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KatCEstrada chapter 18 . 10/4
Love it!
Sabmcd04 chapter 18 . 9/30
Thoroughly enjoyed "High on Magic" and loved Branches as well. Just saw that there is a new post for "School's Not Out"
mhcalamas chapter 18 . 9/15
OH! I love this healing here! “Hermione was regularly invited to the gatherings at the Burrow- and had been welcomed there with open arms and a lot of tears (and apologies). Though, she wasn't too proud to admit it had been Draco's calming hand on the small of her back which guided her through the first visit.” —and how Draco has been part of it! Huzzah!

Yayyyyyyy! Hermione back as a witch! “She didn't regret for a second that she returned fully to a life as a witch, though there had been problems that needed solving.”

LOVE LOVE LOVE GOOD SWEET ENDINGS! And thank you for this :)
“Draco's and Harry's dream of a complete Quidditch team in the next generation came true: Scorpius Draco Malfoy entered the magical world of his parents - and of course, he'd play Seeker.”

I love seeing how you’ve really grown into your writing with this! It’s a fabulous growth and evolution :) and thank you for sharing your stories
mhcalamas chapter 17 . 9/15
SHE LIVES! And is recovering quite nicely it appears :) yayyyy

Yayayayayayayayyayayy! “The only person I care about is Draco himself. My past is my own, and, like Draco, I've made some decisions that I'm not entirely proud of. The crucial point is that our pasts led us here, and, somehow, even together.” —I very much enjoyed this! So much!

Yessssss! I love this even more! “Secondly, I expect you to come to my office once a week for tea, and once a month for a shopping trip."

What lovely wrap-ups his all is!
mhcalamas chapter 16 . 9/15
Ooooooo! Yesss! Answers! “Yes. A vriend's vather is de owner. Mr. Stevens vas so generous to let me live 'ere."
'Clever,' Hermione thought, 'Hotels have big kitchens. Kitchens that need temperature-controlled storage rooms. Ideal to store delicate potion ingredients.'”

AND MORE ANSWERS! “"Potions vas the only class Jackie vas brilliant in. We used that talent. She vanted Draco to shag her and make her pregnant. I needed money, because the Cannons don't pay enouvh. We'd both made provit from an unknown, addictive and mind-altering substance. And Georgie vas dumb enough to be our guinea pig."
YES! Thank you for letting us see this scene

AHHHHHHHH! “After that too tempting quip, Draco knew Viktor must come to the realisation that the whole thing had been a setup. Even Malfoys didn't insult their witches when they loved them, like he did back in the office. But for Krum, the proverbial Snitch was caught too late.
With a fast turn of his head to the left, Viktor spotted the arrow flying towards him. Harry directed it with his wand, and after a split second to react, Viktor released Hermione with a hefty push to the floor and dove for the nearing arrow.”

Another cliffhanger! Eeeepppp “a bloody war heroine tight in his arms, and yelling for medical help for his witch.”
mhcalamas chapter 15 . 9/15
And THAT is an exit :) “he third corridor on the left from here, isn't it, Draco?" She closed the distance to the dumfounded wizard next to her and gave him a kiss on his nose, what strangely appeared more intimate than on the lips. Her head held high, barefoot, and the blanket still clutched around her, the brunette witch strode out of the arboretum.”

Love this! “Draco didn't know where it came from, but he automatically corrected, "Actually, it's Doctor Granger." —well done Draco :)

I love the hope in this! Love love love :)
“She knew, of course, that they couldn't go back to point where they had been in the past, but that their friendship had to be built anew.”

Cliffhanger! Let’s see if I can finish this today... lol
mhcalamas chapter 14 . 9/15
LOL! “So, she gave Draco a chaste kiss on the lips and walked to the door. "I always knew it: You come from a long line of spoiled and possessive brats!" she smiled and winked, leaving the Auror behind.” —oh, this made me snort :)

I love the experimenting and science you’re bringing into this story :) “Ginny, you should be aware that this is basically unknown territory in wizarding and muggle medicine. It could potentially work, but it could also do more damage to Harry's brain." Hermione needed Ginny to understand that her husband's cure wasn't guaranteed.”

HARRRRRRYYYYYY! GAH! “The vinewood sent something like an electric jolt towards his heart.
No reaction.
"Come on, Harry, I still have to settle old scores with you! Dying would be the coward's way out!" she called out, wielding her wand a second time.”

Thank Merlin it worked... WHEW!

This is BEAUTIFUL! Sounds like a gorgeous piece of jewelry! “She heard Draco behind her fastening a chain, and her fingers touched a pendant. Lifting it, she made out a beautiful work of craftsmanship: A silver Aesculapian staff, circled by a snake. However, it was not an ordinary snake that accompanied the ancient symbol of medicine and healing; this one consisted of deep green emeralds, which reflected the moonlight- and had a probably not-so-random resemblance with Slytherin's snake.” —and I love that symbolism with it :)

mhcalamas chapter 13 . 9/15
AHA! “Fluxweed, as inconspicuous as it looks, soaks up the essence of magic, and this vibe is conserved when the plant is picked and used for the potion." Now it dawned on Draco.
"Sweet baby dragons!" he exclaimed, "The fluxweed in the Polyjuice alters the aftereffect of it. It causes the magical high in Morgana's Touch!" —SWEET BABY DRAGONS INDEED!

Yay! Let’s save Harry! “"Meaning?" Blaise wanted to know, even if he just understood a fraction of their story.
"Meaning that it could wake Harry if we apply Beltane-fluxweed on him. Give me some time at the lab, and I will find out."

Omgomgomgomgomg— “What did I find out, Jackie? That your report is dated one day earlier than Harry's? That it was you who named the drug? That you obliviated Georgie after you forced him to take the drug?”— AHHHHHHHH!

Great chapter :) yay!
mhcalamas chapter 12 . 9/15
Aw, this hurt. “Again, Hermione wondrously took in all the changes that had occurred in the Manor since the war. But one question wouldn't leave her.
"What happened to the drawing room?" —of course it would...of course that room would haunt her.

Bahahahahahahaha! Omgomgomgomg!
“First, it was Seamused...In our case, he blew the whole room up to its foundations." —that’s hysterical :) Brava

Hehehehehe, Blaise! “He lowered his voice into a stage-whisper, "Blink twice when he kidnapped you!" Draco growled at his friend's childishness, but Blaise wanted to have nothing of it.”

Excited to see more of this unfold!
mhcalamas chapter 11 . 9/15
INTERESTING! "Normally, Polyjuice doesn't generate a high or a magical coma. That means someone messed with the recipe, tweaked it a bit. And I'm pretty sure he or she did it on purpose."

Bahahahahhahahahaha! Ahahahaha!
“When Snape came to visit at the Manor, we asked my brilliant godfather, our beloved Potions Master and Head of House, for help with our not so little problems. As you can imagine, we proud Slytherins nearly died of humiliation."—oh, I’m laughing hysterical!

I love Hermione stepping in and comforting Ginny here! “And, of course, the baby is Harry's. My assistant here-," a dismissive hand gesture into Draco's direction, who stood still as if in fear of being doused in oestrogen, "Has yet to learn some bedside manners. We don't believe someone tried to impersonate Harry. But there was Polyjuice found...” —very helpful for Ginny!

Hahahahahahahahaha! “I happen to know from experience how vocal Draco can be in certain activities. My ears are still ringing from our session in the broom cupboard an hour ago."

And next chapter :)
mhcalamas chapter 10 . 9/15
OMGGGG! The Arriw comparison I loved!

And this: “The Malfoy heir shared just as little as the lioness.”

And this be a relationship...yessssss!
mhcalamas chapter 9 . 9/15
THIS EXCHANGE THOUGH! “Isn't your gourmet tongue disgusted at the prospect of this simple meal?" Hermione inquired when he helped himself to a second slice.
"Yes, but I've been taught how to behave, and that's why I'm holding back," he deadpanned, and she stuck out her tongue. "In reality, I've been eaten tons of lasagne before. Being best friends with Blaise does that to a man."— I don’t know why I love it so :) but I do...

Happy to have answers regarding Lucius this chapter! “I'm the heir. It's my obligation to live in Malfoy Manor and continue the legacy. My relationship to Father is highly troubled, as you can guess.”

JUST GOT BETTER! LOVE THIS VERY MUCH! “"And your decision to become an Auror? Your personal path to Canossa?"
He couldn't help but smile. "You're testing my history knowledge now? Don't forget, I grew up with a library full of original manuscripts. But, yes, the job is part of my redemption. Though, I didn't calculate I'd be so good at it."

INTRIGUING THEORY HERE! “"Is magic a basic function?" Draco asked, and Hermione was taken aback by his quick perception.
"It would made sense. We are born with it. It is affected by our emotions, good and bad. And we can draw a connection to the THC."

LE SIGHHHHHHHHHH “On an impulse, Draco cupped her face with his hands and smacked a kiss on her lips, laughing at her expression -which had changed from lecturing-mode into befuddled in one, short moment.
"What was that for?"
"For being your ingenious self! Don't argue."— lovesssss, adorbssssss

Awwwwwwwww :) “"Don't complain. You love being bossed around by Hermione Granger."
And he did that, indeed. With this realisation, he fell into a peaceful, satisfied slumber.”
mhcalamas chapter 8 . 9/15
Ahhh...cold and cruel way ofreality...
“Got to ask Hermione that—' his brain caught up, the name causing waves of images to crash over him.
"Fuck! I had drugged sex with Hermione Granger!" he cursed loudly, sitting up with a start.”—let’s see what comes next!

This hurts my heart— “This decision was taken from her, from both of them, actually. Draco remembered that he had not been in command of his own actions anymore, like he was imperiused by his own desires.” :((((

Love the dry humor here: “The discovery that their blood samples had vanished from his bedside table, forced Draco to assume Hermione had taken them into testing. Or one of the house-elves had turned into a vampire.”—LOLOLOLOLOL!

Yesssssssssss! “"I can hear the wheels turning beneath that annoyingly perfect blond hair of yours!" The witch spoke into the quiet, her face not leaving the microscope.”— love this!

EXCELLENT AND BRILLIANT! “They now consist of a special unbreakable glass we use in muggle labs and an in-built stasis-charm." WELL THOUGHT OUT!

AHHHH! Well then...
“Draco nearly choked at the realisation. "Shit, we were picked personally. Someone wanted us drugged, you and me."
"Exceeds Expectations, Mr. Malfoy." Hermione had come to the same conclusion, only thirty seconds before Draco had come to her lab.” *Yoda voice* “but who and why? Harder to answer...Meditate on this, I will.”
mhcalamas chapter 7 . 9/15
I do believe we’re in for a wild night...
“I think I was drugged with that blasted stuff. And, apparently, you too. Because I don't think this is your normal behaviour," he commented, noticing her wandering fingers over his chest down to his undeniable erection. "Focus! We need to do something!"

*face fanning*

Yes. O-o yes that was a wild night, indeed!
mhcalamas chapter 6 . 9/15
THIS IS DIFFERENT AND I LIKE IT! “"Fred Weasley was my first, the summer before. Not Ron, not Viktor. Yours?"

Girl. This brought tears to my eyes. “When she nodded, his fingertips followed the lines and shadows of the tattoo and the spots where he could feel little irregularities caused by the scarred skin underneath. A beautiful phoenix, born from flames could be seen, taking off to a sky full of stars. Beneath it was a scripture, reading 'luctor et ex flammis orior, per aspera ad astra'.
"I struggle and from the flames I rise, through hardships to the stars…" he translated. Goosebumps appeared on her arm under his soft touch. "The second part is a Latin saying, the first is your own creation and leans from the mythic description of the phoenix."—I’m sniffling, this was beautiful.

YEEEESSSSS! JEALOUS DRACO! “Hermione missed the way Draco's eyes narrowed at the endearment”

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