Reviews for Paperwork for a Week (and other one-shots)
k0.fatality chapter 33 . 10/26
All the stories are such interesting plots for longer fanfics of alternative universe how there is so much creativity? Dx
k0.fatality chapter 32 . 10/26
Noooo is so beautiful
k0.fatality chapter 20 . 10/25
God Sounds like a fable cool
Mayuri-Elize-Ackart chapter 34 . 8/31
Ren has killed Kyoko with sweetness and I love how casually Chiori has been on both sides of Kyoko and Ren... Anything to get these two slightly closer to getting together I suppose! Thank you for the amazing chapter!
Mayuri-Elize-Ackart chapter 22 . 8/31
Ahhh this chapter made my day! I would love to see more of flustered Ren — and maybe Ren gets his revenge? ;) I must say the hand holding one was my favorite pick up line!
Mayuri-Elize-Ackart chapter 6 . 8/30
I really loved this chapter! Papa Kuu giving Kyoko the right push in the right direction. And I love how he’s just a huge marshmallow when it comes to his children! Also your A/N about Yuri on Ice made me laugh — I love the series dearly and I would agree that Ren and Kyoko could learn something from them! (Maybe like Yuuri basically declaring his love on live television...)
palmtreehead chapter 41 . 8/28
Love Yashiro fighting Ren’s pettiness with pettiness, seems wrong but now that I’ve met a number of difficult people I think it’s all you can do sometimes. Thanks for sharing
H-Nala chapter 41 . 8/22
hilarious. lol. we need pictures!
black neko hime chapter 41 . 8/21
I also want to know how Yashiro corners Ren about Kyoko having his necklace. Cashing in his favors would totally be within Yashiro's character scope.
With the force Kyoko put in, it's kind of amazing that the corset lace wasn't broken- corset back dresses are, in my opinion and experience, sturdier than most without losing their aesthetic value. Great pick!
Guineapigs1 chapter 41 . 8/20
I love how Ren had qualms about the dress since it wouldn’t compliment his figure XD. And I loved the ending where Yashiro decided to cash in all his favors for that one question lol
artloife chapter 41 . 8/20
Amazing. What a fabulous idea. Loved it!
ELinkA chapter 41 . 8/20
Thank you for the chapter!
guessitguest chapter 41 . 8/20
So well-written
kikoune chapter 41 . 8/19
nice nice! haven't even thought about putting him in a dress... that was fun! thank you
quite-a-riot chapter 41 . 8/19
God, I love snarky Yashiro! Still can't picture Ren in a dress just turns into pixels like when Yashiro pictures him walking like a female supermodel...
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