Reviews for Trolling the Toad
Guest chapter 4 . 8/9
Can u have him turn up with cat ears and a tail?
KnowInsight chapter 53 . 4/17
Fum story :D
Guest chapter 11 . 4/13
I mean danger detector.
Guest chapter 6 . 4/13
I like how she has harry-does-something-agnist-her detector.
Cadence chapter 33 . 3/31
Not a fan of the shorter chapters, but like the story otherwise.
Forsoothandconquest chapter 4 . 3/26
This doesn’t feel very way accurate to Umbridge.
She would at the very least be taking points from Harry.
All this does is make her do nothing to Harry while Harry does things that she could very easily stop if you had let her.
I love seeing umbridge get comeuppance, but there’s no satisfaction if you make her totally impotent to merely take away points, or take away Harry’s stuff while in detention.
Guest chapter 53 . 3/10
this deserves an epilogue or something and not leave it like that, still a very good story
Busymom75 chapter 16 . 3/6
Toad hairstyle? It would have improved her look...minutely.
Ducky1776 chapter 53 . 2/7
Fun fic! Thanks!
Ducky1776 chapter 50 . 2/7
Ding Dong the Umbitch is gone!
Ducky1776 chapter 19 . 2/4
Slip sliding awaaaaay! Are you sure you can't make her route all the way out of the castle?
Katzztar chapter 10 . 2/4
McGonagall walked away with a spring in her step? Boy she seems ...happy and that makes me suspcious. Either she's amused the kids are getting away with the pranks or... I just remembered a scene in the books when McG walked past Peeves trying to unscrew the lightbulbs, she mumbles that it unscrews in the other direction. I have to wonder if the teachers are also getting in their own pranks against Umbridge.
Katzztar chapter 3 . 2/4
Why yes, Hermione it is different. Here Umbridge already said that time was up. Therefore, detention was over. Hermione, on the other hand, walked out of a class during class time.
So technically Hermione is right they are different... just not how she wanted to present it: Harry was in the wrong for walking out on a teacher... even though what she did could boil down to the same.
Ducky1776 chapter 17 . 2/3
ROFLMTFO! Pepto Umbitch!
Incantations7 chapter 53 . 1/2
Quite humorous to read, and I really wish it had happened in canon…
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