Reviews for A Rose and a Lion
procopias chapter 90 . 5/21
Still lovimg this after two years... I'm out of time now but I'll post a review on the most recent recent chapters soon!
RHatch89 chapter 90 . 5/17
Awesome update :)
Dagon Fell chapter 90 . 5/14
the plot thickens, and this is so much better than the garbage hbo shows us these days
Gasizol chapter 80 . 5/13
Tyrion’s abandonment of KL and his brother to die was uncharacteristic even if he was mad. Jaime’s death was pointless and anti-climatic. He should have stayed at the city, somehow destroyed Cercei’s and Petyr’s scheme, then shipped Cercei and Jaime to Essos.

Here’s what should have gone in my opinion.

Tyrion repelled the first attack from Stannis. Joeffrey killed by Jaqen sometime later or sth. After the siege was lifted, Margaery moved to Highgarden away from her husband. They wouldn’t see each other for a long time. Tyrion was in trouble from being besieged by both Robb’s and Stannis’s force in a second wave. Margaery later realized that he had Tyrion’s baby. This emotionally moved her, then she decided to move the reach army to lift the siege on KL, saving Tyrion. The reunion would be emotional, and they would win in the end.

That’s how I think how it should have progressed. But this is your story. You can write however you want. I will continue reading to see what are in store.
Gasizol chapter 58 . 5/12
Bronn was out of character here
dragonblade3200 chapter 37 . 5/11
Oh thank the old gods, I thought Cat was going to do something stupid... Again.
Irelandgal131 chapter 90 . 5/11
So sad! another good chapter. just curious, how far along is this story? totally wouldn't mind if it were the same length as the other one :)
Nikola1488 chapter 90 . 5/11
cant wait for next chapter
Melody Lynn Kamiya chapter 90 . 5/11
Like the last chapter my heart bleeds for Margaery as well. (I also noticed the part of the Tudors it's fitting yet cry worthy when reading it. Just as heartbreaking as it was in that show and to read.)

I hope her and Tyrion can maybe come to have some of the love they showed each other like before.

My heart bleeds for Mira, Margaery, Tyrion and the Starks.
krasni chapter 90 . 5/11
Great chapters

So many chapters together, that I could not put reviews in all the chapters.
But here goes.

Jon, he did was not tactful with Stannis, he has a great sense of honor, it's impossible that he does not say anything about his suspicion of Renly's killer.

Mel noticed Dragon's blood on the wolf, but she does not know what it is, his doubts were the most curious.

The battle very much in favor of Stannis, I do not know, I would have expected that the north give more fight, I Know that Mel's sacrifices give power to their army, but losing half of his army in only one battle, it seemed to me Too much, I know it gives more drama, but I do not know, there are too many men for just one battle, how the northerners plan to endure a war after that.

I wonder if that lost battle, was not just a way for the Lannister to join the Stark (they have Sansa after all and that will make Robb more calm to them, after all Joffrey and Cercei are dead).

I think that Marge, will give her dwarf a chance, I wonder what the two politicians will do from now, can join the Stark (with sansa as leverage) or Stannis, although I doubt the latter since he sure wants to kill all the Lannister.

I do not remember what happened with Will, I know that Mira married or will married him, but she is with Marge. So I'm not sure what happened to the other Tyrells after the battle at Kings Lannding.

Great chapters
a greeting
magnus374 chapter 90 . 5/11
There was so many things for Margaery to think about here, no wonder she got some troubling dreams.
Bearmauls chapter 90 . 5/10
Good chapter, although I think you need to signpost better the transition from reality to dream, I was very confused.
Melody Lynn Kamiya chapter 89 . 5/10
My heart bleeds for Mira and her family for the lost of her brother...

I can't wait to see from Margaery.
talyn01 chapter 89 . 5/8
One would think that news of what Stannis has done (the burning of prisoners) would spread and support for him would start to fall away. He's doing the same thing that the Mad King did and he's doing it in the name of a foreign god. Will the truth of Jon's birth be revealed? The red woman already suspects something about him?
magnus374 chapter 89 . 5/8
A great victory for Stannis, not a clean one but a big victory. The problem is that there won't be easy getting any new soldiers and Stannis has a lot of enemies, himself one of the greater.
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