Reviews for Always in my Heart
Nicamon chapter 3 . 10/9/2016
A. ,I've found out that some pieces of my reviews were deleted...I hate it when it happens!

[He ruined my life.]“You ruined my life.”by Lissa “Oh,bite me!”by Rose “You wish,bloodwhore!”by Lissa “OH,NO,YOU DIDN'T!”by me
No,but...apart from this...I'm lost.I can't follow the story ...WHAT?
And...from[I trembled vioently in rage]to[the hatred in my gaze.]I feel like she's about to turn into a Super Saiyan...;-S

[You're as bad as your parents!]Christian Ozera!...Oh,no,wait...wrong Lucy Fry again!;-P

(Zyla 1st kiss)Sings-I'm in heaven when you kiss me,heaven when you kiss me...

[But Karma's a bitch.]Told ya!;-]

Oh,God,she ACTUALLY said that godly-looking-angel-laugh thing out loud?!X-D

[“Took the words right out of my mouth.”]AARGH!X-S This made me think of my video on the song“Tag,You're It”..!:-(

[“You look like you're having a conversation with yourself in your head.”]Welcome to my life!:-P

You know...there's a thing about this fic that bothers me(apart from Zac&Lyla being a quite OOC and...I thought there would have been more Nixie...we only saw her in 1 scene and then it was all Sirena!é_è)and it's that this Zac reminded me of Hook from“Once Upon a Time”.Good looking guy that did awful things but the girl(and everyone and expecially the Writers of the show)will forgive him because he's...well...GOOD LOOKING!I'm sorry but all this repeating that Zac was like a god it was nice but,considering what he did,it was also... it kinda implies that if a man does something terrible,even irrecoverable,to a woman he must be forgiven no matter what...just because he's handsome!NO!That's not how it works!You know...maybe if you focused MORE on the fact that Zac was Lyla's best friend and she understood that he did what he did due to the terrible period he was living and LESS on his perfect handsomeness it would have come out better...:-/
Nicamon chapter 2 . 10/9/2016
This whole Zac-stoic-guardian thing makes me think of Dimitri&Rose(but this time I'm not thinking of the original movie's ones...I'm thinking of the fanmade TV serie's ones)...
And,after reading all that scene,I've listened to a Latin/Italian song,“Ille Mi Par”,and I realized it reminds me of this scene for some things...

[Karma sucks.]Or“Karma is a bitch”if you watch“Faking It”...;-P

[“This guy...he might be dangerous.I don't want you to hunt him down(...).”Aaand this reminds me of“Wolf Creek”!O:-)

[Did he really care about me that much?]“You worry about me that much?”by Zac

[Kissing You by Miranda Cosgrove]Miranda Cosgrove?You mean...Carly from“I-Carly”?:-O (Searches for the song,listens to it)Well...super-duper accurate for this ff's Lyla&Zac..!
Aaaww,Zac&Lyla touching hands it's always a thing...:-3 I've also made some fanarts about how often did they touch during the serie...;/-)

Oh,no,why did you do that?!Why did you have to ruin this wonderfully magical moment by bringing out TWILIGHT?!X-O Lyla would NEVER read something like TWILIGHT,I can BET!X-O

OK,here's the thing...when I read the 1st chapter I suspected that it might have been suspected it WAS Zac...I thought YOU wanted us to think it was Zac..only to reveal that it was actually someone I've read the reviews and I thought I was only reading the ones on the 1st chapter,but,NOPE!There were chapter 2 and chapter 3 too!And one of them was about Zac injuring Lyla so THANKS FOR THE SPOILER!...But I STILL couldn't believe it!I was thinking that maybe you made us THINK it was him in the 2nd chapter but,again,we would have eventually find out it wasn' if HE HIMSELF tells it was him...I am left with one last big question...WHY?!WHY THE HELL?!WHY WOULD YOU DO SOMETHING LIKE THAT,ZAC?!O###
Nicamon chapter 1 . 10/9/2016
A.S. Since I'm used to quote some pieces from the fics and then commenting them,I HATE that this site doesn't allow me to copy&past things.

By the way...I decided to start with your AU because I usually don't like/trust AU very much...I'm always afraid of the OOC...and I must say I'm still reading but this fic already looks like a crossover with“Vampire Academy”to me...the place with the russian name...and wasn't“attack first and find out who I hit later”a Rose thing?;-P By the way,this could also be interesting...after all...Lyla&Lissa are both played by Lucy Fry...O;-) let's see what comes out of it...(but...Rita's eyes,I would say they're green,not grey...!That got me a little confused...)

At 1st when I read dark hair and blue eyes(after finding out we were talking about a girl)I thought it was Mimmi but“cold”,“calculating”and“fierce”are not exactly terms I would use to describe her X-D ...then I found out it was actually Nixie and I was like:“Oh,yeah...THAT makes sense!;-)”also...I like the fact that she's Rita's apprentice..since in the serie she always says she's her best student(even if I think Rita has been kind of partial in some occasions...)and my headcanon is that the Moonring Nixie gets in ep 1x26 is hers,while Lyla gets the one Zac found...:-3
Oh...I see Sirena is Rita's apprentice too but...why does Nixie hate her?O_O They were best friends in the serie!:-O You see?Talking about my fear of OOC in AUs...;-P

DEFINITELY reminds me whole mistery around how-bad-was-Lyla-injured make me think of Shadow Kissed Rose...which is funny because if “Lyla”had to be Lissa in the movie I wanted SO BADLY Rose to be played by“Nixie”...!

[“Why do you have to leave?!”(...)“I'm so sorry, I could I would've know that.”]This makes me think of a fanart I've found some time ago...:"-(

[Time froze as he touched my lips met in a powerful first it was with Zac.]This makes me think of a song,“Angel of the Morning” know the one that it's also in the“Deadpool”movie?Well...some time ago I imagined both Zac&Lyla singing that song and it was about them separating,but in the last part Lyla comes back,she runs to Zac,takes his face in her hands and kisses him and they start to sing,but instead of:“Just call me angel/I'll call you angel of the morning,angel,just touch my cheek before you leave me(...)”they sing:“ Just call me angel/I'll call you angel of the morning,angel,just touch my cheek AND DON'T YOU LEAVE ME,DARLING!”and then they swim away together!:-D :-3

[“How are you feeling?”(...)“I...”I stopped,feeling a horrible ache in my chest that could only be described as loneliness.I shook my head:“Not really good...”I admitted(...)“Physically,emotionally and mentally.”]Aaaawww,my poor Lyla!:"-

[“I need to know the truth!It's how I live!It's better to know the truth,no matter how blunt or terrible it is!”]This is basically what I keep telling Lyla everytime I imagine to be with her in her world...;-P

[She handed be a glass of water.]I guess you meant“me”...;-P
,Jasmine& looks like a drink made of girls...!;-S

[I gazed at my the white bandages on my arms and legs.]I guess you should remove“my”...

[“(...)you're going to have a guardian.”]Please,let it be Nixie,let it be Nixie!At least HERE I could ALMOST have my dream come true!

[Zac.]...Ookay,that is fine too!_
Isa Wilson chapter 3 . 8/23/2016
Oh...the feels! The absolute feels! I cannot begin to fathom how much emotion was put in this chapter, even in this story! I hope to see more of your works because I am so proud of you!
Guest chapter 2 . 8/17/2016
It's a great story :) But why did he what he did ?
Isa Wilson chapter 2 . 8/16/2016
Zac the one who injured Lyla? THAT'S what you call ironic
Isa Wilson chapter 1 . 8/16/2016
Oh this is so sweet! Keep it up!