Reviews for The Magic of Deduction
SiSiren chapter 32 . 6/17
So, I just found this beautiful work of art Friday (?) morning. It is now Sunday afternoon and I have finished what you have posted and I have no idea what I can do. I am completely entranced with your writing and how it works, and I love the little bits of history you put between. The Peverall (?) brothers are the three boys from the tale of Beedle and the Bard, and I really enjoy seeing that part. I what you are writing. Continue doing it, and take your time. Writing is difficult!
Nekocchin chapter 32 . 6/16
AAAHHH! HOW COULD YOU JUST FINISH THE CHAPTER THERE?! I reading your historys all week and it's all amazing, but that is the one I more capivate, maybe because is the longest until now, but you are one of my favorite author now and I am expecting another chapters, I know that is a while that you don't post anything but O have fate in one gone back!
Nya0701 chapter 11 . 6/15
OMG I just realised that Mrs. Hudson is NEVILLE! I missed the AN saying she was in this story the first time round and only just figured it out the third time reading! OMG... I need a moment...
spookytrash chapter 32 . 6/6
.GOD. I love this story so much!
Can't wait for the next chapter!
BlueSeraphos chapter 32 . 6/6
I absolutely love this story! I’m so glad I got curious about this community ( X-over of HP and Sherlock homes )! Please please please make it so that Sherlock deduces correctly that his core had been bound and that Dumbledore did it. The fallout would be amazing. Also I can’t wait to see how Ginny reacts when Sherlock doesn’t remember the last few months at all. That would be priceless.
Cass chapter 32 . 6/6
This is the best story so far that I have read! I am in love with this fanfic I just can't wait for the next chapter! Thank you for writing this I hope that you don't abandon this story yet. 3
Lexithewitch chapter 32 . 5/31
Your story is one of, if not my most, favorite stories on this website.
Naimena chapter 32 . 5/31
This is hands down one of the best rebirth stories I've ever read, I truly enjoyed it. I love the plot and the way you succeeded in keeping Sherlock true to his character. I'll be waiting for the updates! Thanks for a great read
PurpleBullet chapter 32 . 5/31
I can't wait until you post the next chapter.
T'hy'laReborn chapter 32 . 5/30
Update please~
Nikki chapter 32 . 5/30
Love your work! I usually avoid Sherlock/harry potter crossovers but this has been amazing from the start!
The MaskedKiwi chapter 32 . 5/28
This is my second time reading your story and I still can’t get over how much I love it! I love the relationship between John and Sherlock! This is masterfully written. I’m quite excited to see how it’ll play out with Sherlock being back, after his terrible trapped second year.
ArinMystic chapter 32 . 5/26
I love it so much! Please make a new chapter soon!
Zelshia chapter 32 . 5/25
Ok, so... I just finished reading everything you have so far and... WOW. That about sums it up, I feel like I would take too long to really explain how this story grabs my attention or just how well written this story is, so I’ll just say keep doing whatever you’re doing because you’re doing it perfectly. Thank you for writing this story.
Ash0011 chapter 32 . 5/25
yays, he's getting a pet basilisk
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