Reviews for A Not so Simple Wish
genknight chapter 7 . 3/27/2003
:) now this gets more and more intresting
Mystic Neko-chan chapter 7 . 3/26/2003
SUGOI! Keep it going please! I love it :D
Confucius chapter 1 . 3/26/2003
Excellent story! I can't wait until Ukyo and Shampoo to show up.
kwel chapter 7 . 3/26/2003
yes another update. great as always. Please keep it going and update soon like tomorrow..haha
ranger chapter 7 . 3/26/2003
Again, enjoyable. I look forward to the next part... and can't wait to see the look on Ranma's face (so to speak) when he finds out how good Ranko is.

Please update quickly as the anticipation is killing me.
TimeReaper chapter 7 . 3/26/2003
Another chapter! D Hopefully more development next chapter P
iWindoze chapter 1 . 3/25/2003
Great fic, I nearly died laughing several times

while reading this on my PDA, in a library of all

places! (Waiting for my free iNet time..) I'm

just glad they didn't kick me out for making too

much noise! Please keep up the good work!
Final-Fan chapter 6 . 3/23/2003
OOh. Good stuff.

More, please.
The Third Biker Scholar chapter 6 . 3/20/2003
very cool deal. but also kinda mean. how's he gonna love akane when he gets back? will his memeory have been changed?

or will ranko be a split personality?

write more soon!
Rei Mayonaka chapter 6 . 3/19/2003
AW! I luv this fic, it's so original!

Please continue soon!

Will it be a Ranma x Ranko?
Ayanami Rei 1 chapter 1 . 3/16/2003
Good on-going story. At least it has continuous updates! _
DeeDee chapter 6 . 3/16/2003
Wowie! This story is just...kick-ass! But I would put an extra little note in you summary for Akane fans: Warning: Akane bashing
Adyen chapter 6 . 3/15/2003
Aw... Identity crisis... I guess that was bound to happen...
ILuvSnuffles805 chapter 6 . 3/14/2003
OMG! This story is great! It's one of the best fanfictions I've ever read! I LOVE IT! PLEASE update soon! This is going SO great! You are so talented, it...scares me. (_) Not really. But I do look up to you! What's your secret? Hmm...Update soon!

PS: I'm RanmaAkane4Ever w/ a new pen name
penny chapter 6 . 3/14/2003
Poor Ranma-chan! Hm, would be fun to see her beat Ranma-kun~ hehe
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