Reviews for Dragonfly
Vil3s chapter 8 . 9/15
Bella! Okay, please continue this lovely story. No pressure. Really enjoying the pairings here.
Kigo Stories chapter 8 . 9/6
Oh... My... God... Why have I just now found this genus that is you? Why am I so interested into this Tory that I tried clicking for a next chapter four times, when there wasn't one? We shall never know. I love this story, entirely. Everything.
SpicyHumanoidSauce chapter 8 . 8/21
celtbhoy chapter 8 . 7/17
That was heartbreaking. I just found this story and read the whole thing. Poor Bellatrix... I feel so bad for her. And Hermione has been kind of vindictive up to this point, but I want to see them happy together because they have true love. I can't wait to read more of this and I really like the dragon angle. It is something new and it is really refreshing. Please update soon!
General Mac chapter 8 . 6/25
ooooohhhh not nice, thanks love it more when you can pretty please
Recekayla chapter 8 . 6/17
Poor Bella, it just keeps getting deeper and deeper for her. All that goes wrong is dropped at her feet. And all she has to go on is hope and her own love for someone who is not even sure she likes her. Let's see Hermione give Bella something to go on, get Hermione to start having some love in her heart for this wonderful woman who has given all of herself her whole life and just wants to be loved back.
Alkeniw Andilite chapter 8 . 6/17
Hmm, Hermione is already admitting her feelings for Bella? And Bella is completely at Hermione's mercy? I wonder how that'll turn out...
And of course Ron's a spineless dick sucker to Harry. That's all he's ever been.

Please hurry with your stories!
Guest chapter 8 . 6/17
Great chapter! I loved Severus' speech about the beautiful gift Bella has given Hermione, I thought that was so sweet :)
Niklami chapter 8 . 6/16
Awesome,poor Mione
General Mac chapter 7 . 5/31
ooohhh wicked thanks more when you can pretty please
Arial Wolf chapter 7 . 5/28
What are her parents
totally awesome bloody brilliant thank you
looking forward to more
please say hermione kicks the boys arses when they cause trouble
tlc125 chapter 7 . 5/26
I'm glad she's changed her attitude, but I hope it goes much farther. Minerva and Snape are low key but still hilarious! Great update! Thank you so much.
Niklami chapter 7 . 5/26
Oh my god,i love this fanfiction so much,the chapter was amazing
Alkeniw Andilite chapter 7 . 5/26
Hmm, Bella is never going to have much self control around Hermione, is she? I rather like that.
And is Hermione just accepting her fate, or is she really starting to view Bella in a better light? I think we both know the answer there ;)
And jaysus, that love hexagon or whatever is going to get confusing... Please don't focus on it too much lol.

Please hurry with your stories!
JaKeS91 chapter 7 . 5/26
great story keep up the great writing and update soon.
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