Reviews for The Magic of Deduction
Lyova chapter 35 . 11/23
This was, all around, a great story. I actually got mad at the angst part and took a break, haha. Hope you're still alive and interested in updating; this really is a wonderful and unique story, and a happy (usually living) author is (sometimes) an active author.
DeadJane chapter 35 . 10/22
yassss this was sooooooo good i just know im going to love Sherlock freeing his uncle
DeadJane chapter 25 . 10/20
yaaaaaas Ginny always smelled like a Slytherin also i almost feel sorry for tom if he ever attacks Collin
DeadJane chapter 15 . 10/19
oh thank the magic for Snape, just imagine the Holmes reactions
DeadJane chapter 14 . 10/19
heyyyy dude dont make cry so much damn i love your twists one the og storyline
DeadJane chapter 13 . 10/19
hahahhahahahahhahah that last bit was kinda halerius cause im pretty sure if they meet properly Sherlock will rip him a new one with lines like "is this it? With how people fear you I'd thought you'd be intresting"
DeadJane chapter 11 . 10/19
ha reading this ive always had a theory Miss Hudson was either reborn as Nevil or Hermoines cat
DeadJane chapter 9 . 10/19
is it bad that when you mentioned Sherlock throwing a hash brown the first mental image I got was a house elf catching it with a baseball mitt, cause the house elfs are just so used to Sherlock throwing food and stuff
DeadJane chapter 7 . 10/19
gawds I LOVE your version of Snape ! Also the gangs personality mash is SOOOOOO good. Honestly Mycroft /Dracco mix is just the best oh boi THATS WHAT I CALL A TRUE PURE BLOOD not those 'I'm a pure blood I'll tell daddy'
CantGetEnoughOfU chapter 24 . 10/16
"there goldfish not brainless"
"of course, how rude of me"
HAHAHAHAHAH this story is the best! there is no chaper nor day I've read this that can't make me smile or laugh so hard HAHAH
Steph1215 chapter 35 . 10/11
Yumi Edogawa chapter 35 . 8/14
Oh dear... Sirius is too impulsive to act wisely, especially since he just found out Harry might be in danger and that his relatives don't care and mistreated him. Sherlock will not be happy if he ends up killing them... that would devastate Sirius once they finally meet. Hopefully Severus will actually listen to reason if he ends up seeing Sirius.

Yoko-Kiryuu Bikutoria Kurama chapter 4 . 8/14
Question is this more au than X-over because Colin doesn't join the school untill Their 2nd year? Just curious this isn't me being a snob about accuracy i assure you although I know that it could come across as that way hence me adding this bit.
TrumpasaurusRex chapter 18 . 8/12
"We've secured a marriage contract for you!" his mother smiled grandly, as though she expected her son to start leaping for joy.

"What?" he asked "Who?" Please not Pansy, please not Pansy, please not Pansy, please not Pansy, please not Pansy…

"Why Mr. Potter, of course," Lucius smiled genially. "We noticed how fond you are of him. I think you'll be pleased to know that Dumbledore approves as well, being Sherlock's magical guardian. If Sherlock is returned to Hogwarts next semester happy and safe, Dumbledore agreed to sign the contract."

Mycroft could say nothing, but his brain was going a thousand miles an hour. "We won't be able to produce any heirs." He said quickly, feeling ill at the thought of it.

"Nonsense," Lucius brushed away concerns. "Potter tested positive as a bearer."

CRINGE. Male pregnancy fics are ridiculous.
Dirtyreeds chapter 35 . 8/1
This entire book is fantastic! Are you going to make more chapters or make a new book for his third/fourth year?
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