Reviews for Under the Veil
mamamimikyu64 chapter 69 . 9/6
The 'pro-faux-cies' joke was gold. Keep it up!
Fire turtle chapter 69 . 9/4
Thank you for updating! Also can fawkes and sans work together to prank Dumbledore?
Rexthunder chapter 69 . 9/2
I love the way you write Sans in this story. not omnipotent but not totally newbie either. He knows when to play it safe. But I can be a bit clumsy and I love that.
Ironclad98 chapter 69 . 9/1
God you got to love this story, it was one of my first ever fanfics and is still one of the few undertale fanfics i genuinely follow and await updates for.

Keep up the goodwork i can't wait to see where this is going even as we mourn the losses of sans house points.
Niuzu0130 chapter 69 . 8/31
DraconiumWolf chapter 69 . 8/31
Wait wait wait, I have an idea, and I wanna know if im right
You know the humans that put the monsters underground? What if they needed to run away from their world and created the Veil, that being like a one way portal from Sans' world to the HP one, and thats why when Sirius went through, while he didn't land in Sans' world he still landed in the VOID.
Or, it was like a group of humans were experimenting on stuff and accidentally sent themselves to the HP universe, creating wizards and witches there.

It an idea that stuck in my head cause of the prophecy.

Also, your work is amazing as always! But please remember to take care of yourself you beautiful person!
SpicyArbiter chapter 69 . 8/30
Undertale chapter 69 . 8/26
Cedric is a good boy.

Prophecies suck.
Pacman chapter 69 . 8/26
Two stealth missions?
GrandNinjaMasterRen chapter 69 . 8/26
Is the icicle thing foreshadowing or just a fun joke? Either way i love this story so much
random reader768 chapter 69 . 8/26
Not much progress made in figuring anything out this chapter, I hope things pick up soon.
Aluna nightsong chapter 69 . 8/26
Another chapter
Let's fucking go!
Firehedgehog chapter 69 . 8/26
Dahman1999 chapter 55 . 8/17
[at chap 55]
Come on siriousss
You Don't have to plan those flag ay?
I'm seeing sans face palming from here
Wolfliker chapter 1 . 8/1
Well, what do you know, it's that time of year again. Happy B-Day to UtV!
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