Reviews for 11-Dual Trigger Extra: Apologia
Thescarredman chapter 1 . 7/21/2018
I blinked at the phrase 'looking for the missing elements of the DeSica fratello' until I remembered that, in your hybrid version of the GsG universe, that fratello didn't end in a murder/suicide.

Claes is a uniquely tragic figure in the GsG universe - a cyborg who mourns a man she's not allowed to remember, who fills her days with solitary pursuits as compensation for not having a handler to center her life around. The Asperger's-like crushing of her emotional affect by her second reboot pulls at my heart even more than Elsa and Henrietta's tragic ends. But some ways, your Claes is even more angsty. Here she seems actively uncomfortable with strong feelings even at first remove. And it seems that being reconditioned again is never far from her mind. But Raballo still guides what remains of her feelings, and gives her motivations she doesn't fully understand. An altogether complex young woman. She speculates whether she feels some sort of envy towards the cyborgs who have combat roles - and handlers - but the inspiration she gives Terra is advice no other can give her.
Aviantei chapter 1 . 8/15/2016
How dare you have other social obligations, CG? A REAL life? Come now, aren't we enough? (holds up a sarcasm sign even though it's quite obvious)

Ahem. Let's get cracking.

Well, I like the note of setting while having it be connected to Claes painting. Putting setting and character note into one smoothly added, compact line. Very well done.

Ah, that one conveniently left over tarp! You're a lifesaver!

"Compared to the rest of the night, [the] jump/[jumping] was easy." Whichever you prefer.

Sorry for this short and bumbling review, but this is one of these pieces that flowed so smoothly I didn't have much to add on it. You paint a wonderful picture as always. And, yes, I think that T works for this one just fine. No need to push to M. Then again, we know how reliable my thoughts on these processes are...

Gah, sorry again. My mind's in a million places at once. Maybe we can have a more substantial conversation next time,