RedDragon30000 chapter 1 . 10/15/2016
I really feel sorry for Harvey in this fic, as school has corrupted the happiest day of the year for him. A day that is meant to be joyous and fun has been ruined by the knowledge that he has to shop with his mum the next day for his hated uniform.

That uniform is a constant symbol that Harvey is an outcast, since he is reminded of school every time he sees it. This makes a trip that would be boring anyway so much worse because he has to watch his mum purchase a set of clothing that is so detestable to him. The only solace he has is the thought of what he has to look forward to today on his birthday, and he is clearly intent on immersing himself as much as possible in all the fun things he will do and the time spent with Ingrid, to do hus best to forget about the uniform shopping. Unfortunately for Harvey, his mother unwittingly makes his birthday horrific as she says that they will be shopping for his uniform ON HIS BIRTHDAY, therefore ruining a day that should have been fun.