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argent82 chapter 15 . 10/13/2016
Lol, it was meant to be :) Loved the last chapter! Is there a possibility of a fluff piece (or even M rated ;) ) after Robin gets out of jail? That'd be awesome! So happy that everyone got a happy ending at the end and that Raven realized how much Robin was willing to sacrifice just to be with her. Can't wait to get started on your horror piece.
Meee chapter 15 . 9/29/2016
AGH I WANNA CRY so many good things have ended for me today... I just finished a great show I was watching, and now, this story too.:'( But hey, thanks for writing such a great story, even though I was shippin Speedy and Raven, I enjoyed this very much... :')
Lilac Shimmer chapter 15 . 9/28/2016
Yay, it's finally done. I was both anticipating and dreading this final chapter.
I don't know what I was expecting, but it wasn't this. I say that in a good way. I expected some sort of uplifting note, but this is waaayyyyy better.

I was thinking for a moment there that the thing you went back on was X not being a romantic interest. It was almost starting to look like that's where his whole 'picking up the pieces' role was heading. Glad you didn't go there. One of the things that tends to bug me in stories (and I can put up with a lot in fic) is when a guy/girl has every damn person in the cast chasing after them.

I'm glad Speedy and Raven really cleared the air. It almost feels a little wrong though that he was so encouraging to her about Robin. I guess it just reads a little weird, but maybe it's a way of alleviating some guilt over what he did to Robin?

It kinda sucks that Robin has basically been shunned by everyone, but I suppose him getting Raven in the end makes up for it a lot.

I'm totally up for a Halloween-y story. As long as it's not too grisly. I don't do torture type fic.
argent82 chapter 14 . 9/28/2016
Daaannnngg, loved this last chapter. I'm still rooting for Raven/ Robin (Red X) in this. I'm hoping that Raven can get past it and can forgive him. Hoping Bruce can convince the DA not to press any charges. Hope to read the conclusion soon :)
Meee chapter 14 . 9/9/2016
Dang... Idk how, but I really didn't see that coming. Like I'm so amazed right now, idk what to say. Robin did a good job.
Meee chapter 14 . 9/9/2016
SatelliteStunner chapter 14 . 9/8/2016
Okay, so it's totally me again. See, this is the reason this site needs an editing function. It would save me from looking nuts making 5 billion little comments about everything that pops into my head. lol I could've just saved it for the next chapter, but eh, I'm sure I'll have 10,000 things to say about that one too.

Anyway, I keep forgetting to tell you that I'm so glad you put CyJinx together. I know they were just an afterthought in the background, but I'm glad they were there. I only ship these 2 with each other.
They're the only pairing/potential pairing from the Go cartoon that I actually find viable.
But then, Go is ridiculous. I mean I don't loathe it and actually do find it funny, but in an absurd sort of way. It's gotta be like, some sort of parody or satire right?
Lilac Shimmer chapter 3 . 9/8/2016
Man, I should really get all my thoughts out before clicking send.

I just have so many emotions. It's mostly that it feels like everyone is just gonna end up miserable. I know there's still another chapter, but even if you do choose to end things on a hopeful note, I can't help but think that it'll just be bittersweet.
Okay, I guess I'm mostly just annoyed that my fave ends up coming out of this looking so horrible, and Raven ends up looking like god-damned fool. And poor Speedy just had to be dragged into it too. :( That's not a knock on your writing or anything, I'm just pouting.

That's what this post is. Total childish whinyness and disappointment from not getting what I wanted. :P

I can't wait to see what you do with a pure WAFF story. If you ever do one. As much as a dramatic one like this hits me in the feels, I'd probably combust from something totally fluffy. lol
Lilac Shimmer chapter 14 . 9/8/2016
There, finally! There's the conflicted emotions I wanted to see from Raven.

Holy crap, one of my Red X theories actually panned out. Yes!
A few chapters back when Red X was totally waxing poetic over Raven's eyes, I figured, it's gotta be one of the guys who knows and loves her. You had already told us that X was only going to be a friend and Jason doesn't seem like the type. So, I started thinking that there's a possibility that Red X is Speedy or Robin.
Honestly, I didn't even take into account the fact that Robin was the original Red X. I guess I'm just so used to considering Jason as Red X that it didn't occur to me, maybe.

Damnit Robin! Nice way to betray her you moron. And I thought Raven was her own worst enemy. Turns out, he's got the same problem. :(

This story has made me realize that if there's the remote possibility of RobRae happening, I'm totally going to root for it. No matter how badly I wanted to be impartial, let's face it, I was always on for Robin.
I really think the only thing that could deter me and get me against it is in situations where like, Robin has dumped her and/or played her against another girl (which usually happens to be poor Starfire).

Oh, and the reason the Speedy shooting thing bothers me so much is because, if he had time to cock the gun (or click off the safety, whatever the little click Raven heard was) and then shoot, it means he had enough time to freaking stop himself from making such a horrible decision. Had the gun already been cocked and it was just a mere matter of pulling the trigger, I'd probably feel a little differently.

I'm a friggin Pollyanna, so I vote for some kind of hopeful ending. I do enjoy the drama, but I'm the type who likes stories to end on a happy/happy-ish note. I guess it's because I'm an optimist. Thank you for steering clear of too much outright angst. Too many 10/Rose stories where the writers were trying to outdo the show in terms angsty-ness totally turned me off of the concept.
argent82 chapter 13 . 9/6/2016
Eeee loved the last two chapters... Chapter 12 reminded me why Robin and Raven fit so well together. Now, I'm rooting for Robin and Raven again instead of wanting her to be by herself. However, that last line in Chapter 12 makes me think she may be by herself. Can't wait to read more :)
Meee chapter 13 . 9/5/2016
I'm not really mad at Speedy, and it's not because of my love for his character, it cause he has a right to be mad. First, when Raven first starts staying out late with Robin, he was like "I hope when I wake up in the middle of the night you're there" or something like that to Raven, and she proceeded to not not show up. Second, he works late nights, and pays all this money for this ring for Raven. Then, after proposing to her, he sees her on TV gettin it on in a public place with some boy(Robin). Then, he can't even go home without seeing his girl get it on in his bed with Robin, his nemesis from the old days. I'D BE MAD TOO. And we knew that boy was crazy in love from the start.

Now, let's talk about Raven. She was screwed from the moment Robin showed up at her door, and she decided not to tell Speedy.

Mm... Just... I can't tell if she let her booty call become her main, or if she let her main become her booty call.
Meee chapter 13 . 9/5/2016
Oh my. Now Lian's gonna have a really screwed up life. The poor child... smh

Lilac Shimmer chapter 13 . 9/5/2016

Roy was the obvious choice, but I was really hoping that he wouldn't be the shooter. :(
But then, who else could it be? If Robin/Raven had been somewhere else, it would've opened up the suspect list, but given that they were at Raven/Speedy's place, there weren't exactly a lot of ways to go. I suppose he had to do something a little less than saintly sooner or later (Robin and Raven couldn't be the only ones being jerks and making mistake after mistake I guess), though.

I'd say the blame should be 90/10, (80/20 at the the least) Speedy's fault. Robin and Raven aren't exactly innocent as we all know. But, it wasn't self-defense and Speedy wasn't in a life or death situation, so pulling that trigger was a massive blunder. I've always thought 'Crime of Passion' was one of the weakest defenses, right up there with 'Temporary Insanity' though, so I'm biased that way.

Robin could've died. It'd make sense if he couldn't forgive Speedy (ever or otherwise). In my books there are only ever a few situations where shooting another person is justified. Infidelity is not one of them no matter how hurtful it might be.
But, forgiveness and sympathy are two different things and don't have to go hand in hand. I think it'd make sense, after some deliberation, for Robin to feel for Speedy over the whole situation (minus the shooting). Esp. since he's been deliberately going after Raven. I know he's already shown flashes of guilt, but maybe a moment of true remorse wouldn't be so bad.

As for Raven, being mad at Robin wouldn't make any sense. I know her guilt is causing her to want to shoulder the blame, but ultimately, they aren't the ones who pulled the trigger. Roy made that decision all on his own. He could've slugged Robin, or confronted the cheating pair, or did any number of things, but he made the decision to use the gun.

This doesn't kill my love for Speedy, but it damaged it an awful lot. I feel like maybe I'm not giving him enough benefit of the doubt, but like I said, I've always found the whole 'heat of passion' excuse to be an extremely flimsy defense. Maybe I just don't really understand it because I've, thankfully, never really been involved in that type of situation.

This is some good drama. Like General Hospital, before the mob started dominating the show. This is like, my fix until the fall TV season starts up. Granted, the only drama I actually watch is Vikings. The rest are sitcoms. Maybe I should find myself a nice night-time soap to start watching. lol
Lilac Shimmer chapter 2 . 9/4/2016
OKay, so I had more to say about the latest chapter after ruminating on it a bit. I really wish this site would just let you edit your comments or let you post more than one review per chapter.

Anyway, I have to give you props for your shocking twist. I honestly didn't see that one coming. When you said something horrible was gonna happen, I totally thought it was gonna be Raven getting raped or something along those lines. It's one of the classic tropes and I guess my mind just immediately went there. I'm glad you avoided that though.

Also, I think I figured out what was different about Raven that totally caused me to fall back into the shipper trap like a freaking sap. Cause honestly, I really really thought I was on board the "she doesn't deserve either of them" train, but she and Rob were just being too adorable and I just can't help it. The squees came out and the whole thing just had me smiling.
Her emotions felt real for once. So, like, before; when she was with Robin it always comes across as lust. With Speedy, it tends to read as convenience.
For the first time, though, it actually came across how much she cares about both guys. I do think she feels much more for Robin. That could be a combo of the shipper blinders and the fact that Rob was the guy actually in the scenes with her though.

It's weird. I wanna be able to root for her and Speedy too (even though I did come in totally biased for Robin) because I think it makes for a stronger triangle when you're truly torn about how you want things to end up (even though you basically already told us that she's not getting either guy, but still), but I just haven't been able to thus far. I feel that X was right about how Speedy loves Rae more than she does him. I don't know if it was your intention, but it almost seems like she's with him out of obligation and because it's just easier to stay with him than to end things and blow it all up. So, I guess I'm just really on the 'Speedy is too damn good for her' train.

Jeez, I really gotta stop writing you these essays. Most of my comments (for other stories) tend to be maybe 5 lines at the most, but I'm practically giving you dissertations here, lol.
Meee chapter 12 . 9/3/2016
*gasp* smh. I can't.
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