Reviews for THERAPY
RedDragon30000 chapter 1 . 8/18/2016
I found this story very interesting, as it's a context that would be very realistic, and I'm surprised no one has explored something like this before. I loved the way you made it a guessing game with which character is getting therapy, it was an enjoyable puzzle. Even though the therapist here isn't fleshed out that much, you convey a great deal about her in only a short amount of time. She comes across as very smug and superior, and her similarities with the Headmaster don't go unnoticed by Ian, making him even more uncomfortable. Instead of trying to put him at his ease, the therapist's analysis of everything Ian says and does unnerve him, and her own desire to show off her skills backfire, chasing her patient out of the room.

It was interesting seeing Ian in this situation and I feel very sorry for him here. He is nervous enough as it is before he even enters the room, since it was his parent's idea that he see a therapist and not his own. The session is hampered from the start because he clearly is wary about revealing the REAL reason he is so nervous when school is mentioned. He fears (a realistic fear), that the therapist will definitely think him mental if he says why he hated and feared school and the Headmaster so much. Instead, he tries to get around things after accidentally blurting out what was affecting him so much. Ian is clearly deeply affected by learning the truth about the Headmaster, so much so that he doesn't want to look in the therapist's eyes, even though she wouldn't be able to hypnotise him. Poor Ian gets nothing from this session, as he runs out after becoming too freaked out by his therapist and it is unlikely he will do anything like that again.