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Carlisle Fan 22 chapter 27 . 5/1
Wow I loved everything about this chapter. Except the part where Chavez found D.D. Hey you keep your evil hands off him! He's a sweet little guy and you don't deserve him. I loved the part with Shade and the others meeting Denise but I do feel bad for her. Come on Elliot you could at least talk to her after that one date. And now Goth and Melody are slowly making progress. I like how she got a glimpse of her former self in the water. Are we going to see the same in Goth? That would be cool.
Queen Lily Rose Fire chapter 27 . 4/30
Omg absolutely LOVE this series! Thanks so much for making it. Already can’t wait for the next chapter.
Queen Lily Rose Fire chapter 27 . 4/30
Omg absolutely LOVE this series! Thanks so much for making it. Already can’t wait for the next chapter.
Guest chapter 27 . 4/29
SyfyGuy2 chapter 27 . 4/27
This may have been short, but it was a really delightful new chapter! :) :) I can't believe half a year's flown by, even though I had to look back to remind myself where the characters left off last chapter.

I rather liked the tension when Denise in her feral state had Elliot cornered on the branch. :) :) When Elliot was about to do something he wasn't going to like, I was thinking it was gonna be something grim and grave before he came out with it. You created a real case of bait-and-switch which really surprised me, when it seemed at first that Denise was apologetic then she burst into glee at getting her date. Though I also think you made a good move in having Denise afterwards become genuinely apologetic when she thought she'd injured Elliot - whilst I honestly like Denise, I think some readers could've ended up finding Denise annoying or a creator's-pet if she hadn't shown an apologetic side in that scene for what happened with her going feral (and I'm speaking in terms of imagining how I think other readers could react rather than what I actually think when I say that). When Caliban mentioned he hopes they're not gonna turn out to be friends with cannibal-bats, I just said, "Ohh, boy..." knowing about Those Two... :) After Caliban's role in that scene, I really get the feeling that he isn't going to respond well to Goth and Melody's current companionship, or to Melody's friendships with Itzel and Throbb if he finds out about that... :O :O

I was surprised that D.D. hasn't gotten as far from the blown-up building as we thought. I was worried when those boots approached that they were going to turn out to be Chavez'. :O Chavez is evil and vile, yet he does have a sense of curiosity about him. When Chavez picked D.D. up, I honestly feared what he would do to the little penguin-bot. :O :O I imagined he'd probably open D.D. up and hook him up with cables into a giant machine in a case of machine body-horror. :O Though I could also imagine that if Chavez does that, D.D. would make like a certain kaiju-bone and make the machinery turn on Chavez' bunch if that happens. :) I also wondered while reading and having that dark thought about what Chavez might do to D.D., if him doing that to D.D. would in turn be foreshadowing of Chavez' own gruesome comeuppance in the future. :) :)

I rather liked the way you wrote Melody's body language when she's dismayed at the start of her and Goth's scene - I could vividly picture it and I could also practically imagine Goth would be eyeing her over his shoulder then looking away whenever she catches him. :) When the pink flashed in front of Melody's vision, I wondered if she was being attacked by Phoenix or having another vision or perhaps even if Chavez' organisation were trying to capture her, before I learned what the source of the pink was. :) I was surprised by and loved seeing Goth actually try to apologise to Melody. I was worried when Melody rejected Goth's initial apology with the flower that he'd lose his temper again and go berserk. :o I'm actually wondering where Goth learned that particular human custom. ;) I LOVED reading Goth and Melody's conversation about apologies and about Melody's romantic history, especially Goth's thoughts about how he'd never once viewed her as "plain", and the way Goth sincerely apologised and Melody accepted it. :) :) I enjoyed reading the moment Melody made a crown out of the flowers, and I chuckled at that little glimpse of Seraphina. ;) ;) When Melody put the crown in the river, the sensitive part of me worried that Goth watching would misinterpret that as her rejecting him. :o And I loved the note this chapter ended on, with Goth and Melody staring across at each-other. :) :)

The reminders of Goth's pact with Zotz in that scene made me feel grim - I wonder what will happen when things come to a head regarding Goth's plan for Melody and Zotz probably wanting her for something else. :O :o I loved reading Melody slowly finding out that Goth and Phoenix's engagement is a betrothal and her reaction, and also how wonderfully Goth's lack of enthusiasm about the idea of marrying Phoenix contrasts so wonderfully in that scene to his thoughts about Melody. :) :) Also, I chuckle at that reference to Goth and Phoenix's canon relationship in the books, when Goth was thinking on what would've happened if humans had never captured him. :) When Melody suggested Goth could use his royal status to annul the engagement, it gave me 'Aladdin' ending vibes yet also made me expect a 'Game of Thrones'-type explanation about how Goth needs to stick to tradition to avoid his subjects rebelling. I quite loved reading about how Goth has scarcely ever had to apologise and scarcely ever felt certain emotions in his entire life - it for me does a bit to help make his old self from the first book seem more monstrous. ;) ;)

Overall, this chapter may have been short, but it was a delightful read with Team Owl and Team Silverwing being reunited and especially with that moment between Goth and Melody at the stream which for me has really helped push their relationship's character development along further. :) :) I look forward to seeing what happens next! :) :)
DONOVAN94 chapter 27 . 4/25
All this delicious character development is just so yummy! I do hope you have the inspiration to give us more soon!
FirecrackerWolf chapter 27 . 4/25
This chapter was definitely worth the wait and I was definitely excited when I saw that you updated the next chapter. I've been having a writer's block myself as well so I know exactly how you feel, but now I must review this chapter XD

Where do I begin? The relationship between Elliot and Denis is by far very hilarious and when Elliot said that he would go out on one date with her so she would snap out of the her hunting state it was hilarious when Denis started to act quirky once more. Can't wait to see how their relationship progresses.

Writing most relationships can definitely be complicated but I think you nailed it with Melody and Goth. The whole flower bouquet thing really does work and I can definitely start to see something intriguing happening between those two ;)

That was a nice touch during the end where we see a little glimpse of Seraphina in the water when Melody was making a flower crown and such and even when Melody got confused when she thought she saw something in the water I get the very feeling she may be somewhere very close to figuring out who she was in the past life. Great chapter as usual and I will definitely be looking forward to the next chapter.
Guest chapter 27 . 4/24
this was a welcome chapter to read.
KJox5 chapter 27 . 4/24
‘Can you feel the love night’
I can’t wait till chapter 28
starrat chapter 27 . 4/24
I loved it so much looking forward to the next chapter
Drago pirate chapter 27 . 4/24
This looks great.
Guest chapter 27 . 4/24
My god... I though You we're dead ir something
Thanks for the chapter it's was amazing ️
dalek empire chapter 26 . 2/12
Cant wait for the next chapter to come out soon.
Guest chapter 26 . 10/26/2020
Cool! Is there another chapter for this story?
Queen Lily Rose Fire chapter 26 . 10/4/2020
I’m absolutely loving this! I’m so happy for another chapter! Now things are getting real interesting. Now I can’t wait to see if ever Goth’s bracelet is ever taken off.
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