Reviews for Paperwork for a Week (and other one-shots)
CrimsonQueen24 chapter 4 . 11/3
Oh I love the idea of Ren and Kyoko meeting each other in life after life! This one was sad but it was all the more memorable because of it. These one shots are so entertaining! I love them and can’t wait to keep reading :)
Glimare chapter 13 . 10/7
Glad you added to Kajima's character. I thought he was a little flat in the manga. Keep it up!
MWEH chapter 13 . 10/6
I liked this. Kijima poking at Ren's feelings was, perhaps, better than what's been written in the manga
Michiyo chapter 13 . 10/6
Wonderful! You've portrayed the scenario fantastically! I loved reading Kijima's thoughts about the situation.. And how he cleverly planned it all,, as you said! Thank you for sharing! :D
Blushweaver chapter 13 . 10/6
Aww cute! Reading this during lunch at work was just what I needed. A little dose of skip beat for the day. Come on Friday! We can make it through together!
rosava chapter 13 . 10/6
Kijima's story was just perfect!
mutemuia chapter 13 . 10/6
I loved your plot twist. Your Kijima, playing as a puppeteer, was hilarious.
EmmaLasagna chapter 12 . 10/1
This was literally the cutest thing ever and I love it sop much and I would not complain at all if you decided to continue a bit with this one in the future.
paulagato chapter 12 . 9/30
Ohhh me encantó la historia...aunque esperar 10 años para formalizar algo es mucho tiempo...sobretodo si realmente se aman!, si no cuando llegaran los hijos...pequeños Kuons y Kyokos...eso seria genial!
MWEH chapter 12 . 9/28
I was a bit confused in the beginning but steadily got a grasp and it was super lovevly to read so thank you for this
paulagato chapter 11 . 9/27
Jajaja...buen final! me gusto esta historia
A Musing Brunette chapter 12 . 9/26
All I have to say to this one is... And still, poor Yashiro gets no love. ha haha ha ha

An interesting concept not many have taken on. Just reading this makes me feel like there's a rip in the Matrix somewhere. heh heh
Michiyo chapter 12 . 9/26
I love it! Although unofficially not titled, you can still feel the connection. Thank you for writing and sharing :D and looking forward to your new story!
SockOompaloompa chapter 12 . 9/25
What an interesting idea. I love it :D
ktoll9 chapter 12 . 9/25
Cute! Loved it. Wonderful idea! 8)
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