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ceres vilandra chapter 21 . 7/9
Ashley10155 chapter 21 . 7/6
So cute! I loved this story :)
Queen Risa chapter 21 . 7/6
Yo I love how the fic came circle cuz I gotta admit the title has been kind of bugging me through the whole way cuz I was wondering 'why did she chose this title?' but I totally understand your reasoning and thoughts of it, I get it! And I love the title now! And that little snippet of their lives in the beginning was everything! I mean the breakfast, the sexual suggestion, the cuteness! (tho I really wonder what Mamoru really did suggest in bed XD XD)

And the wedding! PERFECT ENDING! (btw I see what you did there with the heavenly's king's and stuff and I'm not the most biggest fan of those guys but I so do love the add in of them in this fic especially with the names you made for them because who in their right mind really name a child after those kinds of gems in this particular day and age XD!) The whole dancing and their banter and then FUCKING MAMORU IS GOING TO PROPOSE AND HAD THE RING JUST AFTER THREE MONTHS?! (tho I shouldn't be that surprised) I loved the ending, I loved how you did Mamoru and Usagi's relationship, I loved the growth, I loved the characterization, I loved Motoki and Reika, I loved the girls (especially Minako with her schemes XD), I loved the sexual tension, I loved the sex scene, I loved the ending, heck I loved the Heavenly King's even! I LOVED IT! And I'm soo moving on to your other stories and why haven't I favorited this story yet? Damn, why haven't I favorited you? Forgive me for my dumbness and again, loved the whole story!
Queen Risa chapter 20 . 7/6
AWWW the beginning was so good with Usagi being all excited about the penthouse because any one of us would be that excited XD XD and the fluffiness with cakes and pillows and then oh my god was this hot! You know your smut really amazes me because there's a certain flow you create and it doesn't sound mechanical, it sounds very real and so natural and argh I JUST LOVE IT BECAUSE WE ALL BEEN WAITING FOR THIS MOMENT FOR THE SEXUAL TENSION TO BREAK! It was hot, spicy, and god Mamoru's reaction to Mamo-chan was the cutest! I don't really know how to review smut because I mean - I don't know I just love the way you described how everything went down, it flowed so well!

And the end made me realllllyy chuckle because you think everything is fine and peaceful then an alarm hits ya and I love how you can transition the scene from hella hot to funny so effortlessly! Like girl you got TALENT! And the end was the cherry on top because I could just imagine how that went down with the phone number XD AND OH MY GOD NEXT CHAPTER IS THE LAST CHAPTER!
Queen Risa chapter 19 . 7/6
Oh I forgot to mention last review because I was in a rush but also MOTOKI AND REIKA XD XD Motoki knows of his cupid tendencies and I'm here for it.

Moving to this chapter, I loved the whole embarrassing moment with the waitress and the whole 'maybe take a table outside' was H-I-L-A-R-I-O-U-S! And then I just loved this whole chapter with them talking and you know, ACTING SO CUTE AND COUPLELY! And ohhhhh! I can't wait for next chapter and Usagi's last line killed meeee! XD XD
Queen Risa chapter 18 . 7/6
Alright I retract my statement from last review...THIS WAS MY FAVORITE CHAPTER BECUASE YEESSSSSSSSSSSSSSS THESE TWO FINALLY HAVE FINALLY FOUND OUT AND OH MY GOD WAS IT EVERYTHING I WAS HOPING FOR THIS ENTIRE STORY BECAUSE YES WITH HIM CALLING HER USAKO AND HER REALIZING IT AND BEING UPSET AND THEN THE TENSION IS BROKEN AND IT'S ALL FLUFFY AND HUMORUS BECAUSE THAT'S THEM, TOTALLY THEM! AND I'M STILL ON ALL-CAPS - okay I loved how Usagi was trying so hard to get him to understand and him just brushing her off and then you can see how he realizes 'or shit, maybe she has those feelings too!' and Mamoru falling apart was EVERYTHING to the whole counting out fingers and holding a sign saying I like you and just god everything I can't put into freaking words! I need to keep going (OH MY GOD IT'S ALMOST DONE!)
Queen Risa chapter 17 . 7/6
I LOOOOVVVVEEEEDDDDD THIS CHAPTER! Usagi's nerves and thoughts were so beautifully put together and you fleshed it out soo good that I swear MY stomach was twisting along with hers! Her denying that she could be more than his friend was so good because we all KNOW that he so wants to be more than friends with her too! I just god I loved Usagi's perspective and how it flowed and how it was worded so freaking AMAZING, STUNNINGLY, BEAUTIFULLY!

And Mamoru's self denial? Literally I'm out of words here so I'm just going to say I'm like speechless! Both their thoughts were hilarious, emotionally packed, and so so so perfect for their headspaces. I very much laughed at Mamoru when he realized it was Motoki who had set it up! And oh my god I keep screaming at my screen because don't these two dumbos realize they like - oh please love at this point - each other? And I don't know if you do this on purpose but I love how they parallel each other's thoughts with fear and the last lines of she/he could do this. Shows ya that they are really more alike than they thoughhhttt ;) Time for the big chapter of realizations (I hope!)
Queen Risa chapter 16 . 7/6
OH MY GOOOOOODDDDDDDDD! MY HEART! IT'S SHATTERED A BILLION TIMES! Your whole writing in this chapter was fantastic (no surprise here) but it was just the way you wrote all of Usagi's confused thoughts and feelings so well and emotional, and I loved her realization moment and it was all so beautiful and breathtaking and I ran out of words because I have to get to the next chapter NOW! I loved it, loved it, loved it, loved, love! Motoki always being the matchmaker even in times of need like this when hope all seems lost and OH MY GOD MAMORU CAN NOT FREAKIN LEAVE ARE YOU KIDDING ME!? F**k Kyoto, STAY IN TOKYO! Argh I'm a huge mess I need to keep going!
Queen Risa chapter 15 . 7/5
Alright this is going to be short cuz I have to get to the next chapter like right NOW! The beginning was so fluffy with them going through the funhouse, poor little Mamoru made my heart hurt wanting to go through the house with her! And then I love him staring at her butt XD XD But I have no words for the end with the emotions spinning out of control. I'll leave it here as you should be VERY proud of this chapter cuz you certainly made me feel things! A-M-A-Z-I-N-G and well written to the fullest extent.
Queen Risa chapter 14 . 7/4
This was everything I wanted the fair chapter to be! Amazingly good, wow! Alright first off with Mamoru's oh so sweet (and rated R XD) thoughts about Usagi in the beginning with her hair and cuteness left me in a puddle of goo (good goo, I assure you). And then he got all scared because what if he doesn't get the Tokyo job and leaves the city, never sees her again, I love this because you can tell that for once, he has something to lose for once, he has someone! And I just love that aspect! Plus that licking the sugar off the thumb bit created so much more sexual tension!

And then Usagi getting jealous was hilarious and her cover ups XD XD girl you ain't fooling no one XD XD Mamoru immediately catches on and AGAIN the way you write their chemistry is addicting to me! And something tells me the funhouse next chapter is going to give me some more of that ;)
Queen Risa chapter 13 . 7/4
Nah, I love characterization and this whole Dance Club arc was sooo good! And YES MAMORU FINDS THE DAMN LIGHT (kind of). Victory! I LOVED Mamoru's realization over his feelings, seamlessly put together and like I've said I love how you write Mamoru's point of view cuz WOW! Emotions on point 100%, I am so ready for him to chase her cuz I always feel like Mamoru should fall first in any story or version cuz its Mamoru you know?

Then we got Usagi still in the denial river over here and I love her thought of "I'm a good person. I give spare change to people on the street and hold doors open for old ladies. What more does the world want!" I really just burst out laughing at both these love bird's thoughts XD XD Seriously amazing pining writing! I can not wait for the fair "date"
Queen Risa chapter 12 . 7/4
SEE SEIJURO NO ONE WANTS YOU HERE! Wow this chapter was jam-packed full of drama and juiciness with Seijuro being a hella creep (callllllllleeeeddd it!), Usagi totally zoning out and almost collapsing with that creep, Mamoru coming and saving the day (god knows what he said to Seijuro and I don't think I wanna know anyway), AND that ALMOST kiss! Why you gotta tease us like that Wishwars? I swear the sexual tension is so thick I literally could choke on it while reading! Girl, I have literally ran out of words to describe your writing. Amazing, beautiful, amusing, engaging everything! Like that build of that kiss was EVERYTHING (can't be that easy tho of course) your details, descriptions again what the heck! So spot on and clear picture! But god did I want that kiss to happen! They both were so ready for it and so was I! Arggghhhhhh the tension even down to that last line!
Queen Risa chapter 11 . 7/4
No, no, no I loved this chapter! Minako's character is so fun to play with right?! I enjoyed her perspective a lot because it's always fun to see what's happening in that blonde head of hers with her schemes and all XD XD Minako: the original Usagi and Mamoru shipper XD XD And I loved the quip of if Mamoru was a blonde instead XD And then her jealousy plan was flawless with Mamoru not all be subtle with listening in XD XD Again the girl scenes written so well and I can picture so clearly the atmosphere and what they're saying! This was not a waste of a chapter trust me, characterization off the charts and who doesn't love Minako insight?!
Queen Risa chapter 10 . 7/4
First off, congrats on the 300 reviews! I just noticed that I put you over the big three-o-o and your story totally deserves it! Anywayyyy, again loved the dynamic of the girls, I love your girls scenes cuz comedy is truly in your veins XD XD Minako's sneaky attempt joke with the hot guy at the bar was so well timed and perfectly delivered and Usagi trying to not look at him when Mamoru came over, the back pats, ahhhhhhh! I looovee this! And DAMN YOU SEIJURO! NOBODY WANTS YOU HERE! I was soooo looking forward to that dance! Usagi would have eventually said yes to Mamoru despite all facts but now, now we got this not-evil-alien-but-in-my-eyes-he-still-is Seijuro! Bright-side drama drama cuz Mamoru is definitely sending death glares at him and I can only imagine the next chapter goodness! See, see, see, another thing, your writing keeps me at the edge of my seat! Oh and happy 301th review XD XD (I think?)
Queen Risa chapter 9 . 7/4
Argh! I'm so bad with words without a thesaurus so I'm sorry but again amazing work! I can't describe it but your writing draws you into their emotions and thoughts soooo well! I especially love Mamoru's point-of-view cuz just your writing with his denial but attraction and mental fighting with himself and just god! Feelings are so messy, you're right. I've noticed a thread through the chapters and Mamoru's thoughts and that's the fact that Usagi really has grown up and changed in his mind and I think he's just struggling with the fact that he had been away for such a long time. Beautiful work as always! And I can't to see if that dance happens ;) ;)
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