Reviews for The Last Straw
Guest chapter 80 . 7/11
Love this story, I stop reading it for a bit but it’s nice to catch up and find out what’s happening in the life of Harry and Tim. Can’t wait for the next chapter
kittyranma chapter 80 . 7/3
wonderful, though I do wish there was more action. Keep up the great work.
Erimenthe chapter 80 . 7/1
Bring on the family lmao. I hope this is going to be a good thing for Tim, Hadrian and the kids. Ooh, maybe there will be someone there that is magical (maybe one of the younger kids too) that will allow them to not have to worry so much. I hope that Amanda will be able to accept her former favorite cousin and family and that they all show the Admiral what for.
Erimenthe chapter 79 . 7/1
Ooh, I don't know whether to hope she does see something or not now. Either way I can see things getting sticky no matter if it was the Admiral's decision or her fear that led to Tim's magic being bound. Ugh, having him home and Her deciding to not visit because of him would really cause problems wouldn't it.

I really hope Tim's mom decides to stay with them for Thanksgiving, but at the same time I want them all to be able to go to his aunts for dinner and have them all accept Hadrian and the kids, just to show his mom that it's ok and so the Admiral gets a blasting from some other part of the family too lol.
alya88 chapter 80 . 6/29
super tolle geschichte würde mich freuen wenn du weiter updatest. würde zu gerne wissen wie es weiter geht
sanders1800 chapter 80 . 6/28
Just found your story and took me a couple of days to read it. Love it, and can't wait for an update.
Serpent91 chapter 80 . 6/27
Well written indeed
asdf chapter 80 . 6/27
God I love this story. I can't wait for the next update and see what happens at Thanksgiving. 3
erica.phoenix16 chapter 80 . 6/25
Thanks for updating. :)
Merlenyn chapter 80 . 6/20
XD Ooooooo family dinner is going to be interesting... lol I wonder what they'll all think when Tim shows up with Hadrian and their three kids? Ooo I also wonder if there are any secret magicals in the family that they kept hidden from the Admiral all these years? It'd be interesting it someone took one look at Hadrian and the children and realized they were magical. Heh

Also, love the chat at work with his team, and Gibbs sympathy for poor Hadrian stuck home with the Mother In Law... XD I'm kinda looking forward to him dropping by to visit and check out Heather and check on Hadrian. lol I hope we get to see it anyway. That and when Ducky visits and if it's before or not until they plan a dinner party to introduce the team to Heather properly.

The conversation about family was interesting too, and I wonder if the next child Tim and Hadrian try for ends up being a boy or if they end up with another girl... I really really hope they get the boy they need to keep Draco from claiming the Slytherin inheritance from Hadrian... WITHOUT having to use those spells to ensure a male magical child being born because I'd really rather not risk seeing Hadrian fall deathly ill, lose his magic, or DIE just to keep Draco from getting any more money or political standing.
LunaDragAngel chapter 80 . 6/19
glad to have found this story. dont know how i havent come acrossed it before! very spoiled to have been able 2 years worth of your worktalent in a glorious binge but still eager for your updates. love the working relationshipdynamic beteeen HadrianTimtheir relationships with the various other characters, friends, familytheir children. enjoy the individual personalities of the childrenthe depth of detail put into their Hadrian and Tim's developing life in relationship
yngoldfogee chapter 80 . 6/17
I'm looking forward to thanksgiving and the reactions of the family to what Tim's gone through with his father.
serenityselena chapter 80 . 6/16
that was a great chapter...
looking forward to the family reunion... it promises to be very interesting :)
Criminal Minds Queen chapter 80 . 6/16
Lovely! I truly hope that Heather will find some backbone and stand up to the Admiral. So glad to see Tim being accepted by the rest of his family as well.
little chibi cherub chapter 80 . 6/16
Love this story even more! 3
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