Reviews for MVP
Shazzeer chapter 30 . 9/11
That proposal was cute! What a genius way to propose!
And he did it with all family members present .
Shazzeer chapter 29 . 9/11
Awww, Edward had a long run with the Cardinals.
And he still working with Baseball.
What about Victoria?
Shazzeer chapter 28 . 9/11
Phew, I also thought the worst there!
It could’ve been avoided if she brought her private phone and not just work phone.

So Bitchtoris was behind this. Sleazy bitch. Riley got out in a timely maner. Wonder what they can slap her with…
Shazzeer chapter 27 . 9/11
Hmm, did someone snap pictures and weave a story that Bella brought that guy with her to the room?.
I get Edward not hovering… but the could’ve still texted and called!
Shazzeer chapter 26 . 9/11
Yeah, they couldn’t pass up on christening Bella’s apartment ;). Now what is this about losing everything in Vegas?!
Shazzeer chapter 25 . 9/11
Ha, Victoria tried and failed to win a date with Edward!
Poor Riley, that really sucks for him, Victoria is a piece of trash!

Can some hot buff dude some was my car in a Speedo?
They can chose any colour ;)
Shazzeer chapter 24 . 9/11
Don’t thing Victoria will take that well.
At leas she had Riley to comfort her, for now.
Wonder if Victora and James will meet or get together ;).

So Bella’s position is Firm now. She’ll take a slight pay cut, but it comes with paid travel ;)
Shazzeer chapter 23 . 9/11
Now that Bella’s work as the house manager is almost over, she can do whatever with her time, like go with Edward wherever ;).
Shazzeer chapter 22 . 9/11
I support her in wanting her own apartment! Edward could just visit her there ;).

So she has a job with the foundation and doesn’t need to teach or work for Jake.
Shazzeer chapter 21 . 9/11
Crowds and loud noises is very distracting.
Noice cancelling headphones or just playing your own music is great. Jackie did great with being downstairs with everyone!
Shazzeer chapter 20 . 9/11
I would also thing that Carl was a doctor with being called Doc XD. Them being more is a good thing, I would also feel overwhelmed by it all :)
Shazzeer chapter 19 . 9/11
She does have a life outside being the house whatever it is. And her work is coming to and end soon. Unless Mrs Spreckles decides to quit.

And a teachers job is never done!
Shazzeer chapter 18 . 9/11
Could it be suspicious that Sam left/forgot his phone?
I knew Bictoria is up to no good, and spinning lies that she has somewhere else to be when she was asked to leave cuz she was pissing on the parade.

Victoria and Riley might be cooking something up.

So they finally got down to business ;)
Shazzeer chapter 17 . 9/11
I’m calling it! Alice is pregnant!.
Now Bella’s friends are Alice, Jasper and Edward’s friend :D.

Edward came in his shorts but he did take care of Bella ;)
Shazzeer chapter 16 . 9/11
So now Alice knows. And she doesn’t know what to feel about it. I can get that if Edward and Bella’s relationship sours, Bella might not be around .
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