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Cheeno chapter 31 . 7/11
Ah, the suspense! Please update, keep writing! I really like the story :)

Loved how Sakura stood up for herself, even against Sasuke. And Sasuke's reaction, both to the kiss and the revelation about the Kyuubi, were great :D
Miu chapter 31 . 7/6
Great, great story! Very entertaining! I could easily see it animated for real... in Boruto. It has a very interesting plot and almost everything somebody could want: action, humor, romance...

Most epic moment - when future Sasuke appears. I didn't see it coming. EPIC!
Second epic moment - when Itachi appears. Again, I didn't see it coming! I started crying at him and Sarada talking and... you know... Words can't describe how much I would love to see Itachi in Boruto, Itachi to see Sarada. I mean, they included Minato and Kushina in Naruto so I can still hope. Anyway, this scene was the most emotional and I simply loved it!
I also liked very much that you included future Naruto and Sakura.
So many funny scenes I can't even choose, but I will always remember that Sarada saw genin Sasuke as a someone who looked like he smelled something gross XD

To say something useful: some parts of the dialog could be cutted, but, as you said, you didn't edited the story yet so. Also, as less Sasuke talks as less I see him OOC. But I don't want to say that he shoudn't talk at all. In his case I think the inner dialog is always better and the actions talks louder in his case. But it's okay.

Aaaand. Is this the end of story? It could be. I don't know.

Thank you very much for the story (and that you finished it?). I hope you are doing well.
P.S. English it's not my first language so sorry for any mistakes _
Guest chapter 31 . 6/21
AlteraWinter chapter 31 . 6/11
I just wanna squeal about this story! Intruging plot! Great characterisation! I love this story! Can't wait to find out what happens!
Ashikaga-chan417 chapter 31 . 6/9
Ashikaga-chan417 chapter 20 . 6/9
I've never been able to find a fic where Sarada is with her uncle. At least, not a good one.
Itachi would have loved Sarada, I'm sure. It's sad, honestly, but amazing at the same time.
3milly chapter 31 . 6/5
I really have been enjoying you story, keep the thrills coming
Fifie chapter 31 . 6/4
Well hello, I just spend my day reading this and it made it much more interesting. I did watch boruto the movie and I have to say his daddy issue kind of annoyed me in the movie, and they still do here. I mean when you compare to young Naruto and Sasuke he had a Disney childhood and I don't think he realises that.

Actually putting Naruto and Boruto at the same age nex to each other highlight the contrast I think of there situations. I mean he even has it better than Sasuke when he's family was alive as Fugaku wasn't exactly a happy camper and he was definetly not Naruto. Somebody please make him see. Kick it into his brain if they have to. Pleaase.

And on a totaly other subject I was surprised to see your take on young Naruto's opinion on Hinata's feelings for him the disbelief that accompagnies the cluelessness. Like he has such a low opinion of himself that the possibility would never cross his mind that she coulb be interested in him. I never thought of a Naruto that coud be selfconsious in the face of her being the heiress of a clan when it actually makes sense gives how strongly he wants to prove himself to everyone. That hurt my heart a little that that ophaned little guy doesn't feel like he would be lucky enought to have the family he will one day have, but it brings an inexpected depth to his character and to his relationship with his wife. And I would definetly read that story. Thank you for the great work! I really hope you remember it and finish it. It was awesome
Aquarian Charm chapter 26 . 5/24
I couldn't wait for an update so I read it again second time. That's how good it is.
I know very well that it is difficult to force writing so it's fine as long as you want to continue it.
Laialy chapter 31 . 5/20
This is such a good story. Like some people would take that plot and rush it so it sucks. But your story is so well thought out and with a lot of development this could literally be a canon movie. Amazing. That’s all. Amazing.
ptrcsumalpong chapter 31 . 5/20
Spent the whole day reading this fic, I cant get enough of it, I want to commend you for this delicately wonderful story that you’ve made. I got too lost into it that I almost forgot what the real story is, guess I’ve read to far into the merging dimensions thing that I’ve almost completely merged my understanding if the real story towards the fic. Nevertheless, this was one of the best I hope to read more fics from you in the future, please do update though this was had me on the edge of my seat
Laialy chapter 24 . 5/19
I say you make that “Sarada puts all the old people in a room and makes them talk”, into a one shot, or some type of side humor fanfic.
heaven's-myth chapter 31 . 5/8
that's gold! so happy I found youyour fics are fun and intresting and I love your writing style! keep it up
Guest chapter 31 . 5/8
Every time I read this I am on cloud nine. I know it’s silly, but this fic is where I come to get my Sarada fix.
rawrsharpii chapter 31 . 5/6
I read this story in a day when I should have been working on a college paper. I don't regret doing just that because of how enjoyable this story is. I can't wait for the next update.
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