Reviews for IATB: The Rise
AzulaLavellan chapter 22 . 7/23
Ryder? Lieutenants Shepard? Yup definitely mass effect cameos! I am so pleased!
AzulaLavellan chapter 22 . 7/23
I am so disappointed in this chapter! How dare you have an Admiral Hackett and not have him in charge of the 5th Fleet! I seriously hope he gets put in charge of the 5th Fleet at some point or at least says “Hackett out.” At least once or my friend Shepard is gonna have to have words!

Okay jokes about mass effect references, my unhealthy obsession with mass effect, and my sarcasm aside, I am so far enjoying this. And the admiral Hackett cameo caught me completely by surprise…tho I will say based on your description of the frigate Wolfsbane, the image of it in my head looks a bit like a stylized Normandy…
Shadowdog11 chapter 27 . 6/20
Overall, liking the direction still. I think spell check might be “helping” incorrectly a few times. Some of the power comparisons don’t make a ton of sense necessarily and you fixed the lean toward Jedi (instead of balanced Guardians) toward the end I felt.
Shadowdog11 chapter 26 . 6/19
Viktor! Or is it John Rico. Roughnecks! (Liked the Starship Troopers scene)
Guest chapter 27 . 6/19
I have admired this story so much and enjoyed every part of it, great writing!

I hope you do a third part, I know its unlikely until your other story with Nox and Game of Thrones is done but I really hope you do! Such a good storyline deserves to be continued.

It would be nice to see them meet Cal and his group if they wander out into the galaxy again not to mention you could even bring in Celeste Morne since she would have been released around this time.
Shadowdog11 chapter 17 . 6/18
You seem to have gone awfully Jedi here with them. Ahsoka’s hesitancy makes sense with her history, but her specifically requested Sith training would’ve at least tempered that. Bit of torture and death for the doctor would not have been too far a step with the moral borders you’ve established before. That’s honestly the first time in either story (I think) I disagreed with the behaviors or reactions.
dextron11 chapter 27 . 5/30
I thoroughly enjoyed this story, and I hope the next part comes out soon. That being said, I do have several criticisms.
The first and biggest remains Luna’s portrayal. While she did improve somewhat from the beginning of the story, she remains little more than a plot device for delivering exposition. We never see her except in her role as a Seer, and she never seems to relate to any of her friends except in that way.
For example, when Vitiate sought to possess Harry, Luna didn’t tell the girls to help him because he was their friend and she was worried about him. She told them because she saw it in a vision. That would have been a good opportunity to have her relate to her friends on a more human level, and perhaps just realize the meaning of her vision in the background.
The other issue I have is the Mass Effect characters being brought in so suddenly. I don’t mind the additional crossover, and they were handled well, but it was very jarring. Going forward, I hope they don’t take up too much of the center stage. They aren’t what people came here to read about, no matter how well integrated you make them.
Overall, I to ink this is a great setup for the Guardians to head into the wider galaxy. I think the biggest problem you will have going forward is having too many characters vying for screen time. Please don't fall for the trap of overcrowding the story. Let Harry and Ahsoka take up the majority of the time.
dextron11 chapter 1 . 5/27
I really liked the first part of this story, and it looks like I will enjoy this part as well. That being said, there is one major issue I have with how you are handling Luna. You are using her as basically a plot device, delivering dues ex advice and information rather than writing a believable reason for the group to learn it.
This wouldn’t be so bad if there was more to her character, but so far there isn’t. It would be better if she at least got frustrated at delivering these obscure riddles and not knowing their meaning. That would give her some conflict to grow from. As it is, she is pretty one dimensional.
JustAnotherFan217 chapter 27 . 5/25
Masterpiece. Loved everything about it, and am really looking forward to the future. I do hope Nox starts integrating the other races more fully though. Imagine centaur Guardians, and Mermen walking around with droid legs and water suits. It’s be awesome.

The Harry Ashoka relationship is well done, and the balance between him and Nox as main liners works well. Kenobi as the new grandmaster is awesome, I can’t wait for Vader’s surprise at his improvement. Can’t wait for the continuation, though I admit that I love your current, sorcerer in the north, story as well. Keep up the great work!
husivarga1412 chapter 27 . 5/25
Is this dead or are you planing to continue with next arc? :)
grechri chapter 27 . 4/28
Utterly amazing. The detail and how everything connects is awesome. I really didn’t see the deathly hallows as horcruxes coming and that was amazing. I really loved the relationship between Ahsoka and Harry, the two of them simply fit together incredibly well.

I also loved the way you honored the characters in the books and fanon. Like how Daphne would be closer to Jedi with the Ice Queen personality and how Harry would have problems with falling to the Dark Side because of his troubles controlling his emotions. I loved all of it. I think that over the course of the next story that Harry, Daphne and Susan should be made Masters. I’m not sure how it works in canon, but I believe in any rate that the faced enough trials to deserve that. One story I read mentioned that they would need to train an apprentice to the level of knight to be granted that distinction, so that might work as an idea. That when the other are facing their trials on Odessen.

One aspect I absolutely loved was the way you introduced and used the SW wars characters. Bringing in Ventress and Master Fay was amazing. I love Fay as a character even though there isn’t much in the chapter.

I think the best parts of your writing are the plans coming together and working against each other as well as the fights and battles. The way Nox has a plan for everything is awesome, but you also make the opposition capable. They each plan what they can and try to counter moves from each other. And the battle and fight scenes are clearly well planned and thought out. I can see the tactics that go into it instead of one fight with the main enemy and a few mentions of what is happening around it like often in stories. In IATB you pace the fight out but also connect enough across the battle that it simply feels real.

I hope you continue this story, because you are seriously gifted as an author/writer. Your characters are realistic and awesome. The story is unique and genuine. Simply amazing. If you decide at any point not to continue with the story then I hope you would at least consider posting the outline of what you have. I just want to know what you have planned.
Brezer chapter 7 . 3/13
fkn love you got the clones in this thank you
zedwolfshifted chapter 3 . 3/7
Deus ex maxima
TheWateringWizard chapter 27 . 3/5
I always forgot to comment on the different Mass Effect cameos when they came up ! But there was the Shepards (obviously), Anderson, Joker and our dear Miranda !

Wow, what an incredible story... an amazing blending of Harry Potter and Star Wars. An absolutely fantastic read from start to this chapter. There was everything you’d want: a cool beginning, where Nox builds her power up and dazzles everyone up to the point where the Hogwart gang take a fucking trip in space ! Then the introductions of the vilains and the rise of the conflict which culminated in a crushing low point. To top it off, a fantastic final battle.

I know a ton of people harass you, waiting for the next story but I also love Song of a Northern Sorcerer and I’m glad you’re writing this story. I know that when you decide to tackle the next IATB book, it’ll be fantastic.
TheWateringWizard chapter 26 . 3/5
HOLY FUCK WHAT A CLIMAX ! So my prediction didn’t fully come to pass. I guess the “Harry possessed by Vitiate” was kinda obvious, but I’m glad we didn’t end on a big ass cliffhanger
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