.

There are probably like 12 other things I wanted to say, but of course, I've forgotten now, but seriously, good job and I hope this is not the last collab between you two! And not the last of this pairing - as much as I love Selpher crackfic, I really enjoyed the more mature, serious take. :)
siobhane chapter 12 . 11/12/2016

Man, I was really hoping Raijin and Fujin were a misdirect, but man this is heartbreaking.

I really enjoyed the "Seifer with puppies" segment. Something about that just strikes me as hilarious, especially since in-game he kicked/yelled at the dog in Dollet - I've seen him portrayed as an animal hater so many times over the years. The idea that Angelo would go nuts over him is really cute. Also, "walking muscle." Lol.

But Raijin and Fujin, though. I'm just 0_O about that. The thought that they would do it for Seifer is just so misguded and upsetting. Excellent job writing the action- the last half of this chapter I was on the edge of my seat! Gyahh!

Great job guys - 100k in a month is really an accomolishment and you should be really proud of this. Hopefully, I'll get to the conclusion/epilogue today, but seriously, great job.
siobhane chapter 11 . 10/23/2016
I hope Raijin and Fujin aren't part of Sanctus! Or if they are, they're double agents. Feels!

The development of their relationship seems so natural and well thought out. I'm pretty sure the only Selfers I've read have been crack/comedy so it's fun to see the pairing work when it isn't strictly a goof. You guys have done this so well and it's hard to believe this is a collaboration.
Summoner Luna chapter 14 . 10/5/2016
I'm cheating with a double review here, but I finished both epilogues on my lunch break earlier and am just now getting a chance to respond, so I'm sorry if I miss anything! (And I already know I'm going to, because there was something in the Selphie part where I thought "I need to write this down so I don't forget to mention it" and then I didn't, and of course I can't remember.)

My main thought is that you guys did a really amazing job of bringing this story full circle-starting with the aftermath of game conflict, and the going to the aftermath of something so personal was a great literary choice for showcasing how much the two of them did change, and how much they helped each other heal. And her wanting to leave so he didn't have to be reminded, and him understanding that she did it so he wouldn't have to was just beautiful. Both of these chapters are really good examples of 'show vs tell,' because so much comes across SO CLEARLY just through the actions and thoughts of Seifer and Selphie, without ever coming out and saying it. I also like that it ended in Winhill. I'm not sure why, other than maybe because it's a neutral place-even though Seifer has been there for awhile, it's not a place either of them have bad memories from the war or from each other, so ending it there is a nice background to the 'new beginnings' sort of thing.

I admittedly am still not really sold on them romantically, so I'm glad that it didn't actually end with, well, romance. The possibility is certainly there and you both laid wonderful groundwork for it, but I like that the focus really was more about finding comfort and connection in unlikely places, and being able to finally find someone that they could relate to. Because their interactions and familiarity with each other by the end really was very natural-again, in a lot of their actions-how Selphie spoke about him to others, how Seifer acted like he didn't care but without actively avoiding her the way he did even with Amma.

So in other words, I love the way it ended. And again, I love that Fujin and Raijin were the bad guys, even if it gave me ALL THE FEELS. And I still can't believe you managed over 120k in one summer!
Summoner Luna chapter 12 . 10/4/2016
Awwww to all of the stuff with Rinoa at the beginning. Just like how I wanted more of the Seifer/Quistis conversation earlier, I would have loved more of the scene at her house. But at the same time I'm glad there isn't, because I love getting to form my own ideas about how each of them felt after the meeting, so many years later. And AWWWWW to Rinoa having a shelter! I think that was mentioned in an earlier chapter and I forgot to comment on it, but I love that path for her post-game.

Onto the not so cute and fun parts though... As heartbreaking as it is for Fujin and Raijin to be the "bad guys," can I just say how much I love you two for going there? This is the first time I've ever seen that done (that I can remember), and it makes for SUCH a good story! It's a shame it took up so short a part of this, because you did an amazing job with it. Of Seifer's feelings, and the way it ended... Ugh. Ouch. So many feels.
Summoner Luna chapter 11 . 10/2/2016
A-MA-ZING job describing her without her hearing, omg! I could just see it so clearly! And I was really worried about Nida there for a few minutes... The "who's Nida?" joke is hilarious but I would legit be sad if something happens to him in this.

And aww, Irvine. I love seeing stories that don't have him and Selphie together, but I did love his scenes, and how they still have good feelings towards each other. I also loved the bits with Rinoa and Zell on the phone, and the differing dynamics each of them had with Seifer.

I definitely need to pick up and keep reading, though! I'm worried about Quistis, and ughhhhh I don't think my heart can take the betrayal if Fujin and Raijin Are Sanctus!
Summoner Luna chapter 10 . 10/1/2016
Finally got some time to pick this back up!

Poor Selphie, Having to lose one friend so tragically, and then to lose another like that. I imagine we haven't seen the last of her...

And eep! That ending!
Figgy Bonbon chapter 3 . 9/24/2016
Oh snap!

I must say, Selphie isn't in a very good place and while I hate you quite a bit for putting her through this, a bigger part of me is impressed at the accuracy with which you have captured the lasting impact the events of the game have left on Selphie. It's almost as if she has low level PTSD but then again maybe I'm reading the whole thing wrong. If you are going for mental scars on Selphie's part however, top marks.

I'm glad Selphie grew attached to Esthar because I always saw Selphie as fitting in there. For starters, Sir Laguna is the president and for another thing the city has just got the right amount of lunacy that speaks to Selphie, and makes me eat my controller in rage whenever I try to navigate it. I digress. I think living in that city would be pretty high stress for anyone EXCEPT Selphie so I must applaud your for addressing that.

I like Nida, freely admitted and I hope we'll see some more of him soon. He's an underappreciated character but some people (cough Ronin-ai cough) have written him with some considerable success and you are defenitely one of them. One of these days I might write for him.

One thing that stood out to me that was during the second half of the chapter Selphie struck me as a little OOC (I am well aware how ironic it is, me saying that). I couldn't really put my finger on it, it was just something irrational and instinctive. I can state with utter certainty that it wasn't the scene with the kids because Selphie was perfectly characterised there.

All things considered, very well done and I will review again soon.


P.S. I just uploaded Chapter 3 of the Doomsday Redux. I'd love a review or two.
siobhane chapter 10 . 9/20/2016
Ha! I knew Mira couldn't be trusted. Ugh. The necessary casualty bit sounds like she was programmed/indoctrinated by the Sanctus people, I'm assuming after her father's accident? S.T.U - It would stand to reason, they have units in Balamb and Galbadia, too? Hmmm. Questions. (Also, Nida just being referred to as "the other guy." It's endlessly amusing).

That Selphie/Seifer convo about her drinking went a lot different than I expected, but I really liked that Seifer wasn't judgy about it - in reality, it really isn't that easy, so I liked that he understands that it can't be fixed with a pep talk.
siobhane chapter 9 . 9/20/2016
"Who is Nida?"
"Oh, that's not important."

Ahahahhah. Poor Nida.

Anyway, I can imagine a group like Sanctus would exist. Not everyone would see Garden as a good thing, and maybe, on some level they're not. (I mean, kid soldiers, etc - but what does a world like this DO with all those war orphans?) It's probably weird I immediately suspect Nida (Thank you, Tumblr for the "most likely to be a serial killer" discussion) but I do.

As much fun as the first part was, I do enjoy the suspenseful twist this has taken.
siobhane chapter 8 . 9/10/2016
Seifer, listening to classical music as he tends to plants. OMG. Precious. And funny. The thought of Seifer doing "gardeny shit" with orchids and such delights me.

Oh, Selphie. I just... I worry about her. I'm surprised Seifer didn't get pissed she helped herself to his beer, bu then again, he seems to know what's up as far as her "problem" goes and isn't in a position to judge. But, I'm worried about her, and how it's going to go in Trabia...
Team Wingless chapter 1 . 9/7/2016
Oh man that ending! Really exited to read more. This was very compelling and had me on the edge of my seat. Good job!
Summoner Luna chapter 9 . 9/6/2016
I continue to just love Selphie's characterization in this.

The theme of blame is strong for both of them, but this chapter brought it up as well just in terms of the whole world-they can't SEE Ultimecia to blame her, so Seifer takes the fall.

Two other things of note: I have a hard time with the idea that so far into the future a for-profit organization would allow two dormitories to remain unoccupied, when surely they needed that space (though it did make for a nice scene in Seifer's room), and two-I know this is a Seifer/Selphie fic, but damn if the shipper in me doesn't want to know everything that happened with Seifer and Quistis behind that door!
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